Submission question, posted scores in bootleg video formats/bootleg roms?

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  1. Submission question, posted scores in bootleg video formats/bootleg roms?

    05-13-2017, 12:45 AM
    Hi, familiar with TG, I remember trying to record a high score a decade ago on vhs but it didn't work out. Lol

    My main question is, I see high scores for a game in NTSC format that never had an NTSC release? Are those scores void? In question, the scores are for a PAL Exclusive 2600 game (No NTSC release). The score itself isn't anything special, and besides that it's difficulty B (novice) vs A Expert/Normal. If emulation is allowed, why not the original version versus a bootleg version?

    I guess my main question is, is this as listed above allowed, and why? Bootleg and hack roms can have a different score outcome, correct?

    also, are scores in easy/novice mode something worth records? Playing on easy seems a tad silly ("I'm the best at *not* being the best at this game!111", etc) Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a world record? I'm joking a little, I can possibly understand different difficulties presenting a different game. However, I do not understand the allowance of bootlegs or hacks? Thanks in advance, and take care everyone.

    If a mod would care to PM me or general discussion, I firmly don't believe that bootlegs or hacks should count for world records, that just seems wrong.
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