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    04-11-2017, 01:14 PM
    Found a pretty bad problem with the database. Basically if you have a score rejected and then you resubmit the exact same score the previous submission in the rejected forum will redirect to the current submission. This hides previous rejected threads, meaning that people can cheat, get caught, and then resubmit the same score and finding the previous evidence is difficult.

    Difficult, but not impossible, because the submission can still be found via google search.

    Check the recent Don Hayes submission that is active -

    Now go search for "dbh" in the rejected forum and click the link with the same score. It will send you to the link above. You have to google search to find the actual previous rejected thread which is

    Same thing happens with a submission by Wayne Meares. Submission is here and is a resubmission of a previous rejected score. Searching the game in rejected forum leads to this submission.

    Only by searching google can you find

    This is an obtuse way to find information even by TG standards. This effectively allows people to erase the evidence of previous rejections unless there are historians of adjudication catching every single piece of information that goes through. This should get fixed pretty soon, I think.
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  2. 04-11-2017, 02:30 PM

    Hey Joe,

    Thank you for the information. For efficiency reasons, I never use the submission review filters, so it is highly unlikely that I would have discovered that issue.

    Whenever I need to find something, I use the Advanced Search function:[]=446

    In my opinion, it is superior to those dropdown menus (platform, game, and player).

    Using the link above, locate the rejected Donald Hayes "Dig Dug" submission.

    Select the following parameters:

    Name:  Advanced Search.jpg
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Size:  78.5 KB

    The search should return the correct result.

    The Save Search Preferences option (at the bottom) is handy for searches that are performed regularly.

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  3. 04-11-2017, 02:44 PM

    My previous reply is only a recommended workaround.

    I hope it encourages more people to bookmark & use the advanced search functionality.

    Obviously, the issue that Joe has pointed out still needs to be resolved.

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