M.A.M.E. - Dream Shopper - Points - 95,040 - Jason Vasiloff

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Dream Shopper - Points - 95,040 - Jason Vasiloff

    08-12-2018, 04:22 PM

    WolfMame version199
    Score Track
    RulesROMSet: DremShpr
    Cabinet: Upright
    Flip Screen: Off
    Bonus Life: none
    Lives: 3
    Special Rules: None
    Submission MessageFirst played this during the recently completed Crap Tournament 10 - this isn't a very good game, and learning how to handle the "game" stages is a must for scoring high.

    Still trying to figure out what the heck this has to do with shopping in any way.

    Thanks for reviewing.
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  2. 08-12-2018, 07:21 PM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check on Mon 13/08/2018 at 13:16:47.38

    Zip test
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 275065 bytes (269 KiB)
    Testing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 275065
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       281976
    Compressed: 275065
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 275065 bytes (269 KiB)
    Listing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 275065
    Path = JRV-dremshpr-95040.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 281976
    Packed Size = 274887
    Modified = 2018-08-13 07:26:11
    Created = 2018-08-13 06:54:19
    Accessed = 2018-08-13 07:04:05
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = A56F2A4C
    Method = Deflate
    Characteristics = NTFS
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    Volume Index = 0
    Offset = 0
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    MAME Major Version 199

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: dremshpr.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Mon Aug 13 07:16:46 2018
    Recorded using 0.199W (wolf199)
    Total playback frames: 34217
    Average recorded speed: 100%
    Average speed: 100.00% (110 seconds)

    Source driver:
    dremshpr pacman.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: no
    0.106-0.200: dremshpr - "Dream Shopper"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.113: 288x224 @ 60.606060Hz
    Resolution, 0.114-0.200: 288x224 @ 60.606061Hz
    TG Game Entry:
    Rules, Points:

    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: dremshpr and pacman.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.36RC1 [Zsolt Vasvari]
    - 0.146u2: Added 'Invulnerability (Cheat)' dipswitch.
    - 0.94u2: Aaron Giles fixed Dream Shopper crash - commented out two AM_WRITE's.
    - 28th January 2004: Stefan Jokisch fixed Dream Shopper.
    - 0.36RC1: Zsolt Vasvari added 'Dream Shopper' (Sanritsu 1982).
    - 23rd February 2000: Zsolt Vasvari got Dream Shopper playable.
    - 22nd February 2000: Zsolt Vasvari added Dream Shopper to the Van Van Car driver but it's not working.
    Other Emulators:
    * CottAGE
    * FB Alpha
    * JEmu
    Recommended Games (Maze Block):
    Domino Man
    Dream Shopper
    Mr. Jong
    Rock Duck
    Scrambled Egg
    Pirate Ship Higemaru
    Rumba Lumber
    Kitten Kaboodle
    Meikyu Jima
    Puzznic (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Be Ball (alt) (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Boxy Boy
    Sokoban World (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Tricky (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Yam! Yam!?
    Puzzle Boy (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
    Three Wonders (Don't Pull)
    Castle Of Dracula
    Mr. Kicker
    Romset: 36.3 kb / 11 files / 22.2 zip
    0.01 [Allard van der Bas, Nicola Salmoria]
    - pacmod, pacgal, piranha: Some notes about pacman.c. dwidel (ID 01051)
    - 0.198: Use new OUTPUT callback object in Pacman driver. Clean up some NAMCO line write handlers [AJR].
    - 0.189: Added new 74LS259 device [AJR].
    - 0.181: Added machine\epos.cpp/h. Removed machine\acitya.cpp/h and machine\theglobp.cpp/h. EPOS decryption simplification WIP (machine\epos.cpp) [smf].
    - 0.175: Fixed regression in 8bpm, drivfrcp and porky (s2650games_map). Fixed X and Y flip bits are ignored when sprite is rendered at top of screen due to vertical wrapping. Note: When a sprite is partially off the bottom of the screen (Y values less than $10) the hardware draws the missing parts at the top of the screen, basically wrapping the sprite [Robbbert].
    - 0.174: Added machine\acitya.h, machine\jumpshot.h, machine\pacplus.h and machine\theglobp.h. Allow separate Pacman driver building. Added fake includes till converted to device [Miodrag Milanovic].
    - 0.148u2: Pacman protection modernization [Miodrag Milanovic].
    - 0.148: Crazy Otto history writeup and documentation [Steve Golson].
    - 0.147: Pacman driver gamelist alignment [hap].
    - 0.146u2: Cleanup Pacman driver [hap].
    - 0.144u7: Kanikani updated dipswitches in Pacman driver.
    - 0.142u3: Angelo Salese removed deprecat.h dependancy and updated irqs accordingly for Pacman driver. Removed fake input port and speedup cheat in PuckMan, Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus.
    - 0.141u4: Atari Ace convert Pacman driver to driver_device.
    - 0.139u1: Atari Ace removed global variables from NAMCO sound core.
    - 0.131: Luigi30 crystallized Pacman driver.
    - 0.128u4: Removed machine\mspacman.c.
    - 0.125u3: David Haywood fixed duplicate input port bits in Pacman driver.
    - 0.118u5: Aaron Giles added new colortable management functions in emupal.c. These functions can be used to manage a colortable on top of the core palette in cases where TRANSPARENCY_COLOR is currently used (essentially mapping to a pen mask for TRANSPARENCY_PENS). Updated pacman, mappy, toypop and several other drivers to use the new functions.
    - 0.115u4: Aaron Giles removed colortables from a number of drivers that didn't need them. Also converted pacman and mappy drivers to collapse the colortable and palette. Changed palettesize to 512 colors.
    - 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 60.606061 Hz.
    - 0.111u3: Nathan Woods and Aaron Giles updated input port tokenization for MESS. Added support in MAME for "configuration" switches which are separate from dipswitches. These can be used to configure aspects of the game that don't correspond to dipswitches. Modified pacman.c to use configurations to control the speedup options. Removed '2x Speed Cheat' dipswitch.
    - 0.110u1: Aaron Giles added flip screen offsets needed with new video parameters in the Pacman driver.
    - 0.109u4: Aaron Giles updated documentation in Pacman driver to reflect actual sync chain. Fixed sound frequencies for 2650 conversions.
    - 0.101: Aaron Giles wired up save state support for all the games in Pacman driver and marked all games as GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE.
    - 0.93: Added clock parameter to Namco sound (96000 Hz).
    - 0.90u4: Added vidhrdw\pacman.c. Pacman driver update [smf]. pacman/pengo/jrpacman use the same tile/sprite decode and palette decode & sprite rendering. Renamed pengo sound & video hardware to pacman as it was used their first. Converted to use tilemaps. Merged memory maps. Added rom mirroring to pacman & moved any game that needs another rom into another map. Tidied up the mirroring in the S2650 games. Grouped the GAME() lines by hardware and then year. Changed gfx2 to gfx1 ($1000, 1800...) and palettesize to 32 colors in all games.
    - 0.69: Added machine\acitya.c (Atlantic City Action).
    - 0.62: Removed machine\shootbul.c.
    - 15th May 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed inputs and dipswitches in the Pac Man driver.
    - 0.58: Added includes\pacman.h.
    - 0.37b16: Added machine\mspacman.c.
    - 0.37b14: Renamed machine\theglob.c to theglobp.c.
    - 0.37b12: Added machine\shootbul.c. Changed VSync to 60.606060Hz.
    - 0.37b11: Added machine\jumpshot.c.
    - 0.37b4: Removed machine\pacman.c.
    - 26th April 1999: Zsolt Vasvari sent in a Pacman driver with support for "Ali Baba and 40 Thieves".
    - 0.35b3: Merged maketrax.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.34b2: Added machine\pacplus.c.
    - 0.33b7: Added machine\theglob.c.
    - 0.30: Added maketrax.c driver.
    - 0.28: Removed vidhrdw\pacman.c.
    - 0.20: Merged crush.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.19: Added crush.c driver.
    - 0.14: Merged crush.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.12: Added vidhrdw\generic.c/h.
    - 0.06: Changed crush\driver.c, pacman\driver.c, pacman\machine.c and pacman\vidhrdw.c to drivers\crush.c, drivers\pacman.c, machine\pacman.c and vidhrdw\pacman.c.
    - 0.04: Nicola Salmoria defined a generic interrupt_vector_w() function, this makes the Pac Man driver tinier (look at pacman/machine.c, it's now there only to handle the cheat).
    - 0.03: Removed crush\machine.c.
    - 0.02: Added pacman\vidhrdw.c.
    - 0.01: Added crush\driver.c, pacman\driver.c, crush\machine.c and pacman\machine.c.

    Human interpretation:
    Time calc: 07:16:46 + (34217 frames ÷ 60.606061Hz @ 100% [9:24.58]) ≈ 07:26:11 vs zip mod 07:26:11 [please allow for timezone differences]

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