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  1. recording android submissions

    04-03-2017, 07:44 AM
    Dear all

    I would like to ask you whta kind of recording you prefer. On the one side, the applications such as ScreenCast or Screen Recorder are recording the content only. Mobile devices needs more CPU and RAM to process all signals and need some GB more space to store it. On elder tablets i am struggeling with RAM.

    On the other hand old fashioned way is to use a camcorder or a GoPro to tape a world record run. On camera the hands are also visible, which can be annoying cause they are hiding parts of the screen.
  2. 04-04-2017, 12:04 AM
    It really depends on the options for me.

    On my Crossy Road (iOS) submissions there's a recording feature in the game. This gets you a full screen performance of the game but sadly no ambience or showing of hands.

    For my Tetris (iOS) recording I used Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and a webcam to record my attempt. But like you mentioned the hands get in the way of the action.

    For my iPad 2 I had an adapter that let me hook up the device to my LED tv using a HDMI cable. The game would run on both my iPad 2 and TV. The following footage is of Darius Burst where I aimed a camera at the TV.

    So for the best of both worlds you need a HDMI adapter for your device and you can then either setup OBS with 2 webcams. 1 pointing at your device/hands and the other at the TV or you can get a capture device, like an ElGato Game Capture and point a webcam at your device. Then you get a double picture in OBS like my below submission for Marvel vs Capcom 2. A non obstructed view of the game and a smaller view of your hands on the device.
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