iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 2,027 - Richard Adams

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  1. iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 2,027 - Richard Adams

    09-16-2017, 11:36 PM

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    Hello everyone! I did kinda jump into the scene here so I'll try my best to explain the context around me and my score.

    I've been playing Crossy Road on-and-off for 2 and a half years. It may be a combination of many things -- spatial awareness, community motivation, or just love of the game -- but for whatever reason I became pretty good. And with the recent discovery of the TwinGalaxies Crossy Road database I decided to get back into it and try for the top :P

    I was pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised to break the 2000 point barrier -- my previous best was 1647 and the score to beat was 1702. Whatever the circumstances I really hope my score pushes others to achieve higher. I'm looking forward to seeing the boundaries of this game pushed to the near limit in the following months and years. There are many patterns still left to discover and I trust that I won't sit on the top forever!

    Here's a few things to note about the video:

    The character selection screen does not appear before the run due to a bug in the recent update (explaining the weird Hipster Whale + Crossy Road logo), so I was unable to record via Everyplay and as a result the video will not appear on Everyplay :( Instead I recorded on my iPad air via quicktime-player.

    At the end of the video I show a recording of the iPad air 2 and the laptop on which I recorded the run.

    You can find more videos by me on Everyplay under the user Blubbermeat, and this video might eventually be on Youtube as well under an account with the same name.

    Thanks a bunch!
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