Dispute: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Jeremy Young

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  1. Dispute: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Jeremy Young

    08-28-2017, 06:47 PM

    Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed]
    Dip-Switch Bank:
    1-7 = OFF
    8 = ON/OFF [Upright/Cocktail]

    Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings:

    Number of Jumpman: 3
    Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points
    Player Name
    Billy L Mitchell
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    1,062,800 (Rank 12)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    This score has been questioned for years in the DK community, so I felt it was time to create an official dispute. Since I'm not sure how much text can be entered in the Dispute message, the bulk of my post will be in a reply. The key piece of evidence is the so-called "Board Swap Video":

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  2. 08-28-2017, 06:48 PM
    For context, Billy supposedly set a new record on Donkey Kong (this 1.06M score) and then immediately followed that up by setting a new record on Donkey Kong Jr. This occured, and was claimed to be recorded, at a Boomers park in Florida with witnesses being TG referee Todd Rogers and Todd's significant-other-but-also-TG-referee MorningDove Mahoney. The Board Swap Video supposedly shows the downtime between the two records when one of Billy's friends, Robert Childs, is swapping out the Donkey Kong PCB for the Donkey Kong Jr. PCB. However, there is no Donkey Kong PCB in the above video. Childs is swapping a Donkey Kong Jr. PCB for another (or probably the same) Donkey Kong Jr. PCB.

    When this was pointed out in the comments section of the YouTube video, those comments were deleted and the audio was muted and swapped out for some royalty-free music that YouTube provides...but not before the original video with original audio had been saved.

    This raises many questions, but here's what stands out in my mind.

    1) If everything was performed and recorded legitimately, why go through the motions to record a board swap video using only a DKJR board? And then why mute the video?

    2) If the board swap video is a deliberate falsification, created to give the impression that everything is being done legitimately, then it's not unreasonable to think that other facts regarding this score may have been falsified.

    3) It's been shown that Todd Rogers was anything but an impartial referee with impeccable integrity during his tenure at TG. Numerous scores supposedly done by him are under dispute, his history of self-entering scores into the database has been confirmed, and the other verifying referee during this score attempt was his significant other. In my opinion, any score verified simply by the word of Todd Rogers has a serious credibility problem.

    4) Billy's previous 1M+ scores all had some sort of video evidence. The quality of that evidence has been questioned, but they at least exist. A 1.014M tape was viewed by Robert Mruczek but never submitted to TG. Billy's 1.047M and 1.05M are "direct feed" performances, claimed to be live, but with no actual known witnesses.

    5) Billy has never demonstrated live that he capable of the scores that TG gives him credit for. He has never scored over 1,000,000 in a live, neutral venue.

    Other videos from this Boomers session are:

    There is questionable body language (stepping back to block the arcade machine...why not just show us the score?) and odd comments (Robert just got out of bed? Wasn't he just here swapping boards?) in those videos.

    You can also find more conversation regarding this score over on DKF: Strange Scores
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  3. 08-28-2017, 06:58 PM
    lord have mercy
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  4. 08-28-2017, 07:48 PM
    how can this be possible Billy said at his Announcement At the Big Bang 2010 in Ottumwa IA; at the International Video Game Hall of Fame
    that there was lots of people there when he was playing live . up to a 100 at some point with cell phones and video,,,,,,
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  5. 08-28-2017, 07:55 PM
    Subscribing to this thread.
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  6. 08-28-2017, 08:00 PM
    Original board swap video with audio intact for reference:

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  7. 08-28-2017, 08:04 PM
    I find the evidence presented not very convincing. Sure it raises a few questions, but there is no solid proof here, just conjecture. I'll hold off my voting of course until more evidence is presented.
    Your friend, datagod
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  8. 08-28-2017, 08:08 PM
    In the interview video, Billy states that Todd recorded the entire game. He points to a garbage bag that supposedly contains the tapes. Just to be clear, are you saying that those tapes were never reviewed and that the score was based solely on Todd & MorningDove's viewing of the game? I just want to make sure I'm understanding the Dispute claims. Thanks.
  9. 08-28-2017, 08:41 PM
    The video clearly shows a Donkey Kong Jr pcb , Bering removed and the same Donkey Kong Jr pcb being put back in to the cabinet ,, to a UN-trained train eye Dk and DKjr look the same and in fact they are vary similar, except for a few noticeable differences...

    the DK pcb has white text on the pcb and the Dk jr has banana yellow text printed on the board ,, the DK pcb is 1/2 digital and 1/2 Analog sound and there is a adjustment pot on the dk pcb for the Analog sound`s, The Dk Jr board is fully digital and has no Analog sound adjustment pot in the exact same position on the dkjr board, and the 3rd noticeable differences and you will see; it if you review the video carefully Dk has the same ROM socket lay out and the same number of sockets as a Dkjr pcb ,, But DKjr has one of them ROM socket empty ,,,,,, as i pointed out to the man, who is in the video (telling him he was lying), saying he was pulling out a DK pcb first in the video in the comments; he deleted my comments and remove the audio and replace it with music ,,, so no one would ever hear him make that clam of pulling out a DK pcb first,,, but it was to late i recorded the video before he could remove the audio and cover up his statements,,,, Nixon try this trick deleting 18 mins of tape and look what happen to him :) i just saying
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  10. 08-28-2017, 08:55 PM
    up to a 100 at some point with cell phones and video,,,,,,
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