Nintendo Wii - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - 4. European Invasion - Kool Thing - 1 Player Only [Points]
Score Track
RulesThis game MUST be played with a Guitar Controller. To ensure the Guitar Controller is being used, players will be required to cycle through the fret buttons at least ONCE at the start of each song. Meaning... click and release each fret button just to show that you are using a guitar controller.
Pausing is NOT allowed!
The scores for individual songs [Points] & Career Mode [Points] can all be from the same game, but they do not have to be.
Scores can be achieved during quick play or career mode and may be set on ANY Difficulty level!

Single Player only!
Player NameJared E Oswald
Original Adjudication
Verification MethodTGSAP
Verification Date2015-10-16
Disputed Score138,944 (Rank 2)
Disputed ByAlmighty Dreadlock
Dispute Evidence / Rationale