Thanks for that welcome news !

Is it feasible that in the future a person would be able to update their contact details ? (I understand they may need to Verify again)

If someone moves address the personal details page will be inaccurate.

Thanks again for taking the time to assist.

Apologies if I've tilted the Apple cart in anyway. ;)

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Yes I agree with what you are saying.

However, Twin Galaxies is not a place designed for anonymous activity.

If people want to have a free chance to win an H1Z1 skin code that can sometimes be worth $1,000 or more - then they need to accept the terms and conditions that might be required to get it. The expectation of wanting everything to be free and anonymous is always a difficult challenge in the gaming community to deal with.

As such, if people are not interested in meeting necessary criteria when they win their code, then they will not be able to receive one - this is ok, because it will limit the skin code distribution and create more rarity of the item in the market, which will drive the price and value up. This scarcity will have the effect of creating more value for the people who do actually have the code.

With that being said, we have went ahead and removed full name visibility directly from TG profiles to help accommodate the anonymity request for the new and ever-growing TG membership who may be here for other aspects of Twin Galaxies Service and are not here to submit video game performances only.

Please note that real full name MUST be maintained by members for continued VERIFIED status regardless of whether or not member's names are publicly displayed on user profile pages.

All performance submissions to Twin Galaxies for the purposes of validation/adjudication will still always carry the submitter's full name in plain view as part of the full public record.

Thank you.