Xbox ONE - Forza Horizon 3 - PR Stunt - Speed Zone - South Yarra Speed Zone [MPH] - 160.59 - Andrew Peter Mee

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  1. Xbox ONE - Forza Horizon 3 - PR Stunt - Speed Zone - South Yarra Speed Zone [MPH] - 160.59 - Andrew Peter Mee

    06-10-2018, 12:58 AM
    PR Stunt - Speed Zone - South Yarra Speed Zone [MPH]

    The player is responsible for ensuring the name of the stunt can be attributed to the footage of the attempt. Identifying the stunt is easiest by using the map immediately after the attempt. The game must be configured to use miles per hour (MPH) as the current measurement. Conversion from other measurements is not permitted. The measurement is taken from the summary shown at the bottom of the screen immediately after the attempt. As the online scoreboard holds only the player's personal best (PB), only if a PB is registered may the online scoreboard be seamlessly navigated to for use as a secondary verification of the measurement. The zone must be completed successfully and accepted by the game (i.e., not registered as FAILED) - this is confirmed by the summary information which is briefly cycled through after landing. Vehicle selection: Any vehicle, any upgrades, any tuning. HUD and Gameplay options are the player's choice. Difficulty settings are player's choice. Options are player's choice. While the feature can be enabled, the player must not use the Rewind feature during the attempt (this includes the entire run up to the Speed Zone). Any weather conditions. Any Skill Perks may be enabled, including temporary ones. Single player attempt only. While the game is inherently multi-player, it is the player's responsibility to ensure their game play represents their own driving only and is not influenced by other players. For example, significant drafting or being pushed by other players is prohibited. If at all unsure of the benefits being received by other players, Horizon Solo should be used.

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    Achieved on 20161213. Attempt begins around 1:19:14.

    Video in TG archive:

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