PAL - Original Circuits - Grand Valley East - Reverse Direction [Fastest Race, 3 Laps]
Score Track
RulesPlayers MAY use their memory card so that they have access to any earned and unlocked tracks and cars, but use of your Home Garage cars is NOT ALLOWED. Must utilise A-Spec mode: B-Spec (Director's mode) will be disqualified. May utilise the Quick-Tune options.

Options MUST be shown.
Home - Options - Arcade Mode - Arcade - No. Of Laps = 03.
Arcade Mode must be used for the attempt.
Wall Riding is prohibited. Wall Riding is the act of using a wall to manoeuvre around a corner instead of attempting the corner normally.
Submission MessageOptions shown from 1.37.
Areas chosen from 6.22.
Race starts at 7.18.
Time shown at very end.
Thanks for adjudicating.

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