MGLXXXII - Game 6 ~ Circus Charlie (closes 16-Jul)

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  1. MGLXXXII - Game 6 ~ Circus Charlie (closes 16-Jul)

    06-29-2017, 02:29 AM
    Clown of all skills …

    MGL 32 - Game 6 ~ Circus Charlie

    Nominated by gamer: @Blackflag82

    ROM WolfMAME 0.106: circusc (selectable level set 1)

    Game Story:
    Guide Charlie through six different circus events including Fire Rings, Tightrope, Trampoline, Ball Walk, Springs, and Flying Trapeze. Timer bonus points are added for finishing a level and more points are awarded for completing a round without losing Charlie.

    Score Submissions:
    Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a screen shot showing your score and initials. This game finishes Sunday 16 July 2017, 5am EDT.

    Please make sure your settings are as above. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. No pausing. No cheats allowed. You may freely choose the order of stages to complete.

    Games can be played at the arcade. You must ensure the arcade operator has the game at the MGL game settings for the submission to be valid.

    GAME 6 … The Big Show …

    Arcade Have a Go - at Twin Galaxies - on now!
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