Attaching INP files to MAME Submissions

  1. Attaching INP files to MAME Submissions

    01-03-2018, 01:35 PM
    Those of us submitting/reviewing INP files know that there is a fair amount of confusion as to where an INP file should be attached in the submission form. At one point we were able to drag the file into the comment section, though that no longer works when using the submission form.

    Currently, the only method I know that works consistently is to click the gray "Manage Attachments" button on the submission form. The software will then prompt you for your file and attach it as you would expect.

    @TWIN GALAXIES @admin staff is it possible to add some sort of text in the submission form that says something along the lines of "attach INP files here" to make this more obvious for submitters?

    A sample submission form follows:

    Name:  aainpzip.JPG
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