Dispute: Simon Leitch - Arcade - Pac-Man - Fastest Completion [Perfect Game] - Player: Billy Mitchell - Score: 05:30:00.0

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 04-12-2018, 02:45 PM
    Frogger has an in-game timer. It should always be permissible to take a break...
    I like to destroy games... especially the ones with Mario in them.
  2. 04-13-2018, 03:53 PM
    With ALL of Billy Mitchell being expunged from the TG database, this dispute is moot and mind as well be closed.
  3. 04-13-2018, 04:13 PM
    i would still like to see the tapes pulled up. yes all of billy's score were removed. a current argument though is billy's pacman is real, therefore that proves TG is unfair removing real scores.

    obviouslyt his logic is flawed, its a long established rule all scores get removed even if real. noone complained when other people got real scores removed but somehow billy mitchell should be above that law apparently. Regardless, since TG is facing some fallout -- just for doing the right thing-- it would help a little to shut down that argument. I mean yes, the score might be real, and then the argument rages forever, tg did the right thing, but you'll never convince some people. Prove the score is wrong, and well then, there's nothing left for the TG hating billy supporters to fall back on.

    Also just in the interest of historical accuracy, i'd like to know.
    Lode Runner champ, also, Roy was right
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  4. 04-13-2018, 10:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by andrewg View Post
    Since this dispute is moot now, I thought I would give my opinion. Billy is the first kill screen player of DK. He is good at video games. I believe he got a perfect pacman, and certainly had the skills to do it. This one isn't nearly as questionable except that it likely only became a category of 5+1 due to Billy. Regardless, its obvious to me that he achieved it. Did it take exactly 5 and a half hours? No. I'm pretty sure that was based off word of mouth. The score was achieved before this was a category and I remember the category being added and Billy's time just popping up.

    The highest score on a game should be the best settings by default... a little unrelated, but one can assume all the arcade scores prior to 2002 potentially used multple credits, mulitiple people, best settings, tools to aide performance, and the best settings to get a high score.
    The default maxed out settings for default should have been 3+1, which is related.
    The reason be is that the first base configuration for maxed out play should be default settings
    and so also then "perfect pacman" games. This mean that a perfect pacman using 5+1 settings
    are actually below and another category than perfect pacman 3+1.

    To identify who has really achieved the first perfect pacman should have be listed those who
    has reached perfect pacman score for 3+1 first.
    streaming mspacman normal and turbo speed at:

    Francois du Toit
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