Dispute: Marc Cohen - Atari 2600 / VCS - Challenge of Nexar - NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B - Player: David B Yancey - Score: 999,995

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Is this a valid dispute?

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    This poll is closed
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  1. 11-30-2017, 09:55 AM
    I wasn’t singling you out @Snowflake but I agree with @The Evener about imagining speaking with someone face-to-face. Once a score is disputed it is possible that the score was the result of lying or cheating, but there are many other possibilities. Calling someone a liar or cheater in the very thread which has the chance of establishing this, is unhelpful, and sometimes it is obvious that someone has posted in haste and in anger. In a court case, let’s say for theft, no one needs to shout out ‘Thief’ every five minutes. In fact anyone who did would eventually be removed. The accusation has already been formally made and is being discussed. That is how things should be here.

    I do not understand why some are happy to publish themselves on the Interweb in haste and anger. There should never be a rush to pour one’s current state of emotion into a thread, without giving it some consideration. I have said before that perhaps I have an advantage, having spent so much time working on books. In that arena you type what you want to say but then have many months to change or delete it, knowing that, once it’s published, you can no longer fix mistakes!

    As for recommending choices of words, I would start by not referring to other members just by their surname as it can come across as rude. We want to encourage people to come back and discuss old scores which are disputed but remember these people so far have done so voluntarily and have not been treated with the courtesy and respect some younger members expect for themselves.

    As for stripping all of someone’s scores, we have done this once already. This does not open any floodgates, even if people are baying for blood. We have the right to remove all of any person’s scores if found cheating. Having a score removed due to a dispute does not automatically mean the person cheated.
  2. 12-09-2017, 07:59 AM
    While we may never know all of the details about this score, it is clearly impossible and the score holder is happy for us to remove it. It is now deleted. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this dispute.
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