Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 901,400 - Shane Sawle

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  1. Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 901,400 - Shane Sawle

    03-19-2017, 06:09 AM
    Points [Hammer Allowed]
    Score Track
    RulesDip-Switch Bank:
    1-7 = OFF
    8 = ON/OFF [Upright/Cocktail]

    Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings:

    Number of Jumpman: 3
    Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points
    Submission Message

    Heres the highlight from twitch. also my stream cut off as i was started showing the board. u can see from a previous submission its the same cab and you can see the board is the same. i recorded the filming of the board and can upload that if necessary.
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  2. 03-20-2017, 01:25 AM
    Yes vote from me. Well played Shane.

    I know the end filming isn't great, but hopefully there is enough visible for most people to know that this is exactly the same machine as Shane's last submission, and if you watch that you'll know it's a 100% legit machine. Watched this live, and don't need to re-watch the whole video.

    Showing the DIP switches nice and clearly would be great, but in DK, it's really not that necessary as there is no difficulty setting and you can tell from game play that it is set to 3 + 1 lives with the bonus at 7k.

    I hope this goes through easily for you Shane, but chances are, the way you're playing, you'll knock off this score during the Netherworld event this weekend anyway.

    Congrats on the KS and congrats on being the new #1 DK player from Australia.
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  3. 03-20-2017, 06:08 AM
    I am also comfortable with this machine having been filmed more thoroughly on a previous submission. I watched that one.

    For the masses, though, can you provide a link to this other video (YouTube or something)? Just so that all info and evidence is in one place. Thanks and congrats Shane! Highest Aussie score right now I think.
  4. 03-20-2017, 06:13 AM
    1. I see John already noted the #1 Aussie score. Nice work.
    2. Here's the other submission, currently open, that shows this machine a little better:
  5. 03-20-2017, 06:33 AM
    Donkey Kong [Points [Hammer Allowed]] (29)
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      Additional Info: Any and all recorded Donkey Kong arcade scores must adhere to the procedure outlined in the RECORDING FAQ, which can be viewed here:

      These guidelines must be followed precisely, else your score may be disqualified.

    • Game Specific Rules: Dip-Switch Bank:
      1-7 = OFF
      8 = ON/OFF [Upright/Cocktail]

      Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings:

      Number of Jumpman: 3
      Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points

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    48461,70037.91%David A Shoup2010-05-29Referee
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    74182,60014.99%Dalton Claybrook2009-07-20DVD
    75180,60014.83%John T Salter2012-11-18Referee
    76176,80014.52%Eric Ahlers2007-11-15Referee
    77172,80014.19%Jason Wilson2001-06-06Referee
    78152,00012.48%Andy Rosa2005-10-30Referee
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    80121,90010.01%Jeffrey D. Dean Lowe, Jr.2010-06-06Referee
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    82121,6009.98%Stephen Krogman2001-05-11Referee
    83118,3009.71%Jon Dworkin2002-07-03Referee
    84116,5009.56%Will Forte2008-06-24Referee
    85116,3009.55%Dwayne Richard2005-10-30Referee
    86113,9009.35%Scootie Ahlers2007-11-15Referee
    87113,2009.29%Robert T T Mruczek2004-11-18Referee
    88111,5009.15%Chris Brooks2005-10-30Referee
    89105,0008.62%Blaine Locklair2009-05-30Referee
    90100,9008.28%Joseph Goodfriend2005-10-30Referee
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    9287,6007.19%Derek Fugate2005-10-30Referee
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    9485,3007.00%Mark Longridge2001-06-06Referee
    9584,7006.95%Pat Laffaye2001-06-06Referee
    9683,3006.84%Shawn Ryan2005-10-30Referee
    9777,4006.35%Brian J Diamonti2009-05-29Referee
    9873,5006.03%Joseph Knasin2002-07-03Referee
    9971,8005.89%Ken Kemp2005-10-30Referee
    10063,3005.20%Cameron Feltner2001-06-06Referee
    RankPointsPercentPlayerDate VerifiedVerification Method
    10148,8004.01%Dan Cunningham2008-06-01Referee
    10247,9003.93%Adam R. Wood2001-06-06Referee
    10347,6003.91%Ken Sweet2001-06-06Referee
    10443,6003.58%Jean Baudin2001-06-02Referee
    10542,4003.48%Trent T Augenstein2005-10-30Referee
    10641,1003.37%Ron Corcoran2001-05-13Referee
    10723,5001.93%Kim Keist2005-10-30Referee
    10821,5001.77%Jason Cram2001-06-07Referee
    10916,3001.34%Tim McIlroy2002-07-03Referee
    1106,9000.57%Sonja Wright2009-06-03Referee
    RankPointsPercentPlayerDate VerifiedVerification Method
    1112,9000.24%Joel Hedge2002-07-03Referee
  6. 03-20-2017, 08:35 AM

    Shane of All the Arcade Game Titles this One gets the Most Scrutinized, Questions,Isssues, etc you Definately will need the The Footage of the Game Hardware, PCB, Nintendo America Donkey Kong Board,Show Joystick Move it Around, Show Buttons Push Them

    It would Have been Better if you had it in the Same Video with your Donkey Kong Play Score 901,400 it would have made a Lot Easier.
    Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 901,400 - Shane Sawle

  7. 03-20-2017, 08:47 AM

    This is Shane's Video With Showing Hardware, Nintendo America Donkey Kong Board, Buttons

    Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 226,200 - Shane Sawle

    Points [Hammer Allowed]
    Score Track
    RulesDip-Switch Bank:
    1-7 = OFF
    8 = ON/OFF [Upright/Cocktail]

    Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings:

    Number of Jumpman: 3
    Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points
    Submission MessageHey, submitting a score that was recorded in the same session as John, my game starts around the 50second mark and ends just before 32 mins. Filming inside starts at around 49 mins.

  8. 03-20-2017, 08:55 AM

    Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 226,200 - Shane Sawle
  9. 03-20-2017, 10:27 AM
    Already verified by DKF.
    Easy accept
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  10. 03-21-2017, 05:24 PM
    Whenever DKF verifies a dk submission that is all I need.
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