New SNES game [Super Mario Logic]

  1. New SNES game [Super Mario Logic]

    06-24-2017, 05:38 PM
    Hi, everyone. You guys may know me for being a player here at Twin Galaxies, but what you may not know is that I also make and design games too. I recently completed my very first game and I would like to show it to you guys.

    It is a hack of Super Mario World where you take control of Mario to solve puzzles and complete skill based challenges to reverse a spell cast on the Mushroom Kingdom by Kamek. There are a total of 104 unique levels in the game (some are optional). There are an infinite number of lives in the game and to restart a level just press Start + Select.

    You can play the game on your favorite SNES emulator or flash cart by downloading the patch (see file attachment) and if you really like it and want to support my work then please consider purchasing an actual physical cartridge (cart only) from me. Below is what the actual cartridges look like.

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    The price of the cart is $60 + shipping. If you would like to purchase a copy just send me a PM. I'm currently only accepting payment through paypal. The cartridge works on real SNES hardware. The game automatically saves after every level and has a battery on the PCB that saves your progress. Here is a review of the game by Antdude on youtube at the 13:11 mark.

    The game took me around 5 years to make and I consider it to be a masterpiece work. I really hope that you enjoy the game and have fun playing it. If you are a collector of new games for older consoles then this game is a must have in your collection. Thank you for your support.

    The patch is located in the attachments in this post. Patch this file to Super Mario World.smc (513 KB). To patch you can use the programs Lunar IPS or Floating IPS.
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