Intellivision Flashback - Bomb Squad - Level 1-1 - 28:02.0 - AL Birman

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  1. Intellivision Flashback - Bomb Squad - Level 1-1 - 28:02.0 - AL Birman

    11-24-2017, 12:39 PM
    Vzaar Video Url:

    Level 1-1
    Score Track
    Select ONE digit and Skill Level ONE. Disarm the bomb. Your time remaining on the clock after you disarm the bomb is your score.

    You must complete a minimum of three successful circuit repairs on each digit before guessing the code number for each digit.
    Submission Message
    Here is my submission for: Intellivision Flashback BOMB SQUAD

    Level 1-1

    I disarmed the Bomb with a World Record of 28:02 left on the clock.

    One attempt on the tape.

    Hardware shown after the match.

    Enjoy !!!

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  2. 11-24-2017, 12:40 PM
    Name:  Z BOMB SQUAD FLASH LEVEL 1.1 28.02.PNG
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    This time will be really tough to beat !!

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  3. 12-19-2017, 12:23 PM
    HotDog! That was fast and efficient:) Accepted
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  4. 12-19-2017, 01:49 PM
    Surprised this one is still up myself, lol, it only takes about two and a half minutes to get through!!!

    Only a wild hair thing, I'm not committed to the attempt, but it would be nice to break 2 minutes someday, seems pretty darned next-to impossible.

    Al, if I was asked the question again, "what is your favorite Intellivision game", it would likely be this that pops out(you could tell, my subconscious actually answered that question, I just had to let my mind go!).

    Many thanks again for introducing me to it, truly one of the best games ever I think.
  5. 12-19-2017, 03:44 PM
    No idea what's going on here... anyone care to offer a little explanation? It looks impressive.
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  6. 12-19-2017, 04:10 PM
    The "grid" is actually a "code number"(pic to follow), you enter a square of your choice to either light it up or darken it-hence, it's clue towards the code number.

    So, you are working the grid to eliminate options and decide what number the grid is indicating(again, pic at bottom).

    Inside the individual squares, you are either cutting out or replacing parts to disarm the bomb-you will get two or three parts, is random.

    The game tells you and flashes what order to work the parts-you press a button for cutters(you have a button to speed up its movement, as well), you cut the sides of the part(accurately), then have another button for the pliers, used to remove the part, which has to be dumped on the side or top.

    To cut out a part, you replace it with a solder, you grab it from the top and put it in place, then you have another(!)button for the soldering iron, which you solder both sides of the part in place.

    Replacing a part is more tricky-it will be either the same color, or the same shape-once you determine inside a square if you are working with shape or color, they will all follow that lead, and doing the part replacement is the same as putting in a solder.

    After you replace/cut out the proper parts, you return to the grid, analyze what numbers to eliminate, then pick another square to work, until you are certain of the code.

    Its an awesome game, again, I only know/understand the lowers skill level, Al is the Master, but this is one to buy a flashback for, even, really.

    Name:  Bombsquad.jpg
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    I've said before, I have NO idea what disarming a real bomb would feel like, but if its more stressful than this game, I'd blow myself up everytime.

    Hope is OK, Al, for me to jump in, and correct/add please if I missed anything!
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