M.A.M.E. - The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero - Biggest Blowout - 9 - Kirk Rampersad

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  1. M.A.M.E. - The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero - Biggest Blowout - 9 - Kirk Rampersad

    10-10-2018, 11:45 PM

    Biggest Blowout
    WolfMame version

    ROMSet: SSideki4
    Play Time: 02min 00sec
    VS Play Time: 02min 00sec
    Continue: WITHOUT
    Difficulty: 4 FIX
    Demo Sound: WITH
    How To Play: WITH
    Level/Credit: ON/ON
    Language: English
    Special Rules: This is a Single Player, Single Credit ONLY variation! You may FREELY choose your Team under the World Tournament Mode option. You're permitted to choose any of the TYPE options Offere before the start of the match. You must complete at least ONE Round by winning by at least 1 point, for your attempt to count. This game will use The Special Blowout Rules for final score, where it is tabulated by how many goals you have won each round by. [Ex. If you beat the computer 10-2, your final score will then be 8, which is how goals you've won by for that round.] Due to the game advancing you to a new team every time you win, your Biggest Blowout total will be cumulative of all the Rounds won. If at any point you lose a Round, your cumulative score only counts for the Round(s) you've already won. [Ex. You won 2 Rounds 5-0 each and lose the 3rd Round. Your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 10. If you won Round 1, 5-2 and Round 2 5-3 and lost the 3rd Round 0-1, your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 4.] Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    There is a peculiar rule which says that i must win at least 1 round by at least 1 point (goal) for my score to count. I believe my game against russia meets the requirements of this ridiculous rule lol! Thanks for watching and adjudicating.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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  2. 10-11-2018, 01:09 PM
    Looks good, I await the INP analysis for voting though.
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  3. 10-13-2018, 07:55 AM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check on Sun 14/10/2018 at 2:48:44.75

    Zip test
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 567423 bytes (555 KiB)
    Testing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\ultimate 11 inp (kar).zip
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\ultimate 11 inp (kar).zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 567423
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       597461
    Compressed: 567423
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 567423 bytes (555 KiB)
    Listing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\ultimate 11 inp (kar).zip
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\ultimate 11 inp (kar).zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 567423
    Path = .inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 597461
    Packed Size = 567317
    Modified = 2018-10-11 01:36:22
    Created = 
    Accessed = 
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = E7AF9F3E
    Method = Deflate
    Characteristics = 
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    Volume Index = 0
    Offset = 0
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    MAME Major Version 198

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: ssideki4.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Thu Oct 11 16:16:52 2018
    Recorded using 0.198W (wolf198)
    Total playback frames: 69084
    Average recorded speed: 99%
    Average speed: 99.29% (53 seconds)

    Source driver:
    ssideki4 neogeo.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: no
    0.106: ssideki4 - "The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero"
    0.107-0.136: ssideki4 - "Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero, The"
    0.137-0.202: ssideki4 - "The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.113: 320x224 @ 59.185608Hz
    Resolution, 0.114-0.202: 320x224 @ 59.185606Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/the-ultimate-11-the-snk-football-championship-tokuten-ou-honoo-n/mame/
    Rules, Biggest Blowout [Grandfathered]: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=15433
    Rules, Biggest Blowout: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=120411
    NOTE: This game has both DIPs & internal settings covered by the rules. If not shown during playback, press F2 to access & check internal settings afterwards.

    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: ssideki4 and neogeo.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.35b2 [?]
    - 0.136u4: Changed description to 'The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero'.
    - 0.79u2: Added new sound1 rom ($0) and gfx roms ($0/1, 800000/1).
    - 0.69: Changed description to 'Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero, The'.
    - 0.68: Changed description to 'The Ultimate 11 / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero'.
    - 0.67: Changed description to 'The Ultimate 11 - The SNK Football Championship / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero'.
    - 23rd March 2000: Mike Coates fixed an ASM 68k core bug which affected Super Sidekicks 4.
    - 0.35b13: Changed description to 'The Ultimate 11 / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero'.
    - 0.35b12: Changed description to 'Super Sidekicks 4 - Ultimate 11 / Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero'.
    - 0.35b2: Added 'Super Sidekicks 4 - Ultimate 11' (SNK 1996). Attempt at emulating some raster effects in the NeoGeo games. The IRQ2 handling is still 99% unknown, however you can see the field in Super Sidekicks 3 and 4. This is largely unaccurate, and VERY slow. Hit F1 to toggle the emulation on or off (by default it's on) [Nicola Salmoria].
    - 11th January 1999: AraCorn (aka CaBBe) dumped Super Sidekicks 4.
    LEVELS: 7
    Other Emulators:
    * Calice
    * FB Alpha
    * Kawaks
    * Nebula
    * Raine
    Recommended Games (Soccer):
    Soccer (Ramtek)
    Take 5 (PRO MATCH)
    Fun Four (Soccer)
    Tournament Table (Soccer I & Soccer II)
    Atari Soccer
    Exciting Soccer
    Exciting Soccer II
    Pro Soccer
    Pro Soccer (DECO Cassette)
    Indoor Soccer
    Power Play
    Tehkan World Cup
    Vs. Soccer
    Kick and Run
    Dynamic Shoot Kyousou
    Fighting Soccer
    Kick Off
    Last Striker / Kyuukyoku no Striker
    Great Soccer (Mega-Tech)
    Tecmo World Cup (Mega Play)
    Tecmo World Cup '90
    Tecmo World Cup '94
    Tecmo World Soccer '96
    Tecmo World Cup '98
    Tecmo World Cup Millennium
    World Championship Soccer (Mega-Tech)
    World Trophy Soccer (Arcadia)
    Football Champ
    Super Football Champ
    Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90 (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Nintendo World Cup (PlayChoice-10)
    World Soccer Finals
    Power Eleven (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Soccer Brawl
    Big Striker
    Euro Champ '92
    Seibu Cup Soccer
    Super Sidekicks
    Super Sidekicks 2 - The World Championship
    Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory
    Super Soccer (Nintendo Super System)
    Grand Striker
    Grand Striker 2
    Premier Soccer
    Super Cup Finals
    Taito Cup Finals
    Dream Soccer '94
    International Cup '94
    J-League Soccer V-Shoot
    Soccer Superstars
    Super Visual Football: European Sega Cup
    Taito Power Goal
    V Goal Soccer
    Virtua Striker
    Virtua Striker 2
    Virtua Striker 2 '98
    Virtua Striker 2 '99.1
    Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000
    Virtua Striker 3
    Virtua Striker 3 Ver. 2002
    Virtua Striker 4
    Virtua Striker 4 Ver.2006
    Virtua Striker 2002
    Five a Side Soccer
    Goal! Goal! Goal!
    Kick Goal
    World PK Soccer
    World PK Soccer V2
    Back Street Soccer
    Pleasure Goal
    Prime Goal EX
    The Ultimate 11
    Versus Net Soccer
    Capcom Sports Club (Soccer)
    Libero Grande
    Eleven Beat
    Heat of Eleven '98
    Neo-Geo Cup '98 - The Road to the Victory
    World Kicks
    Evolution Soccer
    Gaelco Football
    World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style
    World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game 2003
    World Club Champion Football Serie A
    World Club Champion Football European Clubs
    Goalie Ghost
    Free Kick
    Super Free Kick
    X the Ball
    PK Scramble
    Power Kick (Japan)
    Stone Ball
    Football Power
    Kick '4' Cash
    Romset: 28.2 MB / 11 files / 12.7 zip
    0.154 [S. Smith]
    0.116u1 [Zsolt Vasvari]
    0.34b1 [Shin Emu Keikaku team, Allard van der Bas, Bryan McPhail, Fuzz]
    - 0.203: Removed UPD4990A MCFG macros [Osso].
    - 0.202: Moved out-of-place section to where it was before. Removed unused defines [Vas Crabb]. Removed WATCHDOG MCFG macros [Osso]. Eliminated register_postload. Cleanup naming. Removed some MCFGs. Fixed crash when fix BIOS is not exists (video\neogeo_spr.cpp) [cam900].
    - 0.201: Added start buttons to dial controller (bus\neogeo_ctrl\dial.cpp). This fixes start buttons don't work in Pop 'n Bounce [AJR]. Removed HC259 and NVRAM MCFG macros [Ryan Holtz].
    - 0.200: Removed MCFG macros. Added edge connector pinouts [Vas Crabb].
    - 0.198: Added 2 new MVS BIOS dumps, and provided some extra version infomation hints [Razoola]. Moved start buttons to controllers, clean up NEO-FTC1B board a little. SIT and FTC1B are only compatible with MV-1B/MV-1C cost-reduced boards. Allow AES joystick to be connected to arcade systems with D-sub connectors (common for "consolised" use). Pass through Select input from D-sub connectors on JAMMA variants. Default to Japan BIOS for fixed software using mahjong panel (Euro BIOS doesn't support mahjong panel). Use JAMMA joystick panel for mahretsu since (doesn't support mahjong panel in MVS mode). Allow controls to be changed for MVS mahjong games (only BIOS and bakatono support joysticks, but still useful) [Vas Crabb].
    - 0.197: Added layout\irrmaze.lay. Converted NeoGeo EL panel outputs to lamps - it uses six outputs from a 1-of-8 decoder to enable EL panels to illiminate the selected game logo. Start splitting up the state classes for the different variants properly. Split into real models: Moved common stuff (mostly video) into a base memory map. Split common edge connector inputs into JAMMA and MVS. Added clones with different numbers of game slots, edge connector, controller ports, memory card and speakers. Based fixed-software drivers on MV-1 JAMMA board configuration. Removed memory card and controller ports from single-PCB games and converted to mono output. Coin lockouts/counters still not connected, and LED/EL output isn't suppressed for variants that lack it. Suppress leading space in RAM option names. Hook up coin counters. Further improvements: Removed LEDs/lamps from configurations that lack them. Hooked up coin counters and lockouts. Improved I/O register mapping. Added controller detection connections for AES. Hooked up SPI-like outputs on SIT board used by Irritating Maze. Re-added boost interleave on audio command write - fixes glitches in Strikers 1945 Plus [Vas Crabb].
    - 0.192: Added MACHINE_NODEVICE_LAN flags [Osso].
    - 0.189: Added new 74HC259 device (addressable latch) [AJR].
    - 0.188: Changed neodriv.hxx to neogeo.cpp driver. Reintegrated NeoGeo romdefs in the source [Olivier Galibert].
    -  2nd July 2017: Mr. Do - I plan to overhaul all of the Neo Geo games at some point... for now, Metal Slug 2 and the generic MVS file are done. The mini marquee is a better scan, cleaned up; it includes a new generic bezel provided by N.I.B., and the buttons have been updated, thanks to a posting at Deviant Art by atebitninja. The quality on the buttons is almost perfect, but they are currently raster copies of the pic posted there; if he ever gets back to me, that will change. We will also be able to use these buttons in all forthcoming control panels in MAME Artwork.
    - 0.187: Updated video\neogeo_spr.cpp. Corrected Neo Geo sprite tile code mask to 20 bits (was previously 19 bits), stop masking MSB [TheHpman].
    - 0.185: Fixed out of bounds issues in NeoGeo memory access. The NeoGeo driver exposes a number of different memory regions as vectors. Accessing the pointers was done through a '&vector[0]' pattern. This caused problems when the region was size zero; I changed the code to return null pointers in these scenarios. This was reported by Robbbert in response to recent regressions (the command line was 'mame aes bjourney'), but it seems to be present in MAME 0.184.
    - 0.176: Added port names to Joystick buttons [Shideravan].
    - 0.175: Fixed most sets in neodriv.hxx crashes if cheats are enabled. Fixed savestate problems in NeoGeo hardware driver (drivers\neogeo.cpp). Many thanks to Tafoid and Osso for the debugging help [Fabio Priuli].
    - 0.174: Changed neogeo_noslot.cpp to neodriv.hxx driver. Added bus\neogeo\boot_cthd.cpp/h, boot_kof10th.cpp/h, boot_kof2k2.cpp/h, boot_kof2k3.cpp/h, boot_misc.cpp/h, boot_svc.cpp/h, prot_cthd.cpp/h, prot_kof2k3bl.cpp/h and prot_misc.cpp/h. Changed bus\neogeo\neogeo_carts.cpp/h to carts.cpp/h, cmc_cart.cpp/h to cmc.cpp/h, cmc_prot.cpp/h to prot_cmc.cpp/h, fatfury2_cart.cpp/h to fatfury2.cpp/h, fatfury2_prot.cpp/h to prot_fatfury2.cpp/h, kof2002_cart.cpp/h to kof2k2.cpp/h, kof2002_prot.cpp/h to prot_kof2k2.cpp/h, kof98_cart.cpp/h to kof98.cpp/h, kof98_prot.cpp/h to prot_kof98.cpp/h, mslugx_cart.cpp/h to mslugx.cpp/h, mslugx_prot.cpp/h to prot_mslugx.cpp/h, pcm2_cart.cpp/h to pcm2.cpp/h, pcm2_prot.cpp/h to prot_pcm2.cpp/h, neogeo_slot.cpp/h to slot.cpp/h, pvc_cart.cpp/h to pvc.cpp/h, pvc_prot.cpp/h to prot_pvc.cpp/h, sbp_prot.cpp/h to sbp.cpp/h and sma_cart.cpp/h to sma.cpp/h. Removed bus\neogeo\banked_cart.cpp/h, bootleg_cart.cpp/h, bootleg_hybrid_cart.cpp/h, bootleg_prot.cpp/h, kog_prot.cpp/h, neogeo_helper.cpp/h, neogeo_intf.cpp/h, sma_prot.cpp/h and machine\neocrypt.cpp. Huge clean up of the cartslot code in order to better exploit slot devices: Moved cart-specific components to the carts itself removing the fake protection devices from the main system, since they never belonged there. Removed hacky rom region destruction/construction when a new cart is inserted, replacing it with proper bank pointers to the carts (except for ymsnd and ymsnd.deltat region which will require modernization of the ym devices). Started re-organization of bootleg boards emulation, so to reduce the need of collapsing everything into a single cart type with multiple protection devices, more work is needed. Added information about Japanese titles and release dates to the software list and aligned the list to the driver. Some cleanups and gaining back some performance in most carts. Optimized sprites data now lives only in the sprite device. Got rid of neogeo_helper as a result. Made the transition between different carts in the multislot driver smooth again. When launching game-specific drivers, sprites are in any case optimized only once before emulation starts, so that yesterday changes made no difference, but we care about 6-slot NeoGeo too [Fabio Priuli]. Removed unneeded define [Robbbert].
    - 0.173: Added bus\neogeo_ctrl\ctrl.cpp/h, dial.cpp/h, irrmaze.cpp/h, joystick.cpp/h, kizuna4p.cpp/h and mahjong.cpp/h. Reworked inputs to work through the slot device interface. You can now configure the 15-pin ports available in the multicart driver (neogeo) with the -crtl1 and -ctrl2 options. Thus, if you want to launch janshin in neogeo with the mahjong control panel you shall now prescribe -edge "" -ctrl1 mahjong and set accordingly the dipswitch (the first option disables inputs from the edge connector). When you run single game drivers (e.g. mslug, or kof94, etc.), instead, a unique controller is available and cannot be modified. In particular, the janshin driver already comes pre-configured in the proper way [Fabio Priuli].
    - 0.170: Neo-Geo updates: Updated game PCBS info. Documentation update for various sets [JacKc].
    - 0.166: Adjusted NeoGeo sound balance based on some hardware recordings [Dr.Venom].
    - 0.162: Removed machine\neoboot.c and neoprot.c.
    - 0.160: Neo-Geo documentation updates: Updated game PCB info. Misc Documentation update [JacKc]. Fixed clipping bug (e.g. apparent in NeoGeo) for video accel (render\draw13.c). Minor code changes (windows\video.c) [Couriersud].
    - 0.158: If the return type is bool, use bool constants and not integers (machine\ng_memcard.h) [Couriersud].
    - 0.156: Added bus\neogeo\kog_prot.c/h.
    - 0.154: Added neogeo_noslot.c driver, machine\ng_memcard.c/h, video\neogeo_spr.c/h, emu\bus\neogeo\banked_cart.c/h, bootleg_cart.c/h, bootleg_hybrid_cart.c/h, bootleg_prot.c/h, cmc_cart.c/h, cmc_prot.c/h, fatfury2_cart.c/h, fatfury2_prot.c/h, kof2002_cart.c/h, kof2002_prot.c/h, kof98_cart.c/h, kof98_prot.c/h, mslugx_cart.c/h, mslugx_prot.c/h, neogeo_carts.c/h, neogeo_helper.c/h, neogeo_intf.c/h, neogeo_slot.c/h, pcm2_cart.c/h, pcm2_prot.c/h, pvc_cart.c/h, pvc_prot.c/h, rom.c/h, sbp_prot.c/h, sma_cart.c/h and sma_prot.c/h. Created memcard as image device and removed it from machine\generic [Miodrag Milanovic]. Started converting NeoGeo video/sprite system to a device_reset. Created base device and number of derived classes: NEOGEO_SPRITE_REGULAR is an reference implementation, drawing direct from, NEOGEO_SPRITE_OPTIMZIED is a version with predecoded gfx (as we use now) this is the default used by the driver and NEOGEO_SPRITE_MIDAS is a version supporting the changes needed by the MIDAS games (mainly 8bpp instead of 4bpp). Simplify sprite_on_scanline calculation (video\neogeo_spr.c) [David Haywood]. Use real palette_device [Alex Jackson]. NeoGeo (multi)slot work [S. Smith, David Haywood]: Converted all protection types to be MAME devices. Created cartridge (slot) device types for each type of cartridge containing the above protection devices. Made the 'neogeo' set emulate a 6-slot MVS system allowing for multiple cartridges to be mounted, for example "mame64 neogeo -cart1 mslug -cart2 mslugx -cart3 mslug3" is the command-line syntax to launch an MVS unit with 3 Metal Slug games installed. NOTES: * Many of the hacks / bootlegs won't work in multi-slot setups, this is true to hardware. * Some carts (kof95, kof2002 for example) can block recognition of carts in higher slots if the NVRAM isn't already initialized. This appears to be true to original hardware because the kof95h set fixes this issue, powering off/on the system fixes it. * Sound banking isn't 100% correctly handled so the odd game may fail with the slot system (trally) but regular loading still works. * The slot / multislot support makes use of the Software Lists rather than the internal sets, please ensure the correct softlist XML file is present in your hash folder [S. Smith, David Haywood]. Init order for vliner. Clear the extra ram some of the bootlegs have, might actually fixed kof10th this time (neogeo\bootleg_prot.c). Address some ng save state concerns. Fix for uninit variable in NeoGeo [David Haywood].
    - 0.153: Removed drivers\neogeo.inc and machine\pd4990a.c/h. Fixed savestate loading in NeoGeo driver [Alex Jackson]. Added Z80 NMI enable/disable. This fixes Neo Diagnostics show Z80 issue. Specify some **** handlers as **** in the memmap. Hooked up proper uPD1990/4990 device. uPD1990/4990 improvements, most notably added serial command input. Improved accuracy of vblank irq/reload timing from Charles's documentation. vblank irq happened approx 15 pixels too early. VSync start (auto animation latch) is 16 lines after active display. More accurate watchdog timing. Added simple waitstate on 0x800000-0xbfffff access. Merged neogeo.c/inc. Fixed ADDRESS_MAP mirroring. Added note that NeoGeo was designed by Alpha Denshi [hap]. NeoGeo update: Updated Neo-Geo PCB infos. Removed bangpedp - A proto with same layout exists, some roms are different, currently undumped. Removed roboarma - This is a hack [Johnboy].
    - 0.152: Resurrect some old MVS multi-slot code, this is mostly functional but about 2 years old now, and badly needs some modernizations. It's a bit ugly in places because I've had to make sure the legacy methods work too, although in other places simply because it's old code I never quite got around to cleaning up. Basically the inits have been split into ones that need calling once on startup (decryptions etc.) and ones that need calling when a new slot is activated (custom banking / protection handlers): mame64 neogeo -cart1 kof98 -cart2 kof99 -cart3 kof2000 -cart4 kof2001 -cart5 kof2002 -cart6 kof2003 works, assuming you have the RAM. Certain combinations / orders don't work, maybe the real system is like that, maybe there are flaws in the implementation. Once loaded as multi-game the neogeo will run through the attracts of each game in order, if you insert a coin then you can select next / previous game with the '3' and '4' (which are mapped to those buttons on the system) just like real hardware. If you're low on memory try mame64 neogeo -cart1 lbowling -cart2 samsho -cart3 mutnat -cart4 pbobblen -cart5 neomrdo -cart6 turfmast instead. If you want an example of where it fails right now then put -cart1 roboarmy in slot 1 instead, it hangs after cycling through the games (or moving through them with 3) it's possible something isn't reset properly. This might become clearer as I clean things up a bit. I've verified eas and neocdz work as before [David Haywood]. NeoGeo driver cleanup [O. Galibert].
    - 0.151: Modernized upd4990a device. Needs to be merged with upd1990a.c. Don't set time to 0 on reset [Osso]. NeoGeo improvements [Alex Jackson]: Cleaned up large amounts of duplicated code between the MAME and MESS (AES/NeoCD) drivers. Removed MVS-only ROMs and devices (SM1 ROM, SFIX ROM, upd4990a RTC, etc.) from AES/NeoCD. Replaced legacy NVRAM in MVS and NeoCD with NVRAM devices. Correctly hooked up SM1 ROM bankswitching; the BIOS sound test works now. Corrected VRAM size. Sorted the Universe BIOS versions and unified them between MAME and MESS. Fixed kf10thep ROM loading and decryption which was a horrible hack (and not endian safe). Replaced svcplus protection hack ROM patch with a less invasive one, based on FBA. Started marking code and data that should be moved out into devices. Various other code and comment cleanups. Endian fix for softlist ROM loading [Alex Jackson]. Added coin slots 3 and 4. Added dipswitches 'Setting Mode', 'Cabinet' and 'Controller'.
    - 0.150: Endian fix for kof2003 protection (machine\neocrypt.c and neoprot.c). Fixed NeoGeo memory leak, clean up inputs a bit [Alex Jackson]. Changed 'Test Switch' dipswitch to 'Service Mode'.
    - 0.149u1: Changed neodrvr.c to neogeo.inc driver. Clean up NeoGeo PVC protection (includes\neogeo.h and machine\neoprot.c). Cleanup machine\neocrypt.c: Simplify kf2k3pcb BIOS decryption and fixed some endian issues. Removed debug code [Alex Jackson].
    - 0.148u2: NeoGeo modernize [Miodrag Milanovic]. Fixed MESS AES cart swap sound crash [R. Belmont].
    - 0.148u1: Modernized some pre/postload calls (drivers\neogeo.c, includes\neogeo.h and video\neogeo.c) [Miodrag Milanovic]. Reduced NeoGeo tagmap lookups [Wilbert Pol].
    - 0.148: Angelo Salese added uPD4990A clone to the uPD1990A, renamed uPD4990A -> uPD4990A_OLD for the time being (core used by Neo-Geo / Neo-Print, will be nuked at some point).
    - 0.147u4: Corrected romname on US BIOS for NeoGeo [Guru]. More NeoGeo / CD cleanups, improves sound for NCD. Reset the YM2610 when resetting the Z80, seems to avoid some lost sounds in neocdz crsword2 + misc cleanups. Stop "neocdz lresort" and "neocdz kof98" from stomping over their own Z80 data [David Haywood].
    - 0.147u3: Started wrapping some NeoCD functions (MESS) in MAME code, now sending valid CD commands and some sets are now booting. Giving it the right amount of RAM. Removed some FBAisms and improved code sharing between AES/MVS (the interrupt handling was copy+pasted between the two) [David Haywood].
    - 0.146u1: Fabio Priuli cleaned up sharedfeat usage in hash\neogeo.xml.
    - 0.146: Misc documentation updates and typo fixes for neogeo.xml as well as updates and a cleanup of Neo-Geo driver [Johnboy].
    - 0.145u8: Balrog and R. Belmont fixed invalid ISO C syntax in NeoGeo driver noted by Clang.
    - 0.145u6: Neo-Geo documentation update [Johnboy].
    - 0.145u4: Neo-Geo documentation update [Johnboy]: Added SNK development boards. Updated MVS motherboard list. Updated sengoku2, zupapa, mslug, neodrift, ctomaday, pbobbl2n and jockeygp chip info. Added correct product ID codes for vliner and jockeygp. Updated hash\neogeo.xml accordingly.
    - 0.145: Miodrag Milanovic fixed AES (MESS) regression, region names are with leading ':'.
    - 29th January 2012: Mr. Do - All of the currently existing Neo Geo games have had artwork added for the bezel and control panel.
    - 0.144u4: Various changes for Neo-Geo driver [Johnboy]: Cleaned up all labels (consistent for all protos now) for prototype sets (in 99.9% of the cases the correct labels are not known) to proto_ID-XX.XX. Documentation update. Reflected changes in internal db to xml (except /* Plane x */ ).
    - 0.144: David Haywood converted Neo-Geo MVS driver to use software lists in preparation for multislot support.
    - 0.143u7: Fixed Neo-Geo game saving [ElBarto]. Johnboy made some documentation updates in the Neo-Geo driver.
    - 0.143u6: Yet more Neo-Geo work on game ROMs structures [Johnboy]: Finished to document used PCB's for cartridges. Finished removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel naming convention.
    - 0.143u5: Yet more Neo-Geo work on game ROMs structures [Johnboy]: Continued to document used PCB's for cartridges. More removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel naming convention.
    - 0.143u4: Various Neo-Geo changes [Jackc, Johnboy]: Continued to document used PCB's for cartridges. More removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel naming convention.
    - 0.143u2: More work for ROM naming conventions for Neo-Geo driver games [Johnboy].
    - 0.143u1: Various Neo-Geo changes [Johnboy]: Tagged / Retagged several sets MVS/AES version. Begin to document used PCB's for cartridges. More removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel naming convention. More Neo-Geo work for ROM naming conventions and documentation of used PCBs for cartridges.
    - 0.142u5: Johnboy started to work on Neogeo ROM naming, mostly removal of .bin extension in favour of chiplabel.socketlabel convention.
    - 0.140u1: Neo Geo Changes [Johnboy]: Updated game PCB info. Continued to document mask ROM types.
    - 0.139u4: Call optimize_sprite_data() at VIDEO_RESET (for the convenience of Neo Geo CD) (video\neogeo.c) [Barry Rodewald]. Johnboy started to document mask ROM types.
    - 0.139: NeoGeo driver updates [Johnboy]: Identified several more sets as MVS / AES Version and tagged them properly. Added Japan J3 bios. Updated game PCB info. Documented MVS 4-slot and 6-slot settings. Changed 6-slot setting (old default) to 1-slot. Barry Rodewald documented AES mode and 1-slot (MVS/AES) settings.
    - 0.138u4: 'Massive' Neo Geo documentation update [Johnboy]: Added official SNK Playmore title catalogue. Identified and tagged all MVS sets which were not officially released for the AES system (according to official SNK Playmore title catalogue and Neo-Geo Masterlist). Several sets have been identified (AES / MVS VERSION) and tagged properly. Documented MULTI PLAY MODE (unemulated); Missing MCU. Updated game PCB information. NeoGeo driver cleanup.
    - 0.138u2: Fixed viewing Z80 I/O memory in Neo-Geo debug mode causes crash.
    - 0.135u4: Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save states to Neo Geo driver.
    - 0.134u1: Christophe Jaillet minor optimization/cleanup of Neo Geo rendering.
    - 0.131u4: Fabio Priuli partially converted NEC uPD4990A RTC to be a MAME device. Moved clock init to device_start.
    - 0.130u3: NeoGeo fixes [Fabio Priuli]: Removed use of sprintf. Added a note about service menu browsing when mahjong panel is ON.
    - 0.130u1: NeoGeo update [Johnboy]: Added MV1C BIOS, redump/reverification required. Updated documentation (see neogeo.c). Corrado Tomaselli added an older Japanese NEOGEO BIOS. The 'japan-hotel' BIOS is a dump of an MVS which could be found in some japanese hotels. It is a custom MVS mobo which uses MVS carts but it hasn't jamma connector and it's similar to a console with a coin mechanism, so it's a sort of little coin op console installed in hotels.
    - 11th March 2009: Corrado Tomaselli dumped NeoGeo Deck Room Amusement System (RAS) - BIOS. This is a very RARE game system developed by SNK for use in hotels. It's basically a NeoGeo unit operated by coins with locked down joystick. It is using MVS carts, not AES. The BIOS has been provided by Massimiliano, a friendly and dedicated collector of NeoGeo stuff.
    - 0.129u3: Fabio Priuli added missing HARDDIP settings in 'STANDARD_DIPS' for DIP's 4,5 and 6 ("COMM Setting"). Added dipswitches 'COMM Setting (Cabinet No.)' and 'COMM Setting (Link Enable)'.
    - 0.128u6: Added Universe BIOS (Hack, Ver. 1.2, older).
    - 0.128u5: Added Universe BIOSes. The Universe BIOS roms are supported because they're now used on enough PCBs to be considered 'in active arcade use' rather than just homebrew hacks. Some may be missing, there have been multiple CRCs reported for the same revision in some cases.
    - 16th November 2008: Guru - I recently picked up a pile of junk for spares and repairs from a local friend. It turned out there was quite a bit of interesting stuff in this lot. As far as I can make out, I got some random NeoGeo PCBs and an Art Of Fighting cart.
    - 11th November 2008: Guru - The recently arrived Neogeo carts have been partly useful. Dumped them all and there should be a couple of bad dumps removed in a future MAME release for Cyber Lip and Fatal Fury 2 M1 ROMs.
    - 0.128u2: NeoGeo updates [JohnBoy]: Updated NeoGeo game PCB infos.
    - 28th October 2008: Guru - Some Neo Geo carts (Metal Slug X, Fatal Fury 2, Super Sidekicks, Cyber Lip and Eightman) arrived over the past few weeks for protection analysis & decapping. Thanks to Smitdogg.
    - 0.128u1: Minor NeoGeo cleanups [JohnBoy].
    - 0.127u8: Completed general NeoGeo cleanup [JohnBoy]: Sorted OEM / bootleg sets. Renamed roms on non OEM / bootleg sets to ONE naming sheme. Renamed functions. Cleaned up bootleg sets. Added some comments. Renamed sma in garou/garouo, added comment.
    - 0.127u7: Neo-Geo cleanups (still in progress) [Johnboy]: Sorted OEM / Bootleg sets. Renamed roms on non OEM / Bootleg sets to ONE naming sheme. Renamed functions. Added some comments. Minor optimized the Neo-Geo sprite clearing code [Christophe Jaillet]. Fixed memory leak in some Neo-Geo games.
    - 0.127u6: NeoGeo Update [Johnboy]. Updated Neo-Geo game PCB infos. Updated system set to what is found on NEO-MVH MV1FS. Added notes.
    - 0.127u5: Andreas Naive corrected NeoGeo M1 decryption for all CMC50 sets. Christophe Jaillet moved memory_region() call (which is slow) out of core sprite loop in the NeoGeo renderer, giving a dramatic speed boost.
    - 0.127u3: Aaron Giles fixed 'Work RAM Error' on start in many NeoGeo sets (Cheat engine problem).
    - 0.125u5: NeoGeo updates [Johnboy]: Updated Neo-Geo game PCB infos. Added some comments about 'M1' and 'S1' roms.
    - 0.125: Couriersud fixed broken sound effects in various games.
    - 20th April 2008: Guru - Neo Geo MV1B mainboard (for dumping smt BIOS ROM) arrived from Japan a couple of days ago.
    - 0.122u4: Added layout\neogeo.lay. David Haywood and Aaron Giles added default layout to NeoGeo games allowing for either cropping or stretching to the alternate 304x224 layout. Removed default cropping in the driver.
    - 0.122: Neo Geo updates [johnboy]: Added Neo-Geo game PCB info. Corrected a number of incorrect ROMs. Added MVS VERSION tag to fightfva and renamed 'P'-rom. Added MVS AND AES VERSION tag to joyjoy. Added AES VERSION tag to kof99. Added MVS VERSION tag to kof99a. David Haywood added explicit clears on Neo Geo initialization.
    - 0.120u3: Hairu fixed the JAMMA PCB games (ms5pcb, svcpcb, svcpcba, kf2k3pcb), which crashed on startup.
    - 0.120: Updates to various NeoGeo ROMsets [Johnboy]. Some ROM names updated to match verified names from chip labels. A lot of "older" sets have been redumped to investigate the "64k m1/s1 issue" (also the m1 "overdumps"). Result was, ALL m1 ARE at least 128kx8; ALL s1 ARE 128kx8. The old m1 "overdumps" were incomplete dumps. In addition, it has been discovered that all "p-roms" do have a minimum size of 4Mbit. A number of sets have been restored to their "original" state, and a number of others have been marked as bad dumps where appropriate.
    - 0.118u3: Atari Ace added new AM_READ_PORT() macro which lets you define an input port read callback based on a port tag. This is now preferred over the previous technique of calling port_tag_to_handler() within an AM_READ() macro. Updated Neo-Geo driver that uses the latter pattern to the new system.
    - 22nd July 2007: Mr. Do - I updated the artwork in neogeo.zip for the control panel LEDs. Thanks to Zsolt for correcting them. Still not sure things are the way they should be, though... the second-player credits never update, and I still don't know what the fifth LED is for. I need to find a real cabinet and play a few games. I'm not going to update the other NeoGeo files until I know 100% this is the way it's supposed to be.
    - 0.117u1: Neo-Geo update [Zsolt Vasvari]: BIOS only driver 'neogeo' no longer crashes. Cleaned up memory banking code to use memory_set_bank() instead of memory_set_bank_ptr(). Fixed LEDs.
    - 15th July 2007: Mr. Do - On the Neo Geo front, we have 88 files to complete K-Z. Well, sort of. I have bottom instruction cards for some of these games that I still need to add in, but I wanted to get the hard part over with. Thanks to the following for these BYOAC/CAG, crazykong, eldio, mattroid, oNyX, Paratech, Tormod and Witchboard. Another note on the NeoGeo stuff. I know that some of these are "wide-release homebrew" but I don't know which, and I don't know who originally made them. If someone could get back to me with that info so I can correct who gets credit, I'd appreciate it.
    - 0.116u3: Zsolt Vasvari updated FM emulator to use mame_time instead of double. Removed old NeoGeo hack from FM code as it appears to no longer be necessary.
    - 0.116u2: Neo-Geo updates [Zsolt Vasvari]: Fixed several regressions from previous update. Added LED outputs. Improved smaller visible area configuration. Fixed missing sounds and music in all ADK / Alpha Denshi games (adk0116yel). Fixed crashes in svcpcb, ms5pcb and kf2k3pcb (neodrvr0116u1red). JohnBoy fixed some incorrect information in the Neo Geo ROMsets.
    - 0.116u1: Splitted driver into neodrvr.c and neogeo.c. Removed machine\neogeo.c. Rewrote Neo-Geo driver again based on information from Charles MacDonald. This update fixes a number of issues with the previous attempt [Zsolt Vasvari]. Removed flags dispose from region gfx3.
    - 20th May 2007: Mr. Do - We have the Neo Geo mini-marquees A-J, plus the generic MVS, which is 36 files for today. Each one includes two views: One with the marquee, and the second as an instruction card. Some games include multiple regions. The generic MVS will be an option in any Neo Geo game. Some games include bezel instruction cards; for those, the instruction cards are defined as "backdrops" in the lay file, so you can optionally turn them off if you want. Thanks to the following: Zorg for vectoring the main marquee, donated by ClassicArcadeGrafix. BYOAC/CAG artwork for breakers [US], burningf and gpilots. Crazykong for 3countb, bstars, bstars2, crsword, ctomaday, cyberlip, doubledr, eightman, fatfury2, fightvev and garou. oNyX for 2020bb, alpham2, androdun, aodk, bjourney, blazstar, breakers [JPN], breakrev, fatfursp, fatfury3, fbfrenzy, flipshot, galaxyfg, ganryu, goalx3, gowcaizr, gururin and joyjoy. Mattroid for aof3. Paratech for aof2 [JPN]. Witchboard for aof, aof2 and fatfury1. I'm MORE than happy to replace anything if you have a better scan of a mini than what I have included, and witchboard would be more than happy to host it for you. I'll be getting to K-Z in a few weeks.
    - 0.113u3: Some minor NeoGeo set updates [Johnboy]. Aaron Giles fixed glitches in Neo-Geo driver introduced in last update.
    - 0.113u2: Zsolt Vasvari updated NeoGeo driver to the new video timing code and screen raw parameters, this fixes also the messed up graphics. Changed VSync to 59.185606 Hz.
    - 0.112u3: JohnBoy fixed naming and identification of several NeoGeo roms.
    - 0.108u4: R. Belmont fixed neocrypt.c to work on big-endian machines.
    - 0.104u6: Added save state support to PD4990a device for NeoGeo [MAME Plus!].
    - 0.104u5: Aaron Giles fixed memcards properly. They are no longer hardcoded for the NeoGeo. The implementation has moved to generic/machine.c, and a callback handler very similar to NVRAM is now supported in the machine driver definition. Cards are created per-game, so the memcard directory now has a subfolder per game with each game's cards stored underneath.
    - 0.104u2: Aaron Giles fixed typo bug (typo0104ora).
    - 0.104: More NeoGeo cleanups [David Haywood].
    -  4th February 2006: R. Belmont - It turns out that the Sega CD and Neo-Geo CD use the same CD controller chip.
    - 0.103u5: David Haywood hooked up watchdog for NeoGeo games and removed a number of hacks.
    - 24th January 2006: David Haywood - Not strictly MAME work but I thought I'd take a crack at emulating the NeoCD system (probably for MESS) using the MAME NeoGeo driver and some information from ElSemi as the basis of the work. So far I've hooked up some basic code to allow it to write the C data on the fly and boot the BIOS.
    - 0.103u3: David Haywood rewrote NeoGeo video system, removing distinction between raster and non-raster games and cleaning up the code significantly. Cleaned up the Neo Geo mess from 0.103u2 [David Haywood, Razoola]. Changed visible area to 320x224.
    - 12th January 2006: David Haywood - Razoola cleaned up the NeoGeo sets as they were quite a mess in 0.103u2 to say the least.
    - 0.103u2: Added code to support remaining NeoGeo sets [http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/].
    - 0.103: Added machine\neoboot.c and machine\neoprot.c. David Haywood cleaned up/reorganized some of the messy NeoGeo code. Separated out bootleg-specific hacks into additional files.
    - 0.91u2: Correct NeoGeo mirroring + additional information on coin counters etc [Razoola].
    - 0.91: Fixed some GFX bugs [A nonymous]. Changed VSync to 59.185608 Hz.
    - 27th January 2005: Mamesick forwarded some NeoGeo video hardware emulation changes/improvements from an anonymous contributor which remove a hack previously used for kof94 and fix the auto-anim speed. He also fixed a few minor text errors in MAME. Mamesick fixed many graphical issues, including those in Thrash Rally, TWS96, Top Players Golf and possibly more.
    - 0.90u3: Added Japan MVS (Ver. 1) BIOS rom.
    - 0.84: Some minor NeoGeo rendering speedups [Carlos Santillan].
    - 0.79u2: HPMAN updated the NeoGeo sets to use correct roms.
    - 0.78: Removed NeoMAME / CPMAME.
    - 13th November 2003: Brian Troha cleaned up a few unnecessary ROM loads in the Neo Geo driver.
    - 0.76u2: Some input fixes in neogeo.c [HowardC].
    - 0.70: Paul Priest improved BIOS selection code, now -bios japan can be used with the NeoGeo driver for example.
    - 0.69u3: Changed visible area to 320x224.
    - 0.69b: Aaron Giles changed NeoGeo to use boost_interleave for tight CPU communications instead of throwing cyces away. Changed visible area to 304x224.
    - 0.69a: Mame32Plus team improved Save-State support for NeoGeo games. David Haywood changed NeoGeo resolution to be 320 wide, this is correct, the glitches it causes are verified against a real MVS. Guru verified and corrected clock speeds. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 4MHz and VSync back to 60Hz.
    - 26th May 2003: David Haywood forwarded the 68k CPU core select and Neo Geo save states from MAME32 Plus!
    - 0.69: David Haywood added NeoGeo Mahjong control panel support. Changed NeoGeo framerate to 59fps based on MAMEtesters report about Kof98 intro sync. It would be nice if somebody could give a real accurate measurement of this. Added USA 2-Slot BIOS and Asia BIOS to NeoGeo Driver (recompile to use), also readded line removed by mistake, fixed coinage bug when using USA BIOS. Adds the system option "bios". Rom loading is now modified so that if any of the 4 bits in ROM_BIOSFLAGSMASK of the rom flags are set, it will only be loaded if the value+1 == options.bios. NeoGeo has been modified to take advantage of this as follows: 0 - "sp-s2.sp1"- Europe, 1 Slot (also been seen on a 4 slot) (default), 1 - "sp-s.sp1" - Europe, 4 Slot, 2 - "usa_2slt.bin" - US, 2 Slot, 3 - "sp-e.sp1" - US, 6 Slot (V5?), 4 - "asia-s3.sp1" - Asia S3 Ver 6, 5 - "vs-bios.rom" - Japan, Ver 6 VS BIOS and 6 - "sp-j2.rom" - Japan, Older. Removed NeoGeo Memory Card Manager RESET / CALL option from UI, this feature is only available on the AES console and should be in MESS (and probably won't be needed at all with a real AES BIOS.
    - 19th May 2003: Paul Priest added support for choosing the BIOS in the Neo Geo driver without recompiling.
    - 18th May 2003: David Haywood added support for the mahjong control panel in the Neo Geo driver.
    - 0.68: Removed 'Territory' and 'Game Slots' dipswitches in all games. Renamed all BIOS roms in neogeo.zip and added new user1 roms.
    - 26th March 2003: David Haywood resubmitted the alternate BIOS support for Neo Geo, this time using a compile time switch.
    - 0.63: Added 'Game Slots' dipswitch to all games.
    -  9th January 2003: David Haywood removed the Neo Geo BIOS hacks and added support for other BIOS ROMs than the one that is currently used.
    - 0.62: ElSemi fixed cracking and missing sounds in some neogeo games. Especially kof99 ("how to play" loop) and shocktro (end of attract missing sound).
    - 27th September 2002: ElSemi and Paul Priest fixed the Neo Geo memory card interface.
    - 0.61: Improved raster effects handling in NeoGeo games [Razoola].
    -  2nd July 2002: smf added proper emulation of the LFSR random number generator in the Neo Geo driver.
    - 30th June 2002: smf fixed the random number emulation in the Neo Geo driver thanks to information from Razoola.
    - 28th June 2002: Nicola Salmoria adjusted the Neo Geo raster effects emulation thanks to information from Razoola.
    - 10th May 2002: Dan Gendreau submitted a change to the Neo Geo driver so that Pop 'n Bounce can be controlled with a paddle.
    - 0.60: Fixed INP playback function for mslugx, lastbld2 and flipshot.
    - 0.58: Added includes\neogeo.h.
    - 0.57: Moved ng-sfix.rom from gfx1 to gfx2 and ng-lo.rom from gfx3 to gfx4. Move all gfx2 roms to gfx3.
    - 0.56: Added machine\neocrypt.c. Added gfx3 rom 'ng-lo.rom' to neogeo.zip.
    - 17th September 2001: Nicola Salmoria implemented correct y zoom for the Neo Geo hardware thanks to help from Miguel Angel Horna, but it causes some problems with games using raster effects.
    - 0.37b13: NeoGeo raster effects fixes [Nicola Salmoria]: Pulstar (level 2 boss), AoF (title screen), Double Dragon (levels with water), AoDK (100 mega shock logo - is it correct?), Eight Man (title screen), Super Dodgeball (flames in attract mode) and Top Hunter (waves when entering bonus stages).
    -  4th March 2001: Nicola Salmoria improved the C 68k core so that it can use separate memory handlers for different width data, and he fixed it from crashing in many Neo Geo games.
    - 28th February 2001: Nicola Salmoria improved the Neo Geo raster effects emulation.
    - 16th February 2001: Nicola Salmoria fixed the Qsound ROM loading and also fixed Neo Geo games from crashing.
    - 0.37b12: Ralf Willenbacher fixed auto animation speed in the NeoGeo games. Changed number of buttons to 4.
    -  7th February 2001: Nicola Salmoria improved the raster effects emulation in the Neo Geo driver.
    - 28th July 2000: Malcor dumped the Neo Geo 330 Mega System by SNK (6x BIOSe).
    - 0.36RC2: [DOS] There are now two options for Hot Rod key mapping, -hotrod and -hotrodse. The latter remaps NeoGeo games to use the lower row of buttons.
    - 0.36RC1: [DOS] -hotrod selects a more appropriate button configuration when NeoGeo games are played [Paolo Fiorani].
    - 0.36b15: Removed machine\neogeo.h.
    - 0.36b8: Sped up a little the NeoGeo raster effects. Enabled them in Karnov Revenge and Galaxy Fight. Fixed the field in ssideki3 etc [Massimo Morra].
    - 0.36b1: Changed visible area to 304x224 in all NeoGeo games.
    - 0.35RC2: Nicola Salmoria incresed the horizontal resolution for NeoGeo to 320 (320x224). This looks strange with some games, but it is definitely the correct value as I verified it on the real thing. Games like Puzzle Bobble and Baseball Stars use the extra area, while most of the other games draw just two bars in there. If a game looks odd, adjust your monitor to send the extra area offscreen. IMPORTANT FOR PORTERS: The "safety area" allocated by osd_new_bitmap() must now be 16 pixels instead of 8. This is required by the NeoGeo driver.
    - 0.35RC1: Brian Lewis and Andrea Mazzoleni added new tweaked VGA modes: 384x240 (for CPS1, Pang etc.), 384x256 (for Lode Runner etc.), 336x240 (for Gauntlet and other Atari games) and 320x240 (for NeoGeo and others).
    - 28th May 1999: Andrew Prime added cycle skipping to the most recent Neo Geo games, and Nicola partly fixed a small graphics glitch in Thrash Rally.
    - 0.35b12: Added machine\neogeo.h. Fabrice Martinez added memory card support in the NeoGeo driver. Card data is saved to the MEMCARD directory (you have to create it). Use the TAB menu to access the memory card options. Nicola Salmoria drastically reduced load times of the larger NeoGeo games.
    - 0.35b10: Nicola Salmoria added "kbmame" multi-button key equivalents for the NeoGeo games. They are only available if cheats are enabled.
    - 25th April 1999: Nicola modified the Neo Geo driver to load the roms MUCH faster, and it's not any minor improvement, the minutes waiting at the black screen is completely eliminated.
    - 17th February 1999: Fabrice Martinez has emulated the memory card and the calendar in the NeoGeo driver.
    - 0.35b3: 16-bit color support in the NeoGeo driver. It's enabled in a few games which were particularly affected by reduction to 256 colors [Nicola Salmoria]. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 6MHz.
    - 0.35b2: Attempt at emulating some raster effects in the NeoGeo games. The IRQ2 handling is still 99% unknown, however you can see the field in Super Sidekicks 3 and 4. This is largely unaccurate, and VERY slow. Hit F1 to toggle the emulation on or off (by default it's on) [Nicola Salmoria].
    - 0.35b1: Nicola Salmoria emulated some raster effects in the NeoGeo games. The IRQ2 handling is still 99% unknown, however you can see the field in Super Sidekicks 3 and 4. This is largely unaccurate, and VERY slow. Hit F1 to toggle the emulation on or off (by default it's on). Fixed NeoGeo palette - it's 5 bits per gun, not 4. Of course this makes the reduction to 256 colors even more difficult. 16-bit video modes will be supported in a later version.
    - 0.34b8: Neo Geo status: All games work, both in arcade and home mode. If you are stuck with a copyright message or the coin inputs don't work, delete the .CFG and .HI file for that game. This will fix the problem. Super Sidekicks controls still stop working after a couple of minutes, though. Sound support is 95% complete. If you experience garbled sound and you get NO GOOD DUMP EXISTS errors, this is caused by bad ROMs, not by imperfect emulation. There is NO WAY to fix that apart from redumping the bad ROMs. If you get a Z80 ERROR message, it means that the sound program ROM is bad. Run the game without sound. A few games have graphics glitches which are not easily fixed. "ROM length mismatch" errors. If you get these, you are just using ROMs larger than the ones MAME expects. This is not a fatal error and the game will still run fine (provided the ROMs are good, of course). You can "fix" the ROMs yourself just by removing the second half of the file. Note that the sizes used by MAME are sort of arbitrary. In many cases it is difficult to know for sure which size the ROMs are really supposed to be, so we decided to consistently use the smallest possible files. The real ROMs *might* be larger than that, but the extra space is not used by the game - it is either all FF, or contains a verbatim copy of the first half.
    - 0.34b6: MAME - FULL sound support, FM synth and ADPCM samples, on 90% of games using the YM2610 emulator [Hiromitsu Shioya]. Auto-animations are supported, these are used in many games. The Neogeo graphics hardware can cause animation without intervention from the main cpu. You can see this in the backgrounds of games such as Karnov's Revenge, Street Hoops, Samurai Shodown, King Of Fighters etc. Very accurate scaling support, including full screen zooms. No more 'missing tiles' on zoomed graphics. Major speedup! You should see at least 20-50% increase on all games. The downside is you will see a black screen for a few seconds at the start of every game as the graphics are converted to a custom format. There are many other optimisations in the video code too. Fixed bug in y-flipped tiles glitched when y<0 (Thrash Rally). Several games have experimental 68000 idle cycle skipping, for these games you should see increases of between 5% and 20%. Games currently using this method are: Puzzle De Pon, Karnov's Revenge, Wind Jammers, Street Hoops and Neo Bomberman. SRAM save size has been reduced to 0x2000 bytes from 0x10000. The NeoGeo has 8 memory frames and will store sram data for upto 8 games regardless of how many physical cartridges the machine can take. The MAME emulation emulates a fixed 1 cartridge neogeo, therefore only the first 0x2000 bytes of the SRAM should ever be used. Due to bullet-proofed(!) memory handling there should be no more corrupt sram saves either. Remember you can delete a game settings by deleting it's file in the 'hi' directory. Bug where SRAM states were reloaded upon every reset is fixed. Known issues: Some games will give a piracy warning. You can still play the games if you set them to run in Console (Home) mode. For some games you can set the game back to arcade mode after the protection check is done and leave it that way (because some games leave a flag in SRAM as to whether the game has passed it's security check). Line (row) scrolling is not implemented. This is used for the floor in Karnov's Revenge, special effects in Spinmasters, etc and many others. The calendar chip is not yet implemented. This release should give a substantial speed boost over previous betas, and there are some more optimisation ideas to be tried. The Neorage team will support all fixes to the bad roms and make sure their emulator is compatible. Most fixed romsets will work on Neorage already. Added BIOS zip file 'neogeo.zip'. Added Z80 (4MHz) CPU2 and YM-2610 (8MHz) sound.
    - 0.34b4: MAME - This beta contains a major update to the NeoGeo driver. It is still far from perfect but has many improvements over the previous version. This is still very much a 'work-in-progress' driver with many known problems. Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon. How to: You need a zip file called neogeo.zip in your rompath. It should contain at least two files: neo-geo.rom (128k) and ng-sfix.rom (128k). There should also be two other roms which are not yet used by MAME, they _will_ be used in future versions of this driver so do not delete them. You also need to place the game zip in your rompath. If you do not know what 8 character filename the NeoGeo game you want to play has you can type: MAME -listclones neogeo. That will list the 8 character zip names of all currently supported games. What's New? Many graphics improvements: * 'Missing tiles' in games such as Puzzle Bobble are fixed. * Scaling is improved, but still not perfect. Full screen zooms tend to break (eg, Thrash Rally, Art of Fighting). * 'Japan/Europe/USA' territory selection in dipswitch menu. * Start & coin key positions are moved to their 'standard' MAME positions. * Coin inputs work, freeplay is no longer the default.* Soft dipswitches are fully emulated and saved per game, the files are saved to the hiscore directory for now. * Custom drawgfx routine in place. This is slower than the previous MAME release but allows the graphics to be drawn from their native data. This allows: * MEMORY REQUIREMENTS APPROXIMATELY HALVED! And also quicker loading time.* If you experience a 'black screen' for a few seconds after loading it is because the 'pen usage' arrays are being calculated. MAME NeoGeo uses a compressed palette system to give the full NeoGeo 12 bit colour on an 8 bit display (this is nothing new, almost every other MAME driver for high colour games works in the same way, by choosing only the colours that are actually displayed at any one time). Although this gives better quality it actually takes around 10-15% of the processor time each frame. * There is no 'black screen' at the end of each games demo. All games now behave as per the arcade version and cycle to the 'NeoGeo logo' screen. Notes on soft dipswitches: You can access these from pressing F2 (self test) or setting the test mode dipswitch and resetting the virtual machine. Both soft dips and cabinet settings are saved for each game. If, for some reason, you experience strange gameplay (NOT graphics glitches), the soft dips may have become corrupt (this _is_ still a beta release!), to clear them you can wipe the file in the hiscore directory for the game OR go into the hardware test and select the 'clear backup ram' option (recommended). Other Fixes: Emulation of soft dips fixed many problems games had in previous versions, for example, the game timers being set low in games such as KOTM and Art of Fighting are fixed. Almost all 'gameplay' issues are fixed by this. Sidenote: The 'blood bios' is not needed, nor supported. All games affected by the blood BIOS actually have the 'blood' option in their soft dip options. It can be turned on & off there without having to use a special BIOS. In fact any non-standard BIOS may not work at this point. Due to the much decreased memory requirements large games such as Karnov's Revenge now work. What isn't fixed? 'New' games such as Metal Slug, Pulstar, Shock Troopers do not work, either due to protection or bankswitching used in these games (information needed!). The animation in the 'rain' scenes of Karnov's Revenge does not animate! As mentioned before, full screen zooms are not correct. The MVS memory card is not supported. Probably many other small bugs too.
    - 0.34b4: Bryan McPhail - All graphics nearly fixed, including missing tiles on zooms (pbobble etc). All zooms nearly 100%. Added USA/Japan/Europe mode. Altered start/select button placement, hardly anything uses select so I put start in it's usual MAME place (1 & 2). The 68000 can read back the byte it sends to the Z80, at 0x320000. Fixed soft dips! And implemented backup ram to save them. No crash at end of demo when trying to switch cartridges. Coin inputs work.
    - 0.34b1: Added neogeo.c driver, machine\neogeo.c, vidhrdw\neogeo.c and machine\pd4990a.c/h. TODO: Properly emulate the hard and soft dipswitches. Bring memory requirements down. The system is trying to switch games. Leaving it running in attract mode will cause the game to hang, because the system thinks it has got 255 cartridges inserted (see test mode). Implement proper scaling. Properly emulate the uP4990. Fix coin inputs. NeoRage has American, Japan & Europe setting, we only have Jap/English for now, NeoRage also has 'censor' dipsetting.
    -  3rd Augsut 1998: Allard van der Bas - All drivers now load the BIOS rom from the dummy parent no need for zipping the rom in every set. Removed all CPP style comments.
    -  1st Augsut 1998: Bryan McPhail - Currently, the 4bpp NeoGeo graphics are expanded to 8bpp MAME graphics, giving HUGE memory requirements. We have to use a custom zoom function anyway, why not just change it to draw from the 4bpp data... Would save a lot of memory. Compressed all the machine drivers. Added colour fade at start. Fixed the crash when going into soft dips. (bpx at c19c0a). RAM at 10f300 to 10ffff seems to be static?
    - 31st July 1998: Bryan McPhail - Started new layout of drivers, below. Added first attempt at zoom graphics. Made all games clone of NeoGeo parent, so the BIOS will load from it's own zip file (doesn't work yet). Added Thrash Rally - has lots of full screen zooms.
    - 30th July 1998: Bryan McPhail - Found sound byte. Found test switch (from hardware test). Coin inputs still dont work... Note: Puzzle de pon, puzzle bobble, karnov revenge have tiles lowered for testing... fix later. Changed all REAL_60HZ to just 60HZ - no vbl is used here, slight speedup. Fix the drivers at bottom.
    - 29th July 1998: Bryan McPhail - Added Karnovs Revenge. Core change: Make sure 'total' in GfxLayout is an INT not a short. Unsigned int in GfxElement.
    - 28th July 1998: Bryan McPhail - Removed prom init function, added compressed palette code.
    - 20th July 1998: Allard van der Bas - Palette banking activated. Used by Alpha Mission 2. Now featuring Mac friendliness (tm). rom loading should work on the Mac and the colors should be OK (tip from Brad).
    - 14th July 1998: Allard van der Bas - Implemented banking to bring down the memory requirements. Unfortunately debugging memory area 0xc00000 does not work anymore (weird?).
    - 13th July 1998: Allard van der Bas - Small change to the y tile parameters.
    -  9th July 1998: Allard van der Bas - Neo Geo can have 2 meg of ROM, the second bank is mapped to 0x200000 - 0x2fffff.
    -  4th July 1998: Allard van der Bas - Converted to Mb6 with old allegro. The new allegro library does not work with my graphics card (a Matrox Millenium 2 MB).
    - 30th June 1998: Allard van der Bas - Added fake dipswitch settings for Language and system.
    - 29th June 1998: Allard van der Bas - Finally fixed Y scrolling (YES!). Implemented a very crude zoom, probably have to write my own zoom function.
    - 28th June 1998: Allard van der Bas - Palette stuff implemented but not activated. A number of shadow registers found.
    - 27th June 1998: Allard van der Bas - Fixed some shadow registers, Puzzle de Pon now works 100 %. New tile banking code, Sidekicks now works. New name, Shin Emu Keikaku team. Shin Emu Keikaku team is now: Allard van der Bas, Bryan McPhail and Fuzz.

    Human interpretation:
    Time calc: 16:16:52 + (69084 frames ÷ 59.185606Hz @ 100% [19:27.24]) ≈ 16:36:19 vs zip mod 01:36:22 [please allow for timezone differences]

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    Thanks Ragequit, ivanstorm1973, JasonV91 thanked this post
  4. 10-23-2018, 04:02 PM
    I'm pretty confident the score for this game should be 11. The rules state the score is only for the rounds won, not the cumulative score.

    But I'm afraid to vote No because there is a higher score submitted so if this gets accepted, I'll lose a bunch of CR and have no way to dispute the score.
    "Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good"

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  5. 10-23-2018, 04:07 PM
    Due to the game advancing you to a new team every time you win, your Biggest Blowout total will be cumulative of all the Rounds won. If at any point you lose a Round, your cumulative score only counts for the Round(s) you've already won. [Ex. You won 2 Rounds 5-0 each and lose the 3rd Round. Your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 10. If you won Round 1, 5-2 and Round 2 5-3 and lost the 3rd Round 0-1, your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 4.]

    This is quite possible the worst written rule ever. I'm going by what's written and the first part of that example. This part of the example does not match the written rule or the first part of the example, "
    If you won Round 1, 5-2 and Round 2 5-3 and lost the 3rd Round 0-1, your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 4".
    "Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good"

    Visit my YouTube channel for videos of over 150 classic arcade games, most of which you won't see at your local arcade. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4...56xV5To9gPqsLA
  6. 10-23-2018, 04:38 PM
    Right so i'm going based on the example given. If i win the first round 5-2 and the second round 5-3 and lose the third round 0-1. My biggest blowout is 4. I won the first round 8-0, the 2nd round 3-1, the 3rd round 3-2 and lost the fourth round 0-2. 14 - 5 = 9. I didn't write the rules i just follow em lol.
  7. 10-23-2018, 04:44 PM
    But if i score goals in the round that i lost it won't count towards goal difference according to these rules, at least that's what i interpreted, but all of the computer's goals goals will still count .
  8. 10-23-2018, 04:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ragequit View Post
    Right so i'm going based on the example given. If i win the first round 5-2 and the second round 5-3 and lose the third round 0-1. My biggest blowout is 4. I won the first round 8-0, the 2nd round 3-1, the 3rd round 3-2 and lost the fourth round 0-2. 14 - 5 = 9. I didn't write the rules i just follow em lol.
    Ex. You won 2 Rounds 5-0 each and lose the 3rd Round. Your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 10.

    According to the way the rule is written and this part of the example, you only count the rounds you won.
    "Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good"

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  9. 10-23-2018, 04:57 PM
    The 4th round isn't counted because you lost. You could have lost 10-0 and it would have no affect on your final score (according to the rules).
    "Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good"

    Visit my YouTube channel for videos of over 150 classic arcade games, most of which you won't see at your local arcade. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4...56xV5To9gPqsLA
  10. 10-23-2018, 04:58 PM
    I'm struggling to read the rules in any way that isn't contradictory, or farcical.

    So if we're only counting rounds that were won, are we supposed to interpret no submission difference between two performances of
    10-0 & 1-2 vs 10-0 & 0-10 ?!

    Surely the former should be rewarded as a better than the latter!
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