PAL - Arcade Mode - Class A - Rome Short Course - Reverse [Fastest Lap]
Score Track
RulesNo pausing permitted. This is a single-player only variation. Garage Cars ARE NOT allowed (neither Home Garage nor Guest Garage)! Any difficulty may be used.Fastest Lap times may come from either Single Race or Time Trial modes, but must come from the Arcade disc.
The player must show the options for Arcade races. The following must be set:
- Arcade Race, Car Damage: Off
Player may use a saved game to access unlocked cars and tracks.
Wall Riding is prohibited. Wall Riding is the act of using a wall to manoeuvre around a corner instead of attempting the corner normally.
Submission Message
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Race settings shown from 1.17.
Race starts at 2.00.
Fastest lap starts at 3.03.
Time shown at 4.02.
Thanks for adjudicating.