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  1. Question PreSubmission Concerns - Kevin Bautista

    05-04-2017, 10:15 PM
    EDIT: Please read reply-update at the bottom, thank you.

    Hello to all, I have very recently joined this community and have my first score (Metal Slug specifically) ready to submit to the site. Let me backtrack for a bit however, I had originally planned to have 2 videos ready for this single submission.

    One crystal clear video for HD enthusiasts which was supposed to be captured by the capture card I mention in the second video. Then I would have the second video which I shall link to at the end of this. The first video was not captured because of being a: "I get what I paid for" capture card. The second video was mostly successfully captured by my iPad recording the TV.

    I say mostly because of a "hiccup" near the beginning of the video which has the video freeze for around 4 seconds. This "hiccup" starts at 3:00 minutes of the video. I watched the rest and it seems to be the only "hiccup" in it. This is my biggest and only concern for this video being rejected. Unless others with expertise in adjudication find anything else that could incorrectly flag my submission. I ask before submitting because this is my very first submission and I don't want it to also be my first rejection and cause any other negative impacts to my profile.
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