Odyssey² / Videopac - Thunderball! - NTSC - Slow Speed - 1,001,500 - Roger Edwin Blair 111

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  1. Odyssey² / Videopac - Thunderball! - NTSC - Slow Speed - 1,001,500 - Roger Edwin Blair 111

    08-13-2018, 10:59 AM
    NTSC - Slow Speed
    Press Button (5) on the Alpha-Numeric Keypad.
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    (Final score)


    Hardware/Settings in beginning, game at 5:33. Shout out to @RTM , not VHS but hope is a blast from the past!

    I didn't show the actual game selection at the start of the actual game(camera worries), but the ball-speed is much higher on the other track.

    Well, I'm not exactly comfortable with this, but it happened-usually I would ask advice from trusted sources on something like this, but I think it's at least interesting enough to be documented, even if it isn't acceptable, so I'll apologize rather than ask questions.
    Not pulling the wool-if this isn't cool, I TOTALLY accept that, please don't bust on me, but opinions are more than welcome, I promise.
    Only ball, I'll let what happened speak for itself, but is pretty darned funny, if you ask me. Had to kill the game because it evidently wasn't going to end.
    Please, Everyone, I'll take this if it's ok, and I'll understand completely if it isn't, but again, just too interesting not to share.
    Thanks Everyone!!!
    (Will take a while to "add evidence", sorry...).
  2. 08-13-2018, 11:01 AM
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Final score-uploaded same pic twice before, sorry.
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