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  1. 03-07-2017, 08:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by bensweeneyonbass View Post
    I don't always get along with Almighty Dreadlock on a social level but he's correct in this case and he is a very thorough adjudicator.

    I must vote NO since this evidence video is incomplete.
    @Jace Hall there seems to be a lot of dissent about Daybreak working with TG to verify KotK performances. Can you add any thoughts about this particular submission? I personally think we are doing a pretty good job adjudicating these runs per the rules defined. Thank you sir.
    Perfectly said Ben. I also find myself often arguing with dream, but I really must take his side here. This is a case where you need to hate the law, not the judge. I actually agree its a stupid rule, but too bad, its not a judge/adjudicators place to decide if a law/rule is good or not. I would love to see the rule amended and allow some discretion on our part, but for the time being, the rules are the rules. I also wonder what the submitter hopes to accomplish by being so antagonistic. We welcome bluntness and disagreement here, but just pure emotional outburst of antagonism doesnt go over well anywhere.
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