PlayStation 2 - Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec - NTSC - Arcade Mode - Easy Difficulty - Class B - Trial Mountain Circuit [Fastest Race]
Score Track
Rules2 laps.
Arcade mode tracks, using ONLY Arcade mode cars.
Players MAY use their memory card in the system so that they have access to any earned and unlocked Arcade mode tracks and cars, but use of your Home Garage cars is NOT ALLOWED.Wall Riding is prohibited. Wall Riding is the act of using a wall to manoeuvre around a corner instead of attempting the corner normally.
Player NameShaun Michaud
Original AdjudicationN/A
Verification MethodVideo
Verification Date2009-08-28
Disputed Score02:31.305 (Rank 1)
Disputed ByMyOwnWorstEnemy
Dispute Evidence / RationaleHello - This is another score that I submitted under prior ownership, using a different adjudication process. I think this is a typo and should be 3:31.305. Please change it to the correct score or remove it from the leaderboard. Thanks.