Intellivision - Carnival - NTSC/PAL - Skill 1 - 62,060 - Snowflake

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  1. Intellivision - Carnival - NTSC/PAL - Skill 1 - 62,060 - Snowflake

    09-01-2018, 11:58 AM

    NTSC/PAL - Skill 1
    This variation is for both NTSC and PAL as there is no difference between the two on the Intellivision Video Game Console.

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    bootup at beginning and end. last run is actual run. console cart and scores shown at end

    had the bug where the game freezes at end of level. since each level average about 10k, i was on pace for around 70k and got robbed out of an entire level. whatever. i hate this buggy terribly programmed system.
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  2. 10-17-2018, 09:36 PM
    Nice score, William! Accepted!
    Jared Oswald
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  3. 11-06-2018, 08:28 AM
    Great game. I love bugs
  4. 11-06-2018, 08:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by timmell View Post
    Great game. I love bugs
    then intellivision is the system for you. i've found bugs in each of the games, and not corner cases either. think of this one. easily reproducable, as well as easy to honestly make the mistake. i dont see how quality control could miss it with it being so likely to occur, and how programming could fail to study and correct it with the ease of reproduceability. Half the challenge of intellivision games has been finding the bugs and learning how to avoid them.
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