In 1981, Walter Day founded Twin Galaxies; the oldest adjudication organization for gaming. He took gaming and created a infrastructure that would turn the competitive gaming activity into a sport. One year later, Walter Day, The Mayor of Ottumwa and the Governor of Iowa, made the official proclamation to declared the state as the official Video Game Capital of the World because it was there that the world's greatest gamers of the time came together to compete and take the iconic 1982 Life Magazine Photo Shoot.

Over three and a half decades later the history remains intact. The next generation has taken the helm and will carry on Walter's legacy and work through Ottumwa Iowa's history via Twin Galaxies. November 9th - 10th will be the 1st annual Celebration for the Video Game Capital of the world. Join the festivities and celebrate the 1982 Life Photo Reunion, The International Video Game Hall of Fame Class of 2016, The Ottumwa Arcade and Console eSports Championships, Museum and much much more!

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