What it Means (to me) to be a "Legend" in Gaming

  1. What it Means (to me) to be a "Legend" in Gaming

    11-25-2017, 04:53 PM
    Very few TRUE "legends" exist in classic arcade/console gaming both in terms of people and actions/performances. While a performance should stand so far apart from the rest that it is in an elite echelon all unto itself, for a person to be considered a "legend" both their credentials must be stellar AND they should no longer be on the mortal coil, in my opinion.

    The only true "legendary" gamer that I can think of is Joey "Jelly" Cartagena, a name that I seriously doubt anyone in today's gaming community would be aware of. He was the undisputed king of the entire pinball genre back in the 1980's.

    As for "legends" associated with gaming based on their non-scoring credentials, I feel that to qualify for this accolade you need to have accomplished the equivalent of what Eugene Jarvis, Nolan Bushnell or the like had accomplished. And I hate to be a cold grouch about it, but while a record holder falling off a roof to save a cat is noble, this is just a matter of gaming lore and it does not make the gamer a "legend". Hate me for saying it if you will, but that's the way that I feel.

    As for performances, this is the most subjective of all as there are so many to choose from and we each have a few that we feel are above and beyond the rest. Normally there are a few well known records that I would cite, but with each of them under recent fire, I'll just name a few that are standout, and one is not even a recognized record...

    1st - I personally watched a gamer back in my high school days who was at the 4.5 million mark in arcade "Omega Race" on either their 1st or 2nd ship. To this day, no gamer has come even remotely close to that level of total mastery.

    2nd - Check the TG database for this one...in conjunction with the ADeca of 2004, Martin Bedard reached 1.9M on MAME "BalCube"...on his 1st life. He also did 2.5M on his 1st life on "Timber".

    3rd - Greg Erway achieved 3.1M on "Tapper" on TGTS at ACAM back in 2005, but what is not reflected in the TG database is that within this performance he reached 1.9M on his 1st life

    4th - Donald Hayes, playing 3-minute "Centipede", looped the centipede and reached four more screens in before his game ended

    5th - I can't remember whether this was Don Hayes or David Cruz, but one of them, as part of their current arcade "Tron" personal best, played the game for a VERY long time on their 1st life...I can't remember exactly but it was either over 12 hours, 16 hours or close to 20 hours on their 1st life.

    At least one or two of these are definitely stellar...all depends on your PoV.
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  2. 11-25-2017, 05:37 PM
    Everything on this all depending on the game the player and if they can prove it. I know am a legend nobody needs to even see it or tell me, the amount of collective accomplishments I have done are insane. I have even challenged the world to come at me and lost very few scores and have regained over 90% of losses. I'm done now
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  3. 11-25-2017, 06:38 PM
    Thanks for the perspective, Rudy.

    I think it is fair to say that opinions will vary widely on this one. To be sure, in terms of quantity alone, there are likely far less candidates for person as there are for performances...I think that's a fair assessment based on the simple fact that the number of scores in the TG database dwarfs the number of gamers with registered scores.

    At the most basic level, do you therefore feel that it is not absolutely essential that the gamer is no longer among the living ? Likely yes from your reply. I'm curious whether others have similar caveats as I do or not, to that end.

    Credentials, while subjective, is I think far easier to judge. We all know what is a great score by itself, and in totality what makes for a great gamer or for an even greater gamer.

    As for legends in the gaming industry, that is likely the easiest of all to determine as there are some names, like Jarvis, that are simply too integral to and noted by their peers for the development and progression of the hobby itself not to be recognized.
  4. 11-25-2017, 06:51 PM
    In my opinion I think it don't matter alive or dead what matters is what you did and if it was legit. Short response because ur legacy is based off what you actually accomplished, not so much what you did wrong or right unless it's I'll doings!!!!! In truth the best sometimes have great numbers but never win a title.
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  5. 11-25-2017, 07:53 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by RTM

    What it Means (to me) to be a "Legend" in Gaming

    Hi Rob. To me it means someone that doesn't have to self promote in every post they make! See here......

    Quote Originally Posted by Rudy
    I know am a legend
    But anyway, Fred Pastore comes to my mind as having more than one legendary score.

    Robert Griffins "undisputed champions" thread covers this topic pretty well.



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  6. 11-25-2017, 07:58 PM
    Good one, John :)

    Thanks for the link...I forgot that thread, it makes for a good read.
  7. 11-25-2017, 09:19 PM
    I can self promote because I got it like that!!!! Don't u wish u could be me Mr Lexi
  8. 11-25-2017, 10:09 PM
    On a related note...

    1st - a blast from the past, the ficticious (?) "Ace Ebb" from the original Nintendo Power Magazine, "legend" or not ? I think the story is OF legend, but the jury is out on whether this person actually existed...I am guessing not - http://tnca.myrmid.com/scene/aceebb.html

    2nd - also OF legend...Jeffrey Yee and his 5M claim on "Pacman" - http://videogamelies.wikia.com/wiki/Pac_Man
  9. 11-25-2017, 10:10 PM
    Triforce calls them "Elder Gods"
  10. 11-25-2017, 10:14 PM
    John McAllister is a true legend. The Billy Mitchell's, Todd Rogers, and whoever else you'd like to include don't tread water next to him, and yet no one knows who he is.
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