PAL - Quick Arcade - Class B - Deep Forest [Fastest Lap]
Score Track
RulesSingle player only. No garage cars allowed. Lap time may come from either Single Race or Time Attack modes.Wall Riding is prohibited. Wall Riding is the act of using a wall to manoeuvre around a corner instead of attempting the corner normally.
Submission Message

Clipped video for ease of viewing.
Full video showing boot up sequence is either zipped in comments if it's small enough, or via a Youtube link. This is the only way I can upload.
First batch of tries in ages. Don't even know what car to use.
Low inaugural score to generate competition. (And because I need practice ! ;) )
Thanks for adjudicating. Youtube video to follow.... I only have 0.03mb upload speed today, with BT Infinity, in the centre of London, in 2017.