PlayStation 4 - Trackmania Turbo - Black Series 162 - Fastest Time - 53.86 - Max Haraske

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  1. PlayStation 4 - Trackmania Turbo - Black Series 162 - Fastest Time - 53.86 - Max Haraske

    05-17-2017, 01:43 AM

    Black Series 162 - Fastest Time
    Score Track
    This track is for official "Solo Campaign" entries only. Time entered is that displayed at the completion of the track. Any shortcuts are permissible within the game confines. As all vehicles skins do not change the mechanics of the game, player may choose an alternative skin where they have the facility. Players may not pause game play.
    Submission Message
    Submission begins at 7:58.Name:  TM 162.JPG
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  2. 05-17-2017, 10:01 PM
    Black tracks here we come. Well done opening them up. 2000 Globally and 100 in the USA have done it. Assuming you were the 100th!!!
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  3. 05-18-2017, 08:05 AM


    Note to Twin Galaxy Members to Know What Course that had Been Selected look to the Top Left Corner of the Game Screen there it is Clear as Day and Throughout the Race you Can See it.

    Plus, what Race Track Series that was Selected by the Color

    Also, You & your Friends Can Vote on Video Game Submissions

    Black Series 162

    Run Starts at 8:00 of the video

    Black Series 162

    Is Selected at :02-15 of the video

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    PlayStation 4 - Trackmania Turbo -Black Series 162 - Fastest Time - 53.86

    Final Time is at 9:12 of the video

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  4. 05-19-2017, 07:23 AM
    accepted !
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  5. 05-19-2017, 07:59 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by jjt_defender View Post
    Thank you.

  6. 05-20-2017, 12:49 AM
    Just watched Max drive like a maniac in Ghost Town. A lot of fun. Accepted.
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