MGLXXXIII - Game 5 ~ Rally-X (closes 24-Sep)

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  1. 09-23-2017, 06:27 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by redelf View Post
    Had two more games where I got to this same level and only had 1 flag left to get. For some reason though I have a bunch of lag on the input and it's taking a toll on my gameplay. It's the same computer I have used in the past but now it has input lag. Oh well I'm still having fun.
    Maybe a reboot is in order, you have other applications taking resources affecting your emulation, or maybe your anti-virus software is slowing down your PC.
  2. 09-24-2017, 01:41 AM
    Day 17 of 17. Score submissions for Game 5 Rally-X is now closed.

    The final scoreboard standings are below ...

    Everyone enjoyed a game a little harder than easy. Good to see. Namco sure did make an interesting game - BOOM!

    Many played really great on these settings, including Barra, SMK, terencew, magrinder, redelf, Snjspiteri, John73, RMacauley, creech, DaLar, gadzooks, fok999 and yankeebest … that’s a minimum of 50K by each gamer, from 2nd place to 14th place.

    Congratulations to Andrew Theodorou for winning Game 5. It was a very "charrenging" game and he played really great and sharp to score 86K. Extremely well done on a very competitive game!

    Tapper and Lock ‘N Chase are both currently in play … both games are very novel in game engine and concept … Game 6 and Game 7 will keep you very busy … and then Game 8 by this coming Friday to make it a fearsome trio.
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