Advice for Maxing the NES Contra Score

  1. Advice for Maxing the NES Contra Score

    04-16-2017, 06:41 PM
    I know that maxing the NES version of the first Contra is nothing new around here, but am looking for tips on how to pull it off, anyway.

    Anything that can help. Here are some big ones that I have.
    Is it best to use the Konami code until you can learn the placements of enemies?
    How does one adjust to newly placed enemies in each loop, after the first loop?
    What are the best alternatives to the Spread Gun, if I lose a life, in certain stages?
    Any special notes for the fourth loop, onward?

    I was able to get around 840,000 points with the Konami code, without continuing, during my practice run of the day.
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