Arcade - Star Castle - Easy Chip - 10,001,110 - John McAllister

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  1. Arcade - Star Castle - Easy Chip - 10,001,110 - John McAllister

    01-12-2018, 10:48 AM





    Easy Chip
    Score Track
    Dip Switch [As Located on the Logic Board @ Position E-2]
    1-4 = OFF
    5-6 = OFF/UNUSED
    7 = ON
    Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title;
    3 Ships
    Special Rules: There are 2 known chip releases for this title. This is the Easier version.
    Submission Message
    This was done and accepted back in Nov of 2009
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  2. 01-12-2018, 11:21 AM
    start 11:30 am each segment was 2-2.5 hrs and this is the score, amount of ships left and the time of day.
    1 747420 189 1:38
    2 1491240 356 4:00
    3 2235000 533 6:22
    4 2976680 694 8:48
    5 3716780 851 11:11
    6 4458080 968 1:44
    7 5012830 a26 3:46
    8 5748040 c06 6:17
    9 6481960 c04 8:45
    10 7203810 a93 11:13
    11 7900210 a31 1:47
    12 8581620 984 4:17
    13 9301340 a25 6:45
    14 9904320 973 9:06
    15 a000000 970 9:30
    15 a001110 150 11:39
    16 game over 12:03

    1 347
    2 684
    3 1031
    4 1383
    5 1659
    6 1980
    7 2266
    8 2609
    9 2943
    10 3199
    11 3531
    12 3795
    13 4122
    14 4438
    15 4724
    15hrs 50 minutes 5 million
    16 5010
    17 5261
    18 5573
    19 5866
    20 6149
    21 6453
    22 6686
    23 7021
    24 7236
    25 7556
    26 7850
    27 8150
    28 8450
    29 8700
    30 9000
    31 9300
    32 9527
    33 9800
    33hrs 43 minutes 10 million

    per hour scoring rate
    1 347
    2 337
    3 347
    4 352
    5 276
    6 321
    7 286
    8 343
    9 334
    10 256
    11 332
    12 264
    13 327
    14 316
    15 286
    16 210
    17 251
    18 293
    19 283
    20 304
    21 233
    22 235
    23 215
    24 320
    25 294
    26 300
    27 300
    28 250
    29 300
    30 300
    31 227
    32 273
    33 200

    the first 5 million
    Thats around 5263 points per minute
    Somewhere around 2000 star castles destroyed
    125 per hour or a little over 2 per minute

    the last 5 million
    call it 18 hours to make math easier
    278k per hour 4633 points per minute much slower now
    111 castles per hour

    Had some good hours of 340k or so
    the worst hours were around 210k pretty bad
    during some of those low scoring hours mostly do to
    breaks and killing off ships

    I woke up Thursday morning around 9:00 am or so. Had
    to go to the store to get food and such. Ate breakfast,
    showered and started to set up things. The last board and
    rom set that I used as we know decided to crash on me at
    around 4.5 million some 16 hours into the event. Well I
    had a new romset burned and I was going to use another
    board that I have. Well the new romset wasnt working so
    I had to use the same romset as before but I did use the
    new board. I finally got everything ready to go and got
    started around 11:30 am, again a little later than I wanted
    to as last time I was on pace for 36-40 hours.

    Its amazing that inside of 10 minutes I felt some stiffness
    and tightness allready in the hands. Nothing to get
    worried about it would go away. I was scoring pretty good
    in the first few hours so things were going well. The
    stream and board held up the entire time which was great
    compared to last time. I tried to eat every 3 hours or so.
    I had a total of 6 sandwiches, can of soup, tv dinner type
    meal, 4 apples and bannanas, one 32 ounce gatorade, several
    glasses of water, and that was it for food and drink. At
    around 6 or 7 am I did have a 5 hour energy drink that got
    me through the morning, nothing else was needed for energy.

    The first few million was pretty easy on the body, no real
    complaints from it yet. I got to the half way point feeling
    rather quite good. Scoring rate is good, felt like I wasnt
    going to have much trouble. Thats when the body started to
    complain some. It started with my shoulders some and moved
    into my right hand. The fingers that were pushing the
    thrust and fire button started to hurt more and more. The
    speed at which I could fire was slowing and if I tried to
    fire faster it would just hurt. I did switch the fingers
    I was using to the middle and the one to the right of that.
    I lost some feeling in my index finger and had to switch.
    The rest of the body, butt, neck, legs and back were all
    holding up so that was great.

    Friday aftenoon as I was getting closer to the end the more
    I got worried about the pain in my right hand. The scoring
    rate was getting worse and it seemed like it was taking
    forever to score points and to kill the castle. A few phone
    calls throughout the day helped me get through it though,
    thanx guys. The control panel or buttons on occasion got
    weird. It took turns on not firing, thrusting, or turning
    at different times. It didnt seem like they were dirty, it
    seemed like the game wasnt reading them. It would go away
    after a few seconds though, I did stop and clean them at
    some point.

    Because of the first crash that happened I was almost always
    nervous about another reset or crash. Sometimes when the
    castle would be destroyed I would see something and start
    thinking that its going to crash. Or some weird thing
    with the graphics would show up a little different and get
    me worriying for the next few secods before another castle
    would appear.

    The final couple hours went by a lot faster, the excitement
    of the finish was in site and it was just a matter of time
    before it was all over. I started concentrating a little
    more so that I would score faster and the pain was a little
    bit less from the rush.

    I did get the ship count up to over 1140 or something. At
    1k it showed a00 for 1000. At 1100 it showed c00 instead
    of b00 like most would have thought. That got me nervous
    and I stopped trying to get as many ships as I could. If
    it would have gone to b00 I would have tried for f50 or so
    before letting them die off. The score was a fun event to
    find out if it went to the 10 million digit, rolled over
    to zero, or would it go to hex. Well final score was

    Asteroids is still in the works. If I can find a speedup
    hack like they used back then. Leo Daniels claims that he
    did 40 million in 36 hours. Yeah I'd love to score around
    1.1 million an hour with breaks too! Yeah right. A game
    that isnt sped up at all will yield around 600k an hour with
    short breaks.

    Thanx to all who talked and chatted with me throughout the
    event and I'm glad that you got to watch me. Hope you
    enjoyed that event and didnt fall asleep to often as it is
    a pretty boring game to watch.
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  3. 01-13-2018, 08:30 PM
    Nice score, John! Accepted!
    Jared Oswald
    World record holders on "Guitar Hero", "Rock Band" and Sonic games.
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