Meow Wolf Wants Galaga Tournament

  1. Meow Wolf Wants Galaga Tournament

    03-03-2017, 08:21 PM
    Hey there, my name is Vince Kadlubek and I am CEO of a company called Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. We create crazy environments, and we work closely with George RR Martin.

    We want to host a Galaga Tournament in the Fall, with a $20,000 grand prize.

    Looking for some assistance // guidance here... Anyone that can help, can you contact me at Would love for TG to be involved, would love to figure out how to get enough legit Galaga cabinets, etc.

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  2. 04-20-2017, 02:54 PM
    Hi Vince! Surprised it took this long for me to notice this thread.

    Yes your biggest challenge will be to get enough good, fully functional cabinets and assemble them in one place. I recommend starting with a couple resources below that will help you find arcades and Galaga machines near you:

    Second, if you're not completely stuck on having original Galaga cabinets, it's possible you can find some Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga machines that have both games. This is the next best thing to an original Galaga.

    Finally, if you're really having trouble finding anything you can go with a multi game machine but the fewer games on it the better. 60-in-1 vertical game boards are the quickest. Just find yourself a good cabinet with a JAMMA connector and plug in the multi board. This should be a last resort in my opinion.

    Also, depending on how you do the tournament, you may only need one or two machines. I'm guessing with a purse that big you'd do qualifying on one or two days then finals the next, or the evening of the last day of qualifying. If people had a couple days to make it in and make a run you could just have ONE good solid original machine. Finals would be head to head on the same machine.

    Word to the wise - put a time limit on each attempt. 30min maybe. That'll keep it moving and shouldn't cramp anyone's style too bad.
  3. 05-29-2017, 12:09 PM
    I love Meow Wolf!! That would be such a great event. The House of Eternal Return took us a full day to find all the clues and try to solve the mystery. I hear you guys are looking into opening up in Denver. Any timeline on that?
  4. 07-05-2017, 03:40 PM
    A Galaga tournament sounds awesome! I don't know about a 30-minute time limit, as (almost) anyone can play that long.

    Best bet would be to have as many machines as you plan on having finalists (or competitors) and have them start on a Friday evening or Saturday morning and go until they're done with their games. Whether you're doing 3-man, 5-man or marathon, a weekend should be plenty of time for something like that if everyone is playing at the same time.

    Arcades with well-maintained Galaga machines could host local tournaments and you could have the champions from each either compete in a regional event to earn entry into your tournament or it could consist of all the winners if there aren't too many.

    Maybe specifically invite players like Stephen Krogman, Phil Day, Andrew Laidlaw, etc. to participate in the actual event without the need to qualify.
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