NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Super Mario Bros. - EMU - Points [TGTS] - 310,850 - Jared Oswald

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  1. NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Super Mario Bros. - EMU - Points [TGTS] - 310,850 - Jared Oswald

    03-12-2018, 10:59 PM

    EMU - Points [TGTS]
    TGTS Settings [3 Lives to Start, 5 Lives Maximum]Special Rules: Your scoring attempts ends when either you die for a 5th time, or you manage to Defeat Bowser and Save the Princess at the end of 8-4, thus beating the game. The Turtle Stair Hop trick is banned and use of it will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification of your score, accidental or not. [This also would include the use of a single enemy to get increasingly larger amounts of points by repeatedly jumping on it, including Pipe or Block ricocheting. In this instance you may jump on it, send it flying and jump on it once more and ONLY once more and then you may send it flying, leave it be or destroy it. Any further attempts on the single enemy in question will disqualify your scoring attempt.] Use of the Wall-Jump tactic is NOT allowed! You MUST access the Underwater area of 8-4 by using the pipe across the lava pit. Doubling back and using the pipe before the pit to do so will equal Disqualification. Use of ANY Pipe to go somewhere different then the programmers intended is BANNED! Jumping through a solid object to access an area faster then the programmers intended is NOT allowed! [This falls under a variation of the Wall-Jumping trick] Warping IS permitted! [The Turtle Stair Hop trick is where a Koopa Troopa comes down a set of stairs and you leap onto it at the correct time so that when you hit it, the shell hits the stairs and as it comes back to you, you manage to fall on to the shell again, causing it to bounce back... and so on. When implemented, this allows you to leech points and gain insane amounts of extra lives.][Wall-Jumping is defined as jumping against a wall [or pipe] in such a manner that a pixel or two of Mario is stuck in the wall [or Pipe] and is able to use that to jump again, far higher then can be done normally. Further definition; Mario cannot be made to jump off of a surface that is 90 degrees perpindicular to the ground. Please note this can be further used to also go through solid objects not normally passable as is disallowed.][The Alternative Pipe usage refers to, for example, going through a lone brick while crouched to go through the wall and access World -1, whereas the pipes would normally be Warp Pipes to Worlds 2-4 Respectively. The doubling back on World 8-4 to get to the underwater area is another example][Please note that you may also submit your record via Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and/or via the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet][Rules Updated & Enemy Richochet Issues Clarified - August 8th, 2008 - KRF]
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    accepted !
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