Dispute: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Score: 1,062,800

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 02-06-2018, 04:17 PM
    "That guy a little dark skin" way to go billy
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  2. 02-06-2018, 04:21 PM
    Key slip up, Richie Knuckles came right out and said he'd help billy cover up a murder (assuming/hoping thats metaphorical). So with Richie admitting on air he'd lie for billy can we really trust anything Richie says?
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  3. 02-06-2018, 04:29 PM
    The video of Billy and his lawyer friend showing off the two donkey kong world records shows it is MAME. It has nothing to do with faked doctored footage from angry trolls. That evidence is directly from billy!!!!!
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  4. 02-06-2018, 04:30 PM
    Well, I'm not going to speculate anything. Sounds to me like Billy is relying on TG to still be in possession of the tapes to help prove his score. Guess that's what we are waiting on.
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  5. 02-06-2018, 04:31 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by thegamer1185 View Post
    Well, I'm not going to speculate anything. Sounds to me like Billy is relying on TG to still be in possession of the tapes to help prove his score. Guess that's what we are waiting on.
    The tapes billy had in his possession and was showing off as his world record were MAME rendered Donkey Kong games. They were not faked by anyone and he is just stalling and talking nonsense so he can save face.
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  6. 02-06-2018, 04:31 PM
    I transcribed most of the interview with Billy Mitchell. Apologies for errors.


    Twin Galaxies is headquartered in Ottumwa Iowa.

    - Billy Mitchell is now skyping in
    - Billy Mitchell is an honest man with great hair
    - he is handsome
    - he is like Russel Crowe, not fat Russel Crowe, Gladiator
    - get gets the job done!
    - he would never cheat
    Host: I am so happy you are here Billy. Your story is trending more than Superbowl.

    Billy: I am used to that kind of trending.

    You are a star! You need to get this story out. Nice tie.

    Billy: (holds up his tie)
    First things first. Are you ready? I have lots of text messages regarding this show.

    I said there would be no cursing. Billy has a hot sauce to worry about. No cursing Bill.

    Billy: I'll do my best. Obviously this is an illustrious journey. The history began back in 1982, ant the very first
    gathering of of e-sports gaming. I dont' know what it was that grabbed me and brought me there, but thank God I
    went there. Througought the 80's, I had an awesome time. I went there, 16 players. It was intimidating. I played
    Donkey Kong.

    Host: what did you do?

    Billy: I dropped a quarter and pushed a button. I had a nemesis there. He got 190,000. I got 830,000 on my first man.
    In 1986, the golden age of video games ended, and I had to go get a real job. I had my fun in the 80's and I sat on it. Then came 1999.
    20 years into the gaming industry, games became like cars.

    I got a call from somebody who said he could beat me at Pac Man. He was my nemesis. He is my friend now.
    Host: (comments on his hair)

    Billy: I went to funspot, in front of the media, and I did a perfect score. It was an explosion of media that sent me to Japan! There were a few other people that went with me. When I came back, that is when the camera crews came. That is when the documentary crews came out. Something else was born in that era: LLC. The lonely losers club.

    I'll tell you more about them later. I came back with a different attitude. It wasn't important for me to come back and beat people in
    an arcade. I wanted to be an advocate for competitive gaming. I wanted to be an ambassador. I wanted to push competitive gaming.

    Host: This is where the lonely loser club comes in.

    Billy: The fact of the matter is that it is more satisfactory to participate in moves or tournaments, bringing honor and recognition to the people working hard, and giving these people credit. When you go to the conventions yes there is fun, yes there is hugs and conversations but what I really do is push the competitive culture. We go to places to present certificates to people with amazing feats. We give them recognition. Nolan Bushnell was put on a trading card. #2. Ilike to remind him that he is #2.

    Billy was number 1!

    There were so many people, thousands of people that contribute so much, they deserve the recognition. Pac Man Rick is a great guy, he deserves that recognition. Most recently we went to a convention where Ernest Kleine was there.

    Host: Speilburg movie!

    Billy: So we went to award him with a certificate. Ernest gave me his book and told me that he was inspired by me to write his book. That really hit me in the feels. John Glenn was the first man in space. He said that every time he saw somebody follow in his footsteps, he gains
    satisfaction that people were doing what he enoyed.

    Host: No Bill Mitchell, no moon walks! NASA fuggettit

    Billy: There became a greater inspiration than competitive gaming. The one exception that kept getting put in my face was Donkey Kong. Richie Knucklez is the Authority in the Donkey Kong world.

    Host: Billy and Richie came to my studio and brought in their own Donkey Kong. I personally saw their brilliance. I don't like Billy, who is simply trying to make the world a better place -- he is getting taken down by these internet weasels. You don't have to say it, because you are gracious.

    Billy: They are the LLC.

    We were in your studio, when Richie twisted my arm, threatened me, etc. to get me to join with him and do the Kong Off.

    Host: I went there. All the guys were there. Billy put up a huge score.

    Billy: Hank Chien put up the high score. No killscreen, but Hank won.

    Here is a story about Steve Weibe. I got approached by Disney. We want you to be in Fix It Felix. I wanted to keep the machine, and I said that Steve should get to keep his machine too. The lady from Disney agreed. Billy and Steve would play each other by Satellite.

    Host: Peter Dinklage was based off Billy Mitchell. Is there a documentary? Sequal? King of Kong, Chasing Ghosts?

    Billy: Last night I received an email with a movie offer. Today, I received an even bigger offer from a name you would recognize. My friends and I are pondering this one. It is a director you recognize.

    However, as soon as we became in touch with the Kong Off, unfortunately, Richie kills himself for these Kong Off's. My job there is to be the MC, to bring recognition and bring deserved recognition to the players there. However, because I am there and I am me, I am responsible to play. I pretty much play it once a year. There are other players, Vince Lemay. There is a lot of camaraderie.

    Billy: The friendships we create is far more valuable in the gaming world. The Kong Off is very competitive.

    Host: Jermey Young (the villain) makes claims that Billy played on a home machine that perhaps was tampered with. I shudder when I see this. I get sweaty and upset.

    I have been asked to address a lot of things, and I will. The fact of the matter is that from a very early time, I was extremely cautious. For example, I was in Twin Galaxies when I got 800,000+ points on the first man. It was indisputable. I went to funspot, I went there to get a perfect score. There was a crow, news people, people who became referees. I did it there, I called it there, it was all awesome. It was a bullet proof environment.

    Host: why all of a sudden would somebody with that kind of skill would fake a score? It don't make sense, LLC.

    I dont' think he is saying that. I have never been on the DKF or TG forum. Nobody has ever seen me address the LLC. It was founded by PattyCat and Mr. Bigwig (Dwayne). I dont' say their names on air, I don't want to give them satisfaction or recognition. When people you know, people you consider you friends, when you keep getting kicked between the knees. When that happens enough, I get irresponsible sometimes. I have not gone on any forums, I will never go on the forums and roll in the mud. I will however answer questions from authority, because I respect authority.

    Host: (reading Jeremy Young's question) I understand this will not be a popular decision.

    Billy: It sounds pretty popular. I just got two movie offers in two days. People say to me that when people act this way, they constantly barrage the situation (speaking of PattyCat). I explain it as it doesn't matter who you were for or against for president. Nobody can argue the fact that Donald Trump got massive amounts of free press. The haters drove the engine. Whether they like it or not, they constantly keep my name in front of everybody. Every single week I get requests to be booked somewhere. I don't have any social media or anything.

    Hosts: Are they jealous?

    Billy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (speaking of PattyCat). The fact of the matter, very few people fall into that category. Most people are good people. I'll answer their questions.

    Billy: So to describe the situation, or the problem, or the concern...in 2010 I did what I did at the time what was far more than I though was necessary. They brought a Donkey Kong machine in. They were always accommodating, and it was not the first time.

    Host: They roll out the red carpet when Billy goes into an arcade.

    Billy: (desribes a lot of people in attendance) Nobody hit the score you wanted on the first attempt. The arcade was 5 miles away from Pete Bouvier's house. It was his introductory to Boomer's Arcade. I was playing, I am locked on the screen. The game is being recorded. Behind me 9 feet on a tripod is a camera getting a wide room coverage. When I had the good fortune to get the score, and I turned around. People who shook my hand and saw me get the score, Pete Bouvier was one of them. We went above and beyond what was required to make sure we recorded what happened. Then we went to get something to eat. I was antagonized that I should play now. I played again and again. I then played DK Junior. When I finished the score, Pete was NOT there. However, there is the game play, the room shot in the back, and the fact of the matter is everybody is looking at the film, and everybody is questioning whether it was arcade, or was it MAME.

    Billy: I never played mame, I never played it in my home. It is an emulation, but it is NOT the arcade. There are MAME world records, and the footage that Jeremy has shows MAME

    I contend that if he gets the original tape, or if he gets the room shot, he will see what I am saying is true. That original footage was given to twin galaxies. They should have it, they must have it. The original tape shows the truth.

    Jace Hall says that Twin Galaxies is going through a grown spurt. Walter is out of the Country. He is kinda weird.

    When you look at the tape, you will see Pete Bouvier. When you see the second board put into the cabinet, it was an authentic DK Jr. Board. I got a call from somebody that said once we review the tape, the room shot, we can simply zoom in on the DK screen and we can absolutely see the game play.

    Host: You will be vindicated!

    Billy: Let me say it another way. I go to these shows. I have my place in history. I spread the good will. With or without the tape, I'll still get the bookings and I will still have the fun. It doesn't matter what they say. Another group of people will complain, but that means we will get even more media coverage. I keep getting calls while talking. My phone is ringing. (answers phone).

    The lunch mob mentality has gotten hold of Todd Rogers. They said his score was not possible. These so called experts took away his score. Now what you have emailed to you, what was emailed to me, is the same scenario. They showed a video that has Todd's score BEAT!

    These so called experts will still complain.

    Host: We have Richie, do we want to go to him?

    Bill: Richie is really fired up.

    Summary: the tapes showing Mame are from Dwayne, and Dwayne is a cheater. He cheated on Nibbler, and he asked Richie to help him cheat on a mame tape in the past to make Twin Galaxies look bad.

    I got tired of typing. Richie is very pumped. Big bombshell. King of Kong 2. The LLC (Lonely Losers Club) will NOT be in the movie. They are irrelevent.
    You can't change the past. TG tracks Pinball!
    Creator of Arcade Retro Clock

  7. 02-06-2018, 04:32 PM
    Spoiler Alert: TG doesn't have the Boomer's tape that he said they have. I will bet the farm he blames current administration for losing it.
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  8. 02-06-2018, 04:36 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by RomulusVonFlex View Post
    The tapes billy had in his possession and was showing off as his world record were MAME rendered Donkey Kong games. They were not faked by anyone and he is just stalling and talking nonsense so he can save face.
    Haha, yeah, common sense would suggest that Billy is the one who played the tapes. I'm not arguing that at all. He said TG has the originals. If they do, it's going to be very open and shut case one way or the other. Those tapes will prove who was there/wasn't there, maybe even a score. Don't know, but yep, it's on TG again???to prove another score was possible?
  9. 02-06-2018, 04:36 PM
    Billy said he doesn’t really even care if the real tape shows up and vindicates him.
  10. 02-06-2018, 04:36 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninglendo View Post
    Spoiler Alert: TG doesn't have the Boomer's tape that he said they have. I will bet the farm he blames current administration for losing it.
    Dont worry @Jace Hall , billy lied about little things to big things. Lying just for the sake of lying on things that dont matter. When he adds you to the list and lies about you losing the tapes we'll know how to believe. Man that was just awful.
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