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    04-19-2017, 10:29 AM
    I posted a similar message in the Requesting new game platforms for the TGIS thread but I also wanted to pose some broader questions.

    The ADAM was introduced in winter 1983 as the "ColecoVision Family Computer system." The unit fulfilled Coleco's pledge to ensure that the ColecoVision could be converted/expanded into a computer system. The ADAM could be purchased as "Expansion Module #3," which plugged into the front of the ColecoVision via the Expansion Interface, or as a stand-alone unit that combined the ColecoVision and ADAM functionality on the same Z80 platform.

    Following the release of the ADAM, Coleco relabelled their cartridge-based games as "for the ColecoVision & ADAM."

    The ADAM was discontinued in January 1985. As a result, there is a small but significant library of "Super Games" released during the system's production. These Super Games were released as a datapack (looks like a cassette) or 5 1/4 floppy disk for use with the ADAM Data Drive or a floppy drive. These tiles include (among some others I may have forgotten):

    - B.C. 2: Grog's Revenge Super Game
    - Buck Rogers Super Game
    - Dam Busters Super Game
    - Donkey Kong Super Game
    - Donkey Kong Jr. Super Game (also found as an unreleased but complete 5 screen version)
    - Dragon's Lair
    - SubRoc Super Game (Unreleased, but complete)
    - Zaxxon Super Game
    - The Best of B.C. (Quest for Tires and B.C. II: Grog's Revenge)
    - The Best of Broderbund (Choplifter and A.E.)

    I would like to see these Coleco Super Games added for the sake of historical completeness, and to open up some new playing opportunities among classic gamers.

    I have two questions

    1) Do computer submissions have to use the original floppy disk or cassette?

    In many cases ROMs are found on the Internet and copied over to the native disk system of the original computer. I have some original datapacks (they are like cassettes) but one or two now don't load. I have back-ups of these games that I could use however. While I think there was a historical preference to use original disks for submissions I would propose that backups/copies should be permitted - disk rot is a real problem for some of these 30+ old titles. As well since submissions have videos of the actual game play, titles can be reviewed by the wider community - any odd behaviours can be flagged and scrutinized.

    2) How do you flag the potential creation of a new platform?

    While a new Coleco ADAM platform could be established I also wonder if there is merit in expanding the current Coleco Vision platform to include ADAM datapack/floppy disk games? As mentioned above, cartridge based games were relabelled for both the stand-alone ColecoVision or ADAM, and people submitting scores can do so either a ColecoVision console or an ADAM console for the TG ColecoVision platform. While the Super Games were released on Data Pack or 5 1/4" disk that could only be used if someone had either the add-on ADAM or stand-alone unit, this could be comparable to the Gameboy / Gameboy Color platform as found on TG -- the Gameboy Color was backwards compatible with the Gameboy, but Color games would not function/fit with an original Gameboy.

    I note that Gameboy Color-specific games like Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears (!) are organized alongside regular Gameboy games, with no specific mention or caveat for the need to use a Color unit; perhaps this logic can be applied in the context of organizing Super Games alongside regular Coleco cartridges.
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