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  1. --GWR - Minecraft - Fastest time to saddle and stable 10 horses in survival mode (PC Bedrock edition) - 03:22.05 -

    09-29-2018, 06:23 AM

    Fastest time to saddle and stable 10 horses in survival mode (PC Bedrock edition)
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    • This record is for the fastest time to tame and stable 10 horses in Minecraft survival mode.
    • This record can only be attempted by an individual.
    • This record is measured in minute(s) and second(s).
    • This record can be attempted on the legacy console and console bedrock editions only.

    The player must first start by setting up the attempt. Set up guidelines are as follows:
    The player must create a default, flat world that has no features or mobs.
    The player may spawn in creative mode in order to set up the record.
    The player must build a 50 block x 21 block enclosure using fence gates. The player must use fence blocks at the 4 corners of the enclosure.
    The player must then create 10 stables at one end of the enclosure. To create the stables, place a gate 2 blocks down from one of the shorter sides in one of the rectangles corners.
    Following the shorter, 21 block side of the rectangle, alternately place a gate followed by a fence, down the length of that line. This should result in a line of 10 stable doors.
    Finish the stables by using fence blocks for the walls between the stables. This should leave you with 10 clearly sectioned off stables.
    All stable doors must be closed.
    The player must then create a fence gate wall every 12 blocks.
    This should result in an enclosure that has 4 sections with 10 stables at one end.
    The player must use a spawn horse egg to spawn at least 10 horses in the enclosure section at the opposite end to the stables.
    If the player spawns a foal (baby horse) they must feed it apples / golden apples / golden carrots until it turns into a fully grown horse.
    The player must then feed each horse some apples, golden apples or golden carrots in order to raise the chances of being able to tame each horse.
    The player must then mount each horse and tame it. This happens once red hearts erupt out of the horses head.
    Once all 10 horses have been tamed, the player must remove all items from their hot bar and inventory and put 10 saddles only into their inventory.
    A gameplay feature of Minecraft is that horses may breed over time. This will not affect the results of an attempt as long as there are ten stabled horses at its end.
    The player must switch the game mode back to survival mode prior to the start of an attempt.
    The attempt set up will be finished once the player enters an empty stable, closes the door and opens their inventory.
    The player must capture the full attempt set up on video.

    The attempt guidelines are as follows:
    The player must start in a stable, but may choose whichever stable they want to start in.
    The attempt starts as soon as the player exits their inventory.
    The player must walk/run to the horses, and may open gates en route to do so, however each gate must be closed again after walking/running through it. It is not acceptable to leave any gates open during the attempt. If a gate is opened and then not closed once passed though, the attempt will be disqualified.
    The player must saddle, ride and stable all 10 horses.
    The player must jump over all three rows of fences with each horse and jump it into a free stable. It is not acceptable to open a gate or stable door allow a horse to pass through.
    If the player accidentally jumps a horse out of the enclosure, they must jump it back in again.
    The attempt ends once all 10 horses have been stabled.
    The timer stops once the player has stabled all 10 horses and opens the pause menu.
    Please see picture examples "Start" and "End" for how the attempt area should look and where to start the attempt.

    Minimum: 04:30:00 minutes

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    End: 4.10
  2. 09-29-2018, 12:55 PM
    Voting no - two main reasons.
    1. you have to show the setup of the attempt, actually building the enclosures and taming the horses and all that jazz
    2. you have to show yourself (I.e. your face)

    That being said, this was a great attempt. Please come back and kill it!
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  3. 09-29-2018, 01:01 PM
    Do I have a spawnout of horses and tame it? Time to Become a Record?
  4. 10-01-2018, 09:53 AM
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    Was the second account created in error, or was it intended to obtain an additional "free" submission? If the latter is true, you could have (and should have) adjudicated a few items in the queue in order to "earn" the necessary 3 submission points.

    One other thing:

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