How to get Wolfmame versions giving virus scanner problems

  1. How to get Wolfmame versions giving virus scanner problems

    05-19-2017, 03:31 AM

    I was not able to download Wolfmame EXEs because my virus scanner delete the file once downloaded to quarantine.
    Regardless of the browser and I was also not able to disable virus settings or disable the scanner which leave
    me without a means do download a working version of Wolfmame.

    I think maybe we need to recommend that MAME Forum not compile to compress EXEs anymore? Space is really not a problem so there is no reason to compress EXEs anymore also ZIP files are easier to distribute than EXEs.

    What you can do is:
    1. Go to the site If the browser give an error, malicious harmful programs, it is an error. The warning came up becuase of the EXE being compressed compiled by UPX. Click "details", click "visit site".
    Go to an online un-compression site like this one:
    2. Put in the URL for the compressed compiled wolfmame.EXE / ZIP file you need.
    3. The site will uncompress the EXE online virtually. Now you will be able to save the uncompressed files as a ZIP file from the site to your computer.

    Now the EXE is not compressed and no error will occur from the virus scanner.

    Francois du Toit
    streaming mspacman normal and turbo speed at:

    Francois du Toit
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