Intellivision Superchef - Burger Time 2

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  1. Intellivision Superchef - Burger Time 2

    05-07-2017, 05:26 PM

    I wanted to share this with the community:

    at this website:

    They are keeping the Intellivision alive.

    They have made some homebrew games and "updates" of classic games, like Ms. Night Stalker, Superchef - BurgerTime 2 and Super-Pro Tennis (a one player tennis cartridge). For those who really enjoyed some classics, they made fresh new versions for Intellivision super-fans. Check out their website. They even fixed Donkey Kong - a cartridge called "Donkey Kong Arcade" ... which looks and sounds exactly like the arcade version - A MUCH improved version over our classic version by Coleco.

    I got the SuperChef game and I'm pretty good at it. I believe that I have the World Record.

    In this game, there are 69 different screens and they come on RANDOMLY to get away from the boredom of continuously clearing the same seven screens like the original cartridge.

    Here's the link to my World Record performance of 313,650 Points - (and 33 screens completed). Since it was a lengthy match, I sped up the tape to enjoy the playback.

    If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on this post.

    I will be getting the new Donkey Kong game, and I will load it on my Youtube page and I'll attach the link here in the future.

    I Thought I would share this info. with you gaming lovers !!!
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