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    11-05-2017, 07:08 PM
    I was going through my saved archive of TG-related files that I saved and found my original write-up from the 2007 November ACAM gathering...the one that some unknown person at TG with admin rights deleted off the forum without explanation.

    One of the elements contained within was a non-event challenge set forth by Todd Rogers. His challenge was how high could we score on "Gorf" in just 5 minutes. Unlike the 3-minute "Centipede" boardset we had to use stopwatches for this one. A few interested players participated. Here are the results for the fun of it so you can see how you would compare had you been there.

    The original write-up follows for those interested in what transpired 10 years ago.


    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 19,660 by Donald Hayes
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 19,090 by Eric Ahlers
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 18,910 by Robert T Mruczek
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 18,070 by David Nelson
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 17,840 by Michael Sao Pedro
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 13,160 by Jason Cram
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 5,640 by Chris Donahue

    Todd told me before the event that his personal best was around 25K, and considering he is a master at both killing the mother ship in 2 shots as well as the fireball stage, I can believe it.

    Here is the article. Enjoy !!

    Hello fellow gamers:

    My 5th annual November 9-day vacation at Funspot has come to an end, and this was without a doubt one for the books...literally, as several amazing new world records were set. But more importantly, nearly thirty (30) classic arcade gaming enthusiasts and friends came to Funspot throughout the week ranking this as the biggest November turnout ever !!

    As I alluded, it's not all about the scores, so I hope you find my trip recap below enjoyable in addition to the reported scores and records.

    Additionally, I am not 100% sure how many world records were set this November as I am no longer a TG referee and I am out of touch with new score updates and the like, so I will rely on the TG staff to evaluate the scores below and advise on how many new world records were established. I will send a "short list" to Walter/Kelly of what I thin kwas set, but will ask that their staff check the rest just to be sure.

    Last but not least, there are two (2) "caveats", one of which came into play AFTER the primary article had been written, and as these impacts many times throughout the entire article, it would be disastrous for me to change it at this late date so I will reveal these "caveats" now to save time...

    1st - a debate exists over whether scores should be tracked on the title "Hit the Bear" which will be discussed internally by TG staffers at some point

    2nd - I am in the process of re-verifying that the internal settings on "Indiana Jones" are correct in the operator menu. We are positive on the internal difficulty setting of "Medium", and have discovered that the setting governing points between bonus lives was actually set to a value harder than TG currently tracks (30K versus 20K), but we are unsure whether the setting governing the maximum number of extra lives was set to 5 or 6, and as 5 is the TG setting as well as the factory default, a setting of 6 would have ramifications as you can well imagine. Still, the excitement over what happened as you will soon read is well worth the time to report, and TG will deal with this afterwards once the last setting is verified.

    That said, I hope you enjoy the read and forgive any spelling and syntax errors.




    Though I spent the better part of my day at work cleaning up loose ends so that I could leave at 5:00pm on the dot, that was only after spending the earlier part of the week doing additional cleanup work. Thankfully my staff is all up-to-date with their own workloads so the transition was easy. All but maybe two essential tasks were completed before I left, and my co-workers were nice enough to absorb those on my behalf.

    I got home on time, having already packed the night before, and awaited the arrival of Brian Kuh who was to pick me up in Brooklyn and then drive to Darren Harris' house about an hour away and them drive the two of us to Sun Valley near Funspot. This year I tried a change of pace as opposed to my usual flight to Manchester on early Saturday am.

    I also had arranged for an extra day's stay at Sun Valley for Froday (Nov09) since I had no idea when we would arrive, and also this would allow another cabin guest, Martin Bedard, the choice to come a day earlier if his schedule permitted.

    Unfortunately, not everything worked out so well this time. 7:30 and then 8:00pm passed, and no sign of Brian. I contacted Bill Mitchell to find out if he heard anything from Brian and Bill said that Brian would be late...11:00pm to 12:00am late. Great. I called Darren to break the news. Then we waited. 12:00am, no Brian, 12:20am, no Brian. It was not until 2:55am according to my journal notes that Brian showed up. I called Darren to let him know. We showed at Darren's at 3:45am and then drove off to New Hampshire.


    Touchdown at Sun Valley was 9:20am. I checked in to get that over with, then headed out back to cottage 5 where I usually stay. The first thing we saw was a car parked near the cabin bearing Canada plates. Martin Bedard had already arrived and was either inside the cabin or at Funspot.

    Then, just as we got out of Brian's car to get out luggage out of the trunk, we heard a familiar hello coming from the direction of cottages 1-4...Pat Laffaye, one of the world's best "Frogger" players. The gathering had begun !!

    We brought the luggage inside and Martin was up but in the rest room so we left our stuff and headed to Funspot.

    The very first person we see as we enter Funspot is the always jovial Bob Lawton, co-founder of Funspot. Bob has an excellent memory and quickly remembers all of us. We then proceed to purchase some starting tokens and then start the gaming action.

    Martin Bedard shows and Martin, Darren and I head down to the "Braggin' Dragon" to get some breakfast. Brian had to leave to get some sleep before his shift started. We also met Tina Gebhard, the Miss Winnipesaukee and now Miss Weirs Beach competition organizer and also Funspot staffer. She fills us in on the Miss Wini and Weirs events and on local matters and also takes the breakfast orders.

    After breakfast we needed to do some much-needed shopping to stock up the fridge for the week ahead. Wow...$275.00 this time. Next time I will get less cold cuts. Martin drove us back to the cabin and we stored the food and then headed back to start some serious gaming.

    Familiar faces start to show...

    -> Randy Lawton, the chief technician and a gaming historian in his own right
    -> Rick Carter (aka "Permafrostrick") shows along with Les Martin and Les' son Justin.
    -> The Ahlers brothers, Mark ("Scootie") and Eric
    -> Members of the 1st Family of Gaming...Shawn, Jason, Anna and Christian Cram, and David Dmers
    -> Donald Hayes
    -> Jennifer Moore, who also showed with my TV set that she so nicely stores for me for six months inbetween my trips to Funspot
    -> Pat Laffaye
    -> Brian Kuh showed up later in the day

    Shawn later comes to show the "Super Cobra" unit he built for me and also to drop off the XBox gaming unit.

    It's already late afternoon but the gaming action starts in full force. Pat and Donald are impressing some fans of "Frogger" who want to play next and ask how long will it be for Pat to leave the machine. They have a "look" on their face when Pat says about 3 hours !! And then they have the time to talk to the two world's best players about "Frogger" and marvel at how each is now over the 500K mark.

    David Dmers, the son of Christian Cram, is energized by the fact that I told him no one, not even Zack Hample, has mastered the intricacies of the progressive variation of "Super Breakout", one of the older titles on premise. He immediately starts to work on the title and tries for a new personal best and possibly a world record.

    The "Gorgar" machine is fixed and seems to be playing better than ever. This is a favourite title of many who attend the annual competition.

    Darren Harris starts playing "Indiana Jones", one of the machines I donated several years back and a title he is currently a world champion at. On his first attempt since last June he achieves a score of 1.1M and then quickly ramps up the score to 1.3M, his final game of the evening which was 1 idol short of a new world record and which was in sight before he lost his last man. Obviously Darren is still at the top of his game and this was a hint of great scores in the days to come.

    No major scores were submitted on the first day as we spent much of the time getting the rust off our skills on titles we only can play every six months at Funspot, plus we spent a lot of time talking and playing catch-up with each other.

    We retired to the cabin after Funspot closed and watched "Air Force One" for awhile before calling it a night at approx 2:30am. TV choices were pretty bad this night...the next-best choice was "Battle of the Bears", whatever that was. Anyway, Darren and I needed the sleep after much longer than anticipated ride.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Lunar Rescue - 14,500 by Jason Cram
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 3 lives) - 1,303,820 by Darren Harris
    Eagle - 36,860 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers

    DAY TWO - SUNDAY Nov11

    I wake up first followed shortly thereafter by Darren. Martin is still sound asleep. After getting ready it is still too early to do anything but watch TV and continue writing my journal of my trip.

    Today, Jennifer brings over the TV so we can hook up Shawn's XBox and also to watch "South Park" episodes thereafter.

    Several gamers are in attendance today including a first-time vistor to Funspot, an arcade owner from the NY/NJ area.

    Darren Harris pushes up his "Indiana Jones" score to the 1.4M mark. Jason and Anna Cram return with me to the cabin for lunch...I introduce them to my favourite sandwich, pepperoni, sharp provolone and tomato on a hero. It's an immediate hit with them.

    A group of us later goes to JT's Barbcue across the street for dinner. We are discussing Darren's meteoric rise in proficiency on "Indy" and speculate that he is probably setting a new world record whilke we are dining. When we come back, we find out that we could not be more correct...he hit 1.7M !! And then, inspired by Darren's performance, I hit 1.098M myself, passing the 1M mark for the very first time.

    We eventually retire to the cabins and hook up the XBox. One of the titles I brought specifically for Martin Bedard to help me solve a mini-game challenge on. "Big Mutha Truckers" has a tug-o-war challenge which, to no one's surprise, Martin solves inside of 3 minutes or less.

    Next up we watch "South Park" and the recent take-off on the game title "Guitar Hero". And then we retire for the evening.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 733,640 by Brian Kuh
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 3 lives) - 1,408,420 by Darren Harris
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 3 lives) - 1,098,530 by Robert T Mruczek
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 1,741,530 by Darren Harris
    Xenon (pin) - 1.422.350 by Jason Cram
    Donkey Kong - 176,800 by Eric Ahlers
    Drag Race - 5.0 seconds by Rick Carter
    Drag Race - 4.9 seconds by Justin Martin
    Mata Hari (pin) - 71,200 by Robert T Mruczek
    Frogger - 429,200 by Pat Laffaye
    Donkey Kong - 112,900 by Robert T Mruczek
    Gorf (5 minute challenge) - 17,930 by Donald Hayes
    Gorf (5 minute challenge) - 15,250 by Robert T Mruczek
    Gorf (5 minute challenge) - 14,340 by Jason Cram
    Radical Radial - 188,750 by Anna Cram
    Monaco GP - 5,422 by Richie Vavrence
    Space Shuttle (pin) - 593,840 by Robert T Mruczek


    Although we are generally up early, we decide to watch "Predator 2" and then arrive at Funspot a bit late at 10:45am.

    It's a slow start today. I can barely get 50K on one of my favourite titles, "Super Cobra". Ugh.

    After breakfast at the "Braggin' Dragon" we return to the arcade area to find Gary Vincent working on "Super Pacman" for Les Martin. We spend some time talking to Gary.

    A few good scores come at this point. I reach 182,650 on "Super Cobra" and get a near-300K on "Gorgar" pinball. Martin hits 10M+ multiple times on "Smash TV" and Darren gets 1,688,470 on "Indiana Jones" (H7).

    I return to the cabin with Jason Cram for lunch and then pick up some more supplies from the shopping center as I underestimated how many bottled waters we might need for the week.

    Upon return I hear that Randy Lawton nearly rolled Atari "Video Pinball" the other night with 978K+ and how many years back he did roll it regularly. He's an awesome player in his own right and specializes on a few titles including "Dr Mario" and "VS Duck Hunt". I wish I had watched the 978K, however, as the score is unverified.

    The other highlight today was Les Martin achieving 3.6M on "Super Pacman" on the now-corrected settings. I have to talk with Walter about this but it does appear that the settings in place at Funspot were incorrect for some time now.

    We retired to the cabin to watch the superior action movie "Predator" with Ah-nold until it ended and then we called it a night.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Gorgar (pin) - 290,680 by Robert T Mruczek
    Video Pinball (Atari) - 235,660 by Robert T Mruczek
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 1,688,420 by Darren Harris
    Close Encounters (pin) - 152,080 by RObert T Mruczek
    Mario Brothers - 173,290 by Eric Ahlers
    Smash TV (single, 1 credit) - 13,835,430 by Martin Bedard
    Jurassic Park (pin) - 536,299,390 by Martin Bedard
    Joker POker (pin) - 206,760 by Robert T Mruczek
    Grand Champion - 13,321 by Jason Cram
    Middle Earth (pin) - 39,190 by Robert T Mruczek
    Video Pinball (Atari) - 698,870 by Randy Lawton
    Mario Brothers - 411,960 by Darren Harris
    Moon Patrol - 63,610 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Super Pacman - 3,570,600 by Les Martin (stage 316)


    It's 8:30am and I am already awake. Martin is scheduled to travel back to Canada today for classes or a test. He has a cold, I have a cold, and so does from yesterday Jennifer Moore and Anna Cram, and I think some other gamers do as well. Bad luck for us...oh well.

    After taking out the accumulated trash we head off to Funspot. It's a slow morning for scores, and the joystick on "Indy" is a little sluggish so we leave a report for Randy. After all, Darren and I came to Funspot mainly to play just a few titles including this one, so it would be a major damper if anything were to happen to it during our stay.

    With the "Indy" joystick in question, Darren and I head back to the cabin for lunch. I heat up a soup for my cold, and we watch something called "JUdge Cristina". Is there nothing else but judge-shows and soaps at this hour ?

    Not many gamers are expected today, I forgot to mention.

    We return and experiment with the "Indy" joystick. At first it seems extra responsive to the left but them seems okay as Darren reaches 1.622M and again a 1.619M later in the evening, both on hard path and 7 lives to start.

    By 7:30pm things are quiet. I have a decent game of "Super Cobra" of 188,980 and reached end of base in level more ship was needed to clear the level. Oh's my 2nd or 3rd highest score ever, by the way.

    Near the end of the day, Darren is at 1.09M with 6 lives in reserve on "Indy" and the power is shut off. While it was initially a damper, it turns out that this was one of many attempts in which Darren did as good if not much better as the week progressed.

    Back in the cabin we watched "Bad Boyz II" with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Brian Kuh was with us for most of the movie but had to leave due to his morning shift. And next day we would be spending at the Cram arcade in Maine so we needed the sleep as we would be meeting at 9:40am for the trip. And tomorrow, Jennifer Moore would be picking up both Tom Votava and Nik Meeks at the airport. It would be a hectic day indeed and we needed the rest.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Hit the Bear - 1,440 by Robert T Mruczek
    Flash ! (pin) - 261,870 by Robert T Mruczek
    Middle Earth (pin) - 45,010 by Robert T Mruczek
    Smash TV (single, 1 credit) - 1,281,880 by Robert T Mruczek
    Joker Poker (pin) - 408,070 by Robert T Mruczek
    Pinbot (pin) - 777,690 by Robert T Mruczek
    Fire ! (pin) - 1,710,070 by Robert T Mruczek
    Matar Hari (pin) - 198,690 by Robert T Mruczek
    Super Cobra - 188,980 by Robert T Mruczek
    Clowns - 10,140 by Robert T Mruczek
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 1,622,300 by Darren Harris


    It's now 9:40am and already the Ahlers brothers have arrived. Soon thereafter Shawn and Christian Cram show and then we head off to Maine for a day at the Cram arcade. It's a nice drive of approx 45-55 minutes and my second time paying them a visit, the last being my Nov/06 trip.

    Due to extensive water damage from a recent flood, a large number of machines were not working but there were still in the vacinity of 30-35 machines up and running, including the custom-built "Super Cobra" machine and another custom multi-game unit for a different customer. That one had maybe 60 games on it making a total of more than 80 games to choose from.

    Well, we started gaming almost immediately after taking the grand tour of the titles up and running. And throughout the day, a few other titles were revealed as new boardsets were installed for us to try.

    Nik Meeks and TOm Votava arrived at some point after 7:30pm accompanied by Jennifer Moore who drove them from the airport.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Sinistar - 74,905 by Robert T Mruczek
    Frogs - 6,800 by Jason Cram
    Frogs - 6,800 by Robert T Mruczek (tie with Jason)
    Frogs - 5,700 by Nik Meeks
    Frogs - 4,600 by Shawn Cram
    Frogs - 3,100 by Eric Ahlers
    Frogs - 4,400 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Devil Fish - 21,220 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Mr Do's Wild Ride - 63,180 by Robert T Mruczek
    Lock On - 316,150 by Robert T Mruczek (stage 9)
    Haunted House (pin) - 182,980 by Robert T Mruczek
    Haunted House (pin) - 656,120 by Shawn Cram
    Xenon (pin) - 178,790 by Robert T Mruczek
    Mars - 84,960 by Eric Ahlers
    Mars - 53,280 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Eagle - 34,220 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Eagle - 22,320 by Robert T Mruczek
    Intruder - 21,530 by Jason Cram
    Donkey Kong 3 - 147,300 by Eric Ahlers (marathon settings)
    Wacko - 48,600 by Eric Ahlers
    Wacko - 96,700 by Jason Cram
    Ladybug - 66,060 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Ladybug - 48,450 by Eric Ahlers
    Do Run Run (aka "Mr Do's Run Run") - 272,810 by Robert T Mruczek
    Haunted House (pin) - 262,850 by Nik Meeks
    Wiley Coyote/Road Runner Chase (GameCube) - 325 by Nik Meeks

    There were a lot of other scores set, many of which were not personal bests so are not listed above. Shawn Cram cranked out several hundred thousand on DK3 and a nice run on "Zookeeper", while Eric Ahlers showed off his expertise at "Bombjack" which could not be tracked since it was done on a a multi-game kit.

    After being given some help getting back home courtesy of Jason and Anna Cram, the Ahlers brothers drove Darren, Nik Meeks and myself back to Sun Valley and then we quickly called it a night as it was already late. No movie this time as we needed some sleep. The vacation was half over and it was time to get serious with the gaming.


    Should be a big day today. We are more than halfway into the week and better get cracking on performances before Friday when the crowds return and the overall noise level will increase.

    Nik woke up first. We had a LOT of sleep yesterday and for once felt well rested and energized for the gaming day ahead. We came into Funspot at 10:40am. Martin had not arrived yet but would later in the day so we walked to Funspot today having no car to drive.

    When we arrived, Gary and Bob were working on the expansion area for the new classic arcade gaming workshop. Darren started off with a bang on "Indiana Jones" with 501K and 12 lives in reserve as I passed by. Nik Meeks cranked out a 4,130 on "Depth Charge", and Tom Votava started his game of "Mario Brothers".

    Darren ended up with a score of 1,408,420 and was still on fire from his previous days' efforts.

    Martin showed up, as did Greg Bond ("Mappy" champion) for the first time in quite awhile. The Crams arrived as did David Nelson and Donald Hayes, the Ahlers brothers and Jennifer Moore.

    As usual, everyone is playing what they like best. Darren is still at "Indy" plugging away trying to improve his marks, Tom Votava was still at "Mario Brothers", Martin gave "Smash TV" another go, Donald Hayes tried "Joust" at TGTS, Nik Meeks was on "Depth Charge", and Greg Bond went over to "Make Trax".

    The first good score today after Darren's was reported. Nik Meeks hit 4,490 on "Depth Charge" sinking 61 subs. Tom Votava then ended his "Mario Brothers" game with 2.085M, and went to "Hit the Bear" where he did a 3,500.

    David Nelson cranked out 1,000,100 on "Ghosts 'n' Goblins" and said that he would start a TG referee-only discussion on this title.

    Darren Harris called me over...he cracked the 1.7M mark on "Indy" on the hard path with 7 lives, breaking the unverified/rumoured record from years back.

    Late night we went to Laconia House of Pizza for awhile and then returned to Funspot until closing time. We tried some cabin gaming with the XBox on pinball titles and some "Crazy Taxi 3" but were too tired to do any serious gaming so called it a night.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Ghosts 'n Goblins - 1,000,100 by David Nelson
    Depth Charge - 4,490 by Nik Meeks
    Pinbot (pin) - 2,844,240 by Nik Meeks
    Smash TV (single, 1 credit) - 14,133,860 by Martin Bedard
    Donkey Kong - 446,900 by Brian Kuh
    Superman (pin) - 157,150 by Robert T Mruczek
    Hit the Bear - 2,680 by Robert T Mruczek
    Hit the Bear - 3,500 by Tom Votava
    Mario Brothers - 2.085M by Tom Votava (not sure of precise score)
    Pinbot (pin) - 1,633,770 by Robert T Mruczek
    Pinbot (pin) - 457,220 by Brian Kuh
    Canyon Bomber - 905 by Nik Meeks
    Donkey Kong - 113,900 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    California Speed (Silicon Valley/Normal) - 2:13.60 by Nik Meeks
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 1,774,170 by Darren Harris

    cabin gaming results are as follows...

    Gottlieb Pinball Hall of Fame (XBox)
    Central Park - 1,026 by Martin Bedard
    Central Park - 453 by Brian Kuh
    Big Shot - 52,360 by Martin Bedard
    Big Shot - 71,610 by Brian Kuh
    Aces High - 3,720,000 by Martin Bedard
    Aces High - 5,910,000 by Brian Kuh

    Pure Pinball (XBox)
    Hyper SPace - 22,082,000 by Martin Bedard

    Crazy Taxi 3 (XBox)
    Crazy Jump - 953.58 by Martin Bedard
    Crazy Jump - 724.15 by Nik Meeks
    Crazy Tornado - 24.00 by Martin Bedard
    Crazy Rise - 24.58 by Martin Bedard


    Wow. I can't believe the formal week is at an end. Just 1-1/2 full days left of gaming and then I'm gone until next May/June's competition. So, I personally resolved to try extra hard today on my own gaming efforts.

    We were up early after a good night's rest but rather than go straight to Funspot we got caught up watching the beginning of the remake of "Ocean's Eleven".

    Darren went right to work on "Indy" and quickly reached the 1.6M range, crossing the bridge in that game with 13 lives in reserve. Clearly better games were yet to come.

    Tom Votava's attempt at "Mario Brothers fizzled at the 3.19M mark, maybe 300K or so shy of the long-time record of 3.5M held by Perry Rodgers for more than 20 years. Tom vowed to try again.

    Jason arrived as did Chris McClard and Chris' brother. Anna Cram came followed by Christian Cram and her son David Dmers. Eric Ahlers arrived as well.

    Darren Harris then hit the big time. Playing "Indy" on the hard path with 7 lives he hits 1.984M points, shattering the known world record. He takes a break with me to have breakfast at the "Braggin' Dragon" and we discuss his near-2M score.

    When we return, Martin Bedard arrived. I started a game of "Super Cobra" and then Darren went back to the cabin to grab some lunch. As luck would have it, even though Darren watched nearly every one of my game attempts this week thru conclusion, this was the first that he did not and ironically was the one where I cleared level 3 for the first time ever, hitting 233,300 points and reaching Level 3 Stage 7, a new personal best and 2nd in the world behind Donald Hayes. Darren was a bit disappointed that he missed that one.

    Tom Votava's second attempt ended at approx 2.1M. David Dmers worked hard at "Hit the Bear" scoring 3,040 and then 4,020.

    Darren Harris then came close to his recent "Indy" record with 1.981M, just 3K shy of his world record set earlier this day. He had 2M written all over this one, it was just a matter of time. Amazingly, Darren set ANOTHER score of 1.9M, this one even higher !! By the time he was done today you would need more than 1.4M JUST to get on today's high score board.

    Martin Bedard was at approx 12M and 7 men in reserve when I was watching Darren play "Indy", and later finished out with a single credit, single player world record of 19 million !!

    We return to the cabin after Funspot closed and watched the "South Park" episode in which Cartman thinks he died. Afterwards we watch a bit of "Firefox" in was either that or "Collateral Damage" starring Ah-Nold.

    Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers came over to set some records on his PSP while Martin, Nik and I were revisiting the original "Crazy Taxi" for the Sega DC. I think Nik Meeks is now hooked on "Ceazy Jump". I showed him why I estimate watching between 10,000-20,000 "Crazy Jump" attempts from the year 2001 summer competition on CT1 (aborted attempts included) he knows where I got that estimate from...I must have watched another 100-150 attempts tonight alone !!

    By the way, Mark's personal best (below) on "Galaga Arrangement" represents the first time he finished this title on a single credit.

    I needed to get some rest because Fred ("Carnival") Pastore was scheduled to arrive tomorrow at approx 9:30am for breakfast.

    Scores established today are as follows...

    Super Cobra - 233,300 by Robert T Mruczek
    Hit the Bear - 4,020 by David Dmers
    Mario Brothers - 3,191,620 by Tom Votava
    Grand Slam (pin) - 61,070 by Nik Meeks
    Super Breakout (progressive) - 1,056 by David Dmers
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 1,986,620 by Darren Harris
    Gorgar (pin) - 303,440 by Shawn Cram
    Video Pinball (Atari) - 850,920 by Randy Lawton
    Smash TV (single, 1 credit) - 2,378,720 by Robert T Mruczek
    Close Encounters (pin) - 206,220 by Robert T Mruczek
    Clowns - 12,760 by Nik Meeks
    Gorf (3 lives) - 74,170 by Eric Ahlers
    Smash TV (single, 1 credit) - 19,777,280 by Martin Bedard
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 3 lives) - 1,477,640 by Darren Harris
    Joker Poker (pin) - 694,270 by Shawn Cram

    By the way, Shawn was very lucky...within 20 seconds of finishing his game the lights went out !!

    cabin gaming results are as follows...

    Crazy Taxi (Sega DC)
    Crazy Jump (1-1) - 334.26 by Brian Kuh
    Crazy Jump (1-1) - 367.14 by Nik Meeks

    Taito Legends Power Up (Sony PSP)
    Balloon Bomber (normal, 3 lives to start) - 6,750 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers

    Namco Museum Battle COllection (Sony PSP)
    Galaga Arrangement (normal, 3 lives to start, bonus at 30K/60K/every 30K) - 510,600 by Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers


    I was up early getting ready for Fred to arrive. He actually came a few minutes earlier than expected but that was okay. The rest of the group was either sleeping or just waking up.

    Fred and I had breakfast at a place called "George's" in Meredith along with Gary Vincent. Gary and Fred filled me in on the forum happenings over the past few days. Without going into details, it seems that ever time I am away on vacation, especially back when I was a TG staffer, certain topics always came up on the forums all of a sudden. This vacation was no exception.

    Anyway, breakfast ended and we headed back to SUn Valley and then to Funspot. Today was expected to be a special day with a lot of gamers showing up for the traditional evening dinner at "Patrick's".

    Some friends from Brooklyn's Barcade arrived including Ben who recently hit the kill screen on "Donkey Kong" on a machine with the high score retention chip. He immediately tried another title he excels at, "Frogger", and reached 98,150 points. He and his group marvelled at the titles in the Funspot collection. Gary Vincent told us that this is what makes it all worthwhile for him as president of the American Classic Arcade Gaming Museum, when new patrons see the collection for the first time and the look on their face when they round the bend from the main entrance and see all the titles. It's like a cathedral of gaming, in my opinion.

    With just a few hours until the evening dinner at "Patrick's" there was a crunch to score big and score many that I have less to write about prior to the dinner at "Patrick's" than I had expected. However, one item of interest does come to mind.

    Darren and I returned to the cabin for lunch and while there turned on the TV and saw something called "America's Most Smartest Model". I swear my IQ must have dropped 10 points after watching that show which makes the Paris and Nicole reality show look intelligent in comparison.

    Afterwards we returned to Funspot and I took the time to sit in the golf center's cafe area to updare my journal when Gary Vincent came by to wish me well on my return trip and to thank me for showing up again. That was nice of him. We recounted how more and more these competitions are turning into opportunities to talk and play catch-up with your friends from the previous competitions, or just to meet certain gamers for the very first time.

    Fred and I began the NY versus Boston V "Gorgar" world championship, one of the little traditions for the Funspot event. For this fifth event, I took a 2-0 lead but almost as if to mirror major league baseball and our respective teams from a few seasons back, Fred came back with a sweep and took it 4-2. And the sad part...the highest score of any leg of this competition was just 126K.

    At 5:00pm, Darren had a break-out game and hit 1,874,150 on "Indy" on three (3) life settings for a massive new world record. His 3-man and 7-man marks were virtually identical at 1.8M vs 1.9M now. Awesome !!

    At around 7:40pm, just a few minutes before we would leave as a large group for "Patrick's", Darren cranked out a massive score of 2,088,720 on "Indy" (H7 settings) and became the first person in history to crack the 2M mark. He had approx 792K after the rope bridge and only lost a single life up to that point. Way to go, Darren !! After taking pics of this momentous occassion we left for the restaurant/pub.

    This was a large crowd indeed. We all sat at the same table, too, which made it extra special. Attendees were, in no particular order...

    Darren Harris
    Martin Bedard
    Nik Meeks
    Brian Kuh
    Richard Marsh
    Fred Pastore
    Michael Sao Pedro
    Chris Donahue
    Anna Cram
    Jason Cram
    Shawn Cram
    Christian Cram
    David Dmers
    Jennifer Moore
    Tom Votava
    Donald Hayes
    David Nelson
    Mark ("Scootie") Ahlers
    Eric Ahlers
    Chris McClard
    Four (4) attendees from Brooklyn's "Barcade" including Ben ("Donkey Kong") and Vic ("Berzerk") plus their ladyfriends

    I cannot remember if Chris McClard's brother joined us at "Patrick's" (my memory is not what it used to be). After a good meal we took care of the tab and left for a few short but hopefully productive hours at Funspot before the closing, which traditionally would signal the end of the gaming portion of my vacation.

    Wow...that was approx 25 gamers attending this dinner...could have been more but some gamers who showed during the week (Nick Ortakales, Greg Bond, Pat Laffaye and Chris Burnell, Rick Carter, Les and Justin Martin) could not attend, plus others tried to come and were unable to do so for the entire week (Ryan Sullivan, John Zabel, Kelly Flewin, Todd Rogers, Adam Wood). All in all, about 32 gamers attended at some point during this 9-day stretch...a nice turnout indeed !!

    David Dmers took his "Hit the Bear" score to 4,220 while Tom Votava hit 1,208 on "Canyon Bomber" followed later by David Nelson's 1,399. Note that David left ONE (1) single item to hit...had he done so he would have entered the fouth and final stage, and potentially several hundred points higher. Next time, David !! Also, Nik Meeks had me log several new "California Speed" records downstairs.

    For awhile, I thought that this vacation would end just as it did last year with David Nelson setting the last record of the non-event, when Darren comes by with a big smile on his face and requests that I come to the "Indy" machine. He hit a score of 2,130,320 on H7 settings. I asked him if he was happy and he said "NOW I'm happy !!". He is now the undisputed king of this title. I am very much hoping that he gains the recognition that he deserves for his stellar achievements on this title. After all, he was the reason I donated this title in the first place. I knew he was a great player and always wondered what a score of over 1M would resemble. So now I know, and as a result of watching his gameplay and learning some new tactics myself, I raised my own 3-life score to 1.098M and joined the 1M club on this title !!

    A small flurry of scores came in afterwards which I will list below. And then, power out on the outer bank of games, and eventually the inner bank. The gaming part of my vacation officially came to an end.

    We stayed awhile and chatted before going our separate ways, most back to their homes, some to our respective hotel/cottage room. I said that I would be back at Funspot tomorrow morning briefly from approx 10:30-11:15am awaiting Brian Kuh who would drive Darren and I back to New York.

    Now, it was time to deal with the big cleanup in the cabin. Jennifer Moore came to take back the TV until next June. Shawn came with Christian and David so as to collect his XBox and to take my excess cold cuts for Anna Cram's dog to enjoy...they have been in the fridge for several days now and were probably not tasting their best but Anna said her dog would not care. Brian Kuh took some excess water containers and then, except for breakfast supplies, the rest we chucked.

    Even though Nik needed to be ready for 7:00am or so for his return trip to the airport with Tom and Jennifer, we still found the time to watch a little bit of the original "Austin Powers" movie followed by most of the classic shocker "Halloween" from 1978 by John Carpenter which, amazingly, was not shredded except for the naughty bits scene near the end. This is truly a great film and was well worth losing some sleep over to see one more time, and which brought up a recent posting I made in the general section of movies that I have seen 25 or more times.

    To save time since a few scores were set Sunday I will list the last of the scores collected for Saturday and Sunday in the Sunday section below.


    Jenniferarrived on time to pick up Nik Meeks.

    After that, Darren, Martin and I needed to check out by 10:00am. I decided to stay awake and do the major cleaning before getting ready for the trip back. Darren awoke next followed by Martin.

    I cleaned up the last of the trash, left a gratuity for the Doyle family who run Sun Valley, and then checked out. Afterwards we loaded up our belongings into Martin's car and then drove back to Funspot for a few extra performances before Brian arrived. Jason and Anna came to say goodbye. Richard Marsh was already there practicing on "Centipede".

    Brian arrived and we then said out mutual goodbyes and headed back to New York. Martin stayed for awhile as he was only driving back himself since Kelly could not attend this year.

    In my absence, two awesome scores were set and verified by the remaining attending TG referee, Christian Cram, one of which is a new world mark. One was a score of 5,785,680 on "Fire!" (pinball) by Anna Cram, and the other was a major new world record.

    Martin Bedard took the venerable 32 year old record on "Depth Charge" with a score of 4,770 points and at least 64 subs sunk (the exact number is unknown), thus passing the record held by Funspot co-founder John Lawton of 4,660 points set back when John was in his mid-40's, a record which still so high that to date only two other gamers have come close...Martin Bedard and Fred Pastore. Please do check out the special comment on John's record in the closing remarks section of this article/recap.

    The drive home was uneventful. We arrived at Darren's home and then headed to where I am, arriving maybe 30-45 minutes thereafter. Brian left for New Hampshire and then my vacation officially came to an end. Now it was time to start the recap of my trip for the TG site, but by now it was so late that I was just too tired to type it out. In truth I was so exhausted from arriving much later than my usual return time of 3:00pm when I take a plane that I pretty much headed to sleep after checking my E-MAILs and the forums. I was still sick from the vacation having never fully recovered and called out the next day at work, in fact. I slept most of Monday and awoke only to eat and start typing this recap. Still feeling the effects of that cold I seemingly cannot shake...maybe I caught that "superbug" that I've been reading about in the papers ?

    Anyway, here are the scores collected on the last two (2) days of the tournament in no particular order...

    California Speed (Lagulan Seca, mirror, race) - 1:49.85 by Nik Meeks
    California Speed (Lagulan Seca, mirror, lap) - TBD by Nik Meeks
    -> Attempt 1 was 40.30/35.50/?/1:51.98
    -> Attempt 2 was 39.23/36.11/?/1:50.97
    -> Attempt 3 was 38.31/35.63/?/1:49.85
    California Speed (Santa Cruz, normal) - 2:24.13 by Nik Meeks
    California Speed (Central Valley) - 2:09.33 by Nik Meeks
    California Speed (Los Angeles) - 1:57.38 by Nik Meeks
    California Speed (Santa Cruz, mirror) - 2:26.86 by Nik Meeks
    Canyon Bomber - 1,208 by Tom Votava
    Canyon Bomber - 1,399 by David Nelson
    Donkey Kong - 412,100 by Ben from Barcade (TG Username "CygnusX1")
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 3 lives) - 1,874,150 by Darren Harris
    Indiana Jones (Hard path, 7 lives) - 2,130,320 by Darren Harris
    Hit the Bear - 4,220 by David Dmers
    Depth Charge - 4,770 by Martin Bedard
    Fire ! (pin) - 5,785,680 by Anna Cram
    Pinbot - 4,078,120 by Chris Donahue
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 18,070 by David Nelson
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 19,660 by Donald Hayes
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 13,160 by Jason Cram
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 19,090 by Eric Ahlers
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 17,840 by Michael Sao Pedro
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 18,910 by Robert T Mruczek
    Gorf (5 min challenge) - 5,640 by Chris Donahue
    Super Breakout (Cavity) - 2,081 by Michael Sao Pedro
    Super Smash TV (team, 1 credit) - 13,576,030 with breakdown of...
    Martin Bedard - 6,126,350
    Robert T Mruczek - 7,449,680
    Wonderboy - 1,215,010 by Chris McClard
    High Speed (pin) - 7,641,840 by Michael Sao Pedro
    High Speed (pin) - 458,270 by Chris Donahue
    Super Breakout (progressive) - 1,336 by David Dmers
    Donkey Kong - 541,300 by Brian Kuh
    Destroyer - 3,475 by Shawn Cram
    Double Dragon - 95,490 by David Nelson

    And that's all she wrote !! Now for some closing thoughts and thanks.



    In no particular order, there are a few people who deserve some special thanks this year...

    The Lawton Family, Gary Vincent, Tina Gebhard and the Funspot staff - although this is simply a vacation for me, I am always treated in a cordial, friendly manner and it always feels as though this is a kind of home away from home. Everyone always made the time to say hello and to chat when time permitted. Definitely more of a feel-at-home environment than, say, Great Adventure or even DisneyWorld !!

    The Doyle Family - the proprietors of Sun Valley are the nicest people. When they found out that I had arrived at 9:20am on Saturday, they must have talked it over because the very next morning when I left the cottage for Funspot, I saw David Doyle outside chopping wood and he said that the first night, which I never arrived in time for, was going to be free as a show of aprpeciation from the family. Talk about generosity !! I've already made plans to be there again for FSX when the time comes.

    Jennifer Moore - she always goes all-out for us every year whether at the annual June event or during my vacation. Jenn nicely stores my cabin TV annually, picks up arriving gamers at airports, investigates cabin prices for those interested, and even offers to help out with special errands such as shopping and mailing when her schedule permits. She's a gem and deserves thanks from all of us.

    The Cram Family - between hosting a day at the Cram arcade to just showing up everyday and keeping visting gamers like myself company, the "First Family of Gaming" always is there for me, so my thanks to Shawn, Jason, Anna, Christian and David for making this another special vacation.

    Brian Kuh - Brian drove Darren Harris and I both to and from New Hampshire, dropped by for evening entertainment whether to watch a movie of play some video games, and brought over some water and Dr Pepper as needed. Thanks, Brian !!

    Fred Pastore - "Carnival Fred" arrived on Saturday for our traditional breakfast, this time along with Gary Vincent which made for a pleasant surprise, plus he also was there in full force for our bi-annual "NY versus Boston Gorgar Championship of the World - Part V" and probably inspired by his own home team he battled back this year from an immediate deficit. And since Fred is modest, all I'll say is that the traditional dinner at "Patrick's" would not have been the same without Fred this year. So thanks again, Fred !!

    Martin Bedard, Darren Harris and Nik Meeks - my cabin buddies this vacation. Ever since my first stay at Sun Vallet for the Nov/03 trip, I've been fortunate enough to have one or more gamers keeping me company during the week, sometimes for the entire time, sometimes just crashing for the night due to a long ride back home. Either way, it really helps the time pass in an enjoyable fashion...the Nov/03 trip was largely spent watching TV at night with not much on except the Michael Jackson arrest on almost every channel. In comparison, Martin brings over his PC and we watch "South Park". Guess which I prefer ? So thanks, guys, for making this vacation memorable.

    And to everyone else who showed up during the week, I cannot help but be thankful that you made time out of your busy schedules to come and say hi and share some classic gaming fun. Wow...30 or so gamers this time. Truly incredible. And none of this would have been the same without you, so thanks, one and all !!



    -> Now that the venerable 32-year old "Depth Charge" world record has changed hands, it is important to note, I believe, that John Lawton's undisputed reign on this title is the longest such reign in Twin Galaxies history as far as classic arcade video games are concerned. And while I am no longer a TG staffer, the next-closest reign that I can easily recall is that of Todd Rogers on "Gorf" which has remained in Todd's possession for these past 25 years. So I believe that a special recognition must be made in the name of John Lawton who held the longest reigning classic arcade world record in TG history. Only time will tell if Martin's new record will last until the year 2039 !!

    -> "Indiana Jones" scores over one million show up fine in the high score table but not on the splash screen. As with several titles such as "Tapper" and "DKJr" in which the level indicator is replaced with a character, the same happens for the 1M and 100K digits in "Indy". Here is the progression....

    1,000,000 thru 1,099,950 - scores preceded by a colon symbol ":"
    1,100,000 thru 1,199,950 - "" by a left-pointing arrow "<-"
    1,200,000 thru 1,299,950 - "" by a left-pointing carrot "<"
    1,300,000 thru 1,399,950 - "" by an equal-sign "="
    1,400,000 thru 1,499,950 - "" by a right-pointing carrot ">"
    1,500,000 thru 1,599,950 - "" by a question mark "?"
    1,600,000 thru 1,699,950 - "" by a copyright symbol ("C" encl in circle)
    1,700,000 thru 1,799,950 - "" by the letter "A"
    1.8M range by letter "B"
    1.9M range by letter "C"
    2.0M range by letter "D"
    2.1M range by letter "E"

    If anyone has any insight into this particular progression please advise as Darren and I would like to know. Thansk.

    -> Gary Vincent provided some insight into the plans to expand the classic arcade museum during the off-peak periods when the golf simulators make the least revenue. This should provide room for potentially 30-35 uprights and 4-7 rare cocktails to be brought out in time for the next competition, FSX (Funspot 10). I know what the plans are and they make sound business sense once all the constraints and logistical concerns are explained. Rather than divulge all now, suffice it to say that we will have a lot of surprises for FSX when the time comes !!

    -> Next year I think I will bring up a few DVDs to watch as the choice of movies available at late night leaves much to be desired.

    Well that's it for my recap. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and forgive me for all the typoes (Dan Quayle would be proud of me) but I have little time to proofread as I have to wake up early for work tomorrow. Here's looking towards next June and Funspot TEN !!

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    Here's a pic from the traditional last-evening dinner at "Patrick's"...geez, so many faces that I haven't seen for quite a few years !!

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