iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 1,537 - Jacob Spaulding

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  1. iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 1,537 - Jacob Spaulding

    04-28-2017, 11:52 PM

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    I've been playing Crossy Road since about a month after it came out, and have always wanted a place to compete with others, and about 2 weeks ago I found this website and have been working on this score since. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be, as I've taken some time off lately and have to get back into the swing of things. No audio unfortunately, once you get up to about 700-800+ the constant train bells become very difficult to ignore, so I opt to listen to music while I play. Other than that a pretty smooth run, and almost a new PB.

    The only 2 notables I can remember right away were around 1370 when the run was almost ended by a mis-click, and then at 1425 my iPad came unplugged, and I had to quickly re-plug it in without pausing, to avoid a low battery message from appearing which would have paused the game, I didn't want any interruptions whatsoever to keep the video as clean as possible.

    The run was done on an iPad Air 2, and took about 11 minutes 15 seconds to complete. I'm on everyplay @Jaco b Spaulding, and YouTube @mega Grair, where this video can also be found.
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