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  1. 03-07-2017, 08:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by bensweeneyonbass View Post
    I don't always get along with Almighty Dreadlock on a social level but he's correct in this case and he is a very thorough adjudicator.

    I must vote NO since this evidence video is incomplete.
    @Jace Hall there seems to be a lot of dissent about Daybreak working with TG to verify KotK performances. Can you add any thoughts about this particular submission? I personally think we are doing a pretty good job adjudicating these runs per the rules defined. Thank you sir.
    Perfectly said Ben. I also find myself often arguing with dream, but I really must take his side here. This is a case where you need to hate the law, not the judge. I actually agree its a stupid rule, but too bad, its not a judge/adjudicators place to decide if a law/rule is good or not. I would love to see the rule amended and allow some discretion on our part, but for the time being, the rules are the rules. I also wonder what the submitter hopes to accomplish by being so antagonistic. We welcome bluntness and disagreement here, but just pure emotional outburst of antagonism doesnt go over well anywhere.
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  2. 03-07-2017, 08:54 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by thubbie View Post
    Here is further evidence to prove that this submission is VALID. If you go to the official website, you will see my top 10 games.

    One of my top 10 games score is 220,246, at Twenty Two Kills.
    Look up thubbie at:

    Now look at this document link listed by the DEVS blog:

    If you go through my video, you will see my 2nd placed score at 186,649

    If you SUBTRACT from the spreadsheet 172,403 (Second Placement Score) => 186,649 - 172,403

    You get 14,246 as MY KILL SCORE.

    Now add the KILL SCORE + FIRST PLACE KILL WHICH IS NOT IN THE VIDEO => 14,246 + 1000 (Earn from delivering the final blow) + 205,000 (First placement score)


    TLDR: The daybreak system correctly recorded the game count as published on the website and matched my video.

    wow, its like you have proof everywhere except the one place it matters.
  3. 03-07-2017, 08:58 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by thubbie View Post
    And that's where your website is lacking in terms of customer satisfaction. You go by what is written on stone to the T, to a point where you will throw out cases that makes complete sense. Well guess what? If a system like this can be proven broken with all the validations I have provided, what does that say about your current implementations? It needs to be revised or not looked at in BLACK and WHITE.
    This comment of your has some merit. But you are yelling at the wrong people. Go back to your earlier banking analogy. Would you yell at the teller for enforcing the rule? Its not our place to make the changes you want. You'll need to message Jace Hall directly to get the sort of change you want. WE are not authorized to make the change you want. We are bound by the rules. Now yes, like a bank teller who has the ability to physically reach in and grab the cash, we have the physical ability to break the rules, but its not our place. If you must compliain about the rules themselves, take it up with jace. If you think however we're misinterprerting a rule, then by all means take it up with us
  4. 03-07-2017, 04:49 PM
    It just sucks that even police officers from time to time allow a civilian to speed over the limit, even if its by 1-5 mph. They omit the law at times, and sometimes they dont. They didnt make the law, just enforce it. Same goes for this community, sometimes you can just be a less of a dick and use your brain and interpret things by filling in the blanks, or just vote no because you found an easy way out.

    It is clear that the people responding to this thread will vote no, and as of this moment, I really don't care if this submission passes or not. What I do care about is how the system wants you to gain submission points to resubmit a valid video, and this takes TIME, time which some of us dont have because most of the h1z1 competitors here got notice of the tournament late. We were not prepared to go through another system to get validated to participated in a 300k tournament. We were far more unprepared with the little nooks and crannies TG has us running around in circles if things went wrong. These submissions has deadlines and the process to getting more submission points is hurting us to meet the deadlines.

    The people voting I heard also has certain weights to the video, a senior member here that has no experience in this game technically has more voting power than a pro h1z1 gamer that understands how to judge the game if he just recently join this website. The voting system to get something verified lacks credibility in my opinion. The lack of transparency and speed of it is terrible considering things needs to be done by the tournament start date.

    This system may work with other record keeping games, but for h1z1, you guys are taking it a bit too far imo. Its whatever at this point, this will be my last post. Sorry for all the troubles.
  5. 03-07-2017, 05:09 PM
    It's clear you have a problem with people enforcing a rule that says No Exceptions. Police officers are charged with enforcing the law as they see appropriate. No police officer is going to get busted down a rank for letting someone speed 5mph over the speed limit. Police officers and TG adjudicators have way different powers. We serve TG in a way that is arguably far more scrupulous and technical even when we are asked to be reasonable as adjudicators. We aren't even really enforcing the laws here. We are obeying them.

    Can a police officer look the other way when a murder is committed? No. That would be a great example of No Exceptions. Some things cannot allow exceptions. In the TG world it really is few and far between that things are ruled on with no exceptions. It really is. It is, in fact, a rarity that such a phrase is used in a set of rules. I'd actually charge other TG members to find a rule set where the phrase No Exceptions is used and compare that to the thousands of other rule sets where it is not used.

    I'm very sorry that you think this is damaging to the credibility of the TG submission and adjudication process. If a police officer pulled you over for going 3mph over the speed limit would you argue that the police officer isn't doing his job right and that you deserve to be allowed to go over the speed limit? I'd hope not.
  6. 03-07-2017, 05:18 PM
    Speeding is speeding, no exceptions actually... once it goes to court and and you admit to speeding, you broke the law. No exceptions. Like murdering someone, you broke the law, no exceptions. The murder analogy is far serious, the speeding ticket... I find it more appropriate since I pretty much followed the rules by sped over 0.1 mph at the end.

    Ben, I get you, you are only following the rules and saving yourself the trouble. There is nothing wrong with that, now that I am calm, I really think that its respectable. However, this doesn't get rid of the problems that the system needs me to go through getting some submissions points. It isn't as easy and expedited as you stated many pages ago about getting points. I did what others has recommended me and I am still at 0 points. The deadline is approaching really fast.
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  7. 03-07-2017, 05:41 PM
    The deadline is really soon and the process doesn't immediately turn over like it would if everyone were voting on everyone's submissions.

    I agree the time frame you huys have for getting these scores on the leaderboard is very slim. It's very very slim. I'm surprised how slim it is. When it comes to fairness and how the senior members know how slow the process can be at times, it's almost unfair. I am in agreement with you on this.

    My beef isn't with the rules (obviously) but if I had a beef with this whole situation it would be that the announcement and time frame was far too short. It amounts to the fact that every new member gets one free submission and for the H1Z1 players who weren't able to get their submission in early they really only get that one free submission and don't have much time to gain enough points to submit again. It's not really fair but I have no control over that part of it.
  8. 03-07-2017, 05:42 PM
    I would say, though, that you should keep recording your KotK runs and keep checking your TG account daily. You may have a last minute chance to submit another run.
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