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    After 66 days of tough classic arcade gaming and competition, MGLXXXII has now come to a close.

    The final standings are below:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Top 20 in MGL32 … where we had 39 competitors battle it out over 9 games … of which 2 games were the first time ever played in the MGL. These were Space Invaders Part II and Bubbles, both games long overdue to be played in the MGL.

    Congratulations to DaLar for winning MGL32 … he wins it with placings 7th, 1st, 6th, 5th, 7th, 2nd, 1st, 1st and 5th. After Day 10 he took the lead and worked hard to keep it that way. He succeeded all the way to the end by Day 66, a great effort in a close competition. Congratulations on your 2nd MGL win and valuable CAG World Championship for 2017 points. The margin was only 7 points.
    magrinder played excellent and just missed out again for the title to finish in 2nd place. He scores 90 points or more in all games, wins one, makes it a close finish and finishes great.
    Barra comes in at a surprising 3rd place, with a very strong finish to the tournament, that may just keep him in the race for the CAG World Championship title. After an opening three games finishing 19th, 14th and 15th it looked grim, but to his credit, he bounced back with great performances of 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 5th and 2nd.
    fok999 finds great form and his mojo to take out an excellent 4th place. A big improvement on his 11th placing in MGL31, he wins Asteroids and becomes the best gamer from France in this one.
    RMacauley scored well in most games like in Shinobi, Circus Charlie and Asteroids for some new PBs to finish one better than last MGL to take out 5th place ... that’s a Top 6 finish in his last 19 consecutive MGLs … this guy just keeps rewriting the history books.
    After finishing 12th in MGL31, bigredbird makes a huge improvement to finish in a stellar 6th place. Despite a low score on Shinobi with 23rd place, great gaming on the others sealed a great finish.
    Similarly from 15th place in MGL31, Rat played great in most games to make a big improvement to finish in 7th place. After winning the opening game of Space Invaders Part II with a great score, he hit nice scores on Asteroids with 2nd place plus 6th place on Circus Charlie.
    creech made a brilliant return to the MGL including 3rd place in Bubbles to finish with an accomplished 8th place in the competition. That’s his highest finish in 3 x MGLs … congratulations.
    Brad also made a welcome return to the MGL and finishes in 9th place. In Rainbow Islands and 10 Yard fight he made great scores to take out 2nd place in both games. That’s Brad’s 16th MGL and he still has what it takes … congratulations.
    gadzooks in only his 3rd MGL, achieves a fine 10th place, his best ever finish after 36th in MGL30 and 13th in MGL31.
    Snjspiteri missed out on the Top 10 by only 2 points, Jed 3 points, SectionZ 4 points and CrazyKongFan 6 points to finish with highly commendable placings in 11th to 14th respectively.

    The Country Top 5 finish was Denmark 1st, USA 2nd, New Zealand 3rd, France 4th and Australia 5th.

    With 9 games contested there were 7 different game winners …
    DaLar (3), Rat (1), Snjspiteri (1), John73 (1), fok999 (1), magrinder (1) and CrazyKongFan (1)

    Congratulations to the game winners for hitting the high score on their game(s) …

    I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the WMDs, plane and terror from Missile Command …




    Looking back on the tournament, it was interesting that a Space Invaders game had not been played since MGL12 from 2011, that’s a 6 year wait to play this game again, and this version known as Part II was both colorful and very challenging. Likewise on color and challenge was Rainbow Islands, where many gamers put in the effort to learn this one and incredibly 13 gamers scored over 1 million - now that was awesome! 10 Yard Fight took some great skill and acceptance to do well, as did Frogger and Asteroids. Circus Charlie sure was a ball of fun with the great variety in events and the tricks on how to get extra men and extra points. A fighting/shooting game came up in Shinobi and some were good enough to finish the game. Then a new one from Williams in Bubbles turned up with the crazy blue sink that you had to clean and survive with roaches, blades, grime, the cleaning lady and more! Finally it was time to nibble on a tough and fast game called Nibbler, made even more famous by the movie Man Vs Snake. The gamers nominated these games and out they came to make up MGL32. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament and the next MGL of the 2017 season will be starting very soon …

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