NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Donkey Kong - NTSC - Points - 149,300 - Brent Colyer

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  1. NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Donkey Kong - NTSC - Points - 149,300 - Brent Colyer

    10-22-2017, 11:15 PM
    NTSC - Points
    Score Track
    Difficulty A [3 Lives to start & 1 Bonus Life at 20,000]
    Special Rules: Accidental use of the Glitches where you jump a barrel going down a ladder gaining more then 100 points, and being chased by a barrel and jumping at the last second ARE allowed. Intentional use of these glitches will result in Disqualification.
    [Please note that you may also submit your record via the Donkey Kong Classics Combo Cartridge]
    Submission Message
    late night Donkey Kong game on NES, (i guess it is NTSC?? I just turned on the box, and started playing)..I didnt have a video camera handy. I have submitted screenshots (2) of the moment the last jumpman died, and also the "game over" message, you can clearly see the score.
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  2. 10-23-2017, 09:43 AM
    A video is required here at twin galaxies
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  3. 10-23-2017, 10:42 AM
    that isnt the way the rules are written. No video is required, it is only recommended. The rules are written this way for a reason. You need to go back and read them again. Thanks for your input though.
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  4. 10-23-2017, 11:29 AM
    Brent Welcome to Twin Galaxy things have Changed a Lot Now

    Brent In the Past Twin Galaxy a Picture was all you Needed.

    But with TGST Now that their is Twitch,Youtube, DVD, Daily Motion, Flash Drives and Many Ways to Upload your Video of your Game Performance

    Here is Something Please Read these Brent this will Help you A Lot to Understand the New TGST Twin Galaxy
    1st. Go to Info near the Top Left
    2nd Next Select Help and Tutorials
    3rd. Select How to Submit your Score to Twin Galaxy Read It
    4th Next Then Select
    What should I put in my Submission Evidence Package?
    5th Recommended Guidelines for Recording a Video Game Score Performance
    What Video File Formats Does Twin Galaxies Accept For Upload?
    7th General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines (GRG)
    8th What is "LEECHING?" - Information and Guide

    9th Adjudication Basic Guide: What to look for?

    10th How does Twin Galaxies adjudicate scores?

    If you Have Any Questions Ask a Twin Galaxy Members they Be Glad to Help you

    or you Can PM Private Message Jace Hall, Admin Staff, Franny,

    It is Required that you have Video of your Game Performance if you want Any Chance of getting your Video Game Performance Voted Into Twin Galaxy Scoreboard Database by your Fellow Twin Galaxy Members

    Showing the Game Console System, Game Dics or Cartridge, the Boot Up of the Console System, Your Game Settings like Track, course, Difficulty, Stage etc., the Start of your Video Game,PCB, ROM's Joystick, Dip Switch Game Setting for Arcade Games No Pausing in a Game Automatic Reject, Video Tape from the Beginning to the Final Score or Time Must Be Shown All Should Be on the your Video Recording,
    Please Have Bright Lights ON please do not Show it in the Dark it makes it Really Hard for Twin Galaxy Members to Adjudicate

    Today Twin Galaxy Members Require that you have at Least a Vidoe of your Game Performance Just to Have a Chance of getting your Video Game Submission Voted Yes Accepted By Twin Galaxy Members We All Vote. TGST

    The Odds are Against you Brent like 99% Unlikely that it would Be Voted In with Just a Picture as it Stands it would Rejected.

    More Evidence is Needed to Insure your Video Game Submission gets Votes

    JJT_Defender Johnny World Champion & Worlds Best & # 1 Racer, 1st Place on the Modern Arcade Game Fast & Furious Super Cars 43 Cities, & 7 Years Created by Raw Thrills & Owned By Eugene Jarvis Vid Kidz Williams,Midway & Creator of Cruis'n Series & Defender Many More.

    These are Just Stats for my Record Keeping Log been their More than a Year

    Submission Points 13,718 + 60 for Sponsor = 13,778

    I JJT Johnny Correctly Adjudicated 13,778 Video Game Submissions at .9978% Percent Accuracy

    Adjudicated Video Game Submissions I JJT Johnny Got Wrong a Total of 29 in Twin Galaxy's Adjudication Archives Accepted, Rejected & Cancel Archives

    2 Video Game Submissions were Over Turned in Dispute

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Colyer View Post
    that isnt the way the rules are written. No video is required, it is only recommended. The rules are written this way for a reason. You need to go back and read them again. Thanks for your input though.
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  5. 10-23-2017, 11:35 AM
    Brent You Own the both the Game Cartridge & Game Console System.

    Next do you have a Cell Phone usually have Recorders, Camera with Video Recorder, Camcoder,Digital Camera on you Computer that Can Record your Video Game Performance

    NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Donkey Kong - NTSC - Points - 149,300 - Brent Colyer
  6. 10-23-2017, 12:25 PM
    Hey Brent,

    You're correct, in a sense. In the TGSAP era, technically video isn't required, but no scores has been accepted without video, and I doubt they ever will be. There's too many issues with just a picture.

    So basically, video is required.
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  7. 10-23-2017, 01:32 PM
    Hi Brent, welcome to TG!

    Unfortunately without a video, it is going to be next to impossible to get your submission approved.

    From just your final screenshot, the community has no way of knowing if the rules for the track were followed or not. Also since you are not positive you are playing on an NTSC system, we can't be positive the score is even submitted under the correct track.

    I'm going to have to vote no for this submission. Don't be discouraged though, you are free to cancel this submission however, and we will look forward to reviewing a more robust resubmission from you!
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  8. 10-23-2017, 01:39 PM can help you attach a video to this thread if you have it.

    I agree that video is not required by the rules. No brainer. But if you are competing on a track where certain gameplay restrictions exist (glitches are mentioned in the rule set) it's going to be very hard for people to vote YES when they can't see the gameplay.

    Please don't leave because of this. We want you here. Just run your webcam next time or upload your video this time if you have it. Again, I know video isn't a rule but it's a community adjudication process and when rules dictate gameplay restrictions a photo will not be considered sufficient evidence.
  9. 10-23-2017, 01:41 PM
    Here is Some Information on Donkey Kong NES PAL VS NTSC

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  10. 10-23-2017, 03:17 PM
    It's a "No" vote from me based on lack of video evidence.
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