Arcade - The Real Ghostbusters - Points [Single Player Only] - 1,555,900 - Pete Hahn

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  1. Arcade - The Real Ghostbusters - Points [Single Player Only] - 1,555,900 - Pete Hahn

    08-22-2018, 10:37 PM


    Points [Single Player Only]
    Difficulty = "NORMAL"
    Starting lives = 3
    No extra lives awarded (default)
    Scene time = 5:00
    Beam energy pickup = "NORMAL"
    Allow continue = "NO"
    Unknown = "ON" (all)
    Life determined by vitality bar
    NOTE - single player ONLY
    Adding extra coins during gameplay is NOT allowed (each coin results in extra lives)
    Submission Message
    Played on the floor of Galloping Ghost Arcade on 8/22/2018, I was able to complete the game on one credit and increase my personal best score at the same time. I did do some point pressing in this run, so it will be a bit more boring in some areas compared to my recent mame submission. Only one run in the videos, the camcorder I used separated the footage into 2 files.

    Game beaten and initials entered at 01:50 of the second (shorter) video:
    Name:  real_ghostbusters_1555900.png
Views: 66
Size:  1.40 MB

    Game PCB and dips shown at 06:30 of the second video:
    Name:  real_ghostbusters_dips.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  224.2 KB

    Interestingly, the track rules don't specify what the dips need to be set at, so here is a link of the arcade operators manual so that you can see that the correct settings are used: (page 4 of the PDF)

    Thanks for taking a look and adjudicating my submission!
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