Nintendo DS - Metroid Prime Pinball - NTSC/PAL - Fastest Completion - Single Mission - Phazon Mines (Normal difficulty) - 37.02 - Roger 111

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  1. Nintendo DS - Metroid Prime Pinball - NTSC/PAL - Fastest Completion - Single Mission - Phazon Mines (Normal difficulty) - 37.02 - Roger 111

    08-01-2017, 01:41 PM

    NTSC/PAL - Fastest Completion - Single Mission - Phazon Mines (Normal difficulty)
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    Hardware/Settings shown in the beginning. Run is at 3:40, less than a handful of attempts.

    OK, I really hope this one gets some attention.
    First, again, this is an AWESOME game, and you will not do well on fast finger skill. That leads to the primary reason I hope this is noticed.
    With the new score removal system, some are scouring the archives for gaps that are just too difficult to believe.
    Lance whipped my pants(and @jmb could too), but you better believe, his score is real. I know how to do it, just wanna move on for now, am practicing for the multi-mission.
    But I ain't telling.
    So just be careful with the removal thing-some kid in 1984 surely scored a million points on Vectrex Spinball, I'd bet my life.
    Thanks Everyone, with pin being an in thing, if you have a DS, you really should play this, it's top-notch.
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  2. 08-01-2017, 02:00 PM
    Here's the deal with the Metroid Pinball stuff, BTW.
    I forgot I used to be really good at this(I have "beaten" it).

    Was gaming with my buddy the other night, showed him that he could be competitive on some stuff, so he decided to join up.
    Baldzillabill, was in the same grade as my Wife, had a lil crush on her, lol, and he and I wound up in our first band together.
    He is a thunderforce, 100% IMHO the best drummer in East Tennessee, likely more.
    Moved a couple towns over a couple years ago, but gaming has kept us in contact, I'm glad he finally joined up.
    Awesome pinball player, we have a local arcade in his town that specializes in pins, mebbe he can explore those some.

    So was thinking of what game to lure him in with, this was it, and I wound up re-hooked on it, haha!
    I hope to be competitive on the time-trial(strategy)games, but the overall points...
    Told him I beat the Talon Overworld score by 1.5 mill, had 4.7. He sent me this...

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    I guess I won't be keeping these long.
    Welcome, Billy. Can't wait to see what you can do!
    He's the dude that got me collecting, BTW. Big influence on my current gaming. Only local(ish) influence, really.
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