MGLXXXII - Game 4 ~ Frogger (closes 2 - OOO

  1. MGLXXXII - Game 4 ~ Frogger (closes 2 - OOO

    06-15-2017, 04:33 AM
    Bad traffic day …

    MGL 32 - Game 4 ~ Frogger

    Nominated by gamers: BandontheRun and Michael Kibbey

    ROM WolfMAME 0.106: frogger

    Game Story:
    Try and get your frog from one side of the road, over the river and into your home. To complete a level you must dodge cars, jump on logs and alligator backs while avoiding snakes, alligators, and otters. Bonuses are awarded for getting bugs that momentarily appear, escorting lady frogs home and getting five frogs safely home.

    Score Submissions:
    Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a screen shot showing your score and initials. This game finishes Sunday 2 July 2017, 5am EDT.

    Please make sure your settings are as above. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. No pausing. No cheats allowed.

    Games can be played at the arcade. You must ensure the arcade operator has the game at the MGL game settings for the submission to be valid.

    GAME 4 … Leap for your life …

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  4. 06-17-2017, 06:33 AM
    Day 2 of 17 ...

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  7. 06-18-2017, 12:15 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DaLar View Post
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    Big increase sir nice work
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  9. 06-19-2017, 06:41 PM
    Day 4 of 17 ...

    Now check this out ... like in the MGL, every point counts in Starcade ... Mark beats Scott by just 20 points to have a chance to win his own arcade game.

    Now take this challenge yourself ... the next time you play Frogger (next game only and only one chance!), can you control your nerves and score 2,000 points in 30 seconds? Can you win your own video game back in the 80s? Post your answer here of how you went ... and now go see how Mark went ... (it's a shame we can't see the video preview like we used to on TG)

    Don't worry Herve, I did not miss your score. I tried to post this message yesterday on TG but the site was down. I will add your score to the next update ...
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  10. 06-21-2017, 01:46 AM
    Day 6 of 17 ...

    Listen to Jerry as he explains how to play Frogger way back in 1983 ... his top score is 125,000 ... can you beat his score? ... (it's excellent footage of the time and a nice arcade too!)

    As he says, there are many ways to die, and his presentation is great ...
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