Android - Stair Dismount - Disfigure Skating [Points] - 791,727 - Jens Harbers

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  1. Android - Stair Dismount - Disfigure Skating [Points] - 791,727 - Jens Harbers

    06-22-2017, 11:45 PM

    Disfigure Skating [Points]
    Score Track
    Points score from a single attempt. Any available ragdoll may be used. The &quot;Enable breaking ragdolls&quot; setting is player's choice. Player may custmise the ragdoll.<br/>
    Submission Message
    Run starts at 7:20, score can be seen at 7:52.
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  2. 06-23-2017, 12:22 PM

    Note to Twin Galaxy Members who will be Adjudicating the Video Game Submission
    To Know what the Score is & Final Score Just Look to the Top Right Hand Corner their you will See a Scoring Counter and Game Stats.

    Stair Dismount -
    Disfigure Skating Starts at 7:20 of the video

    Stair Dismount - Disfigure SkatingIs Selected at :16 of the video Name:  2017_06_23_20_20_281.png
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    Android - Stair Dismount - Disfigure Skating [Points] - 791,727 Final Score is at 7:52 of the video

    Name:  2017_06_23_20_21_422.png
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    Submission Points 12,301 + 60 for Sponsor = 12,361

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