M.A.M.E. - Space Zap - Points - 129,250 - Evan Mcgahey

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Space Zap - Points - 129,250 - Evan Mcgahey

    08-13-2019, 01:49 PM

    WolfMame version
    Score Track
    ROMSet: SpaceZap
    Service Mode: Off
    Cabinet: Upright
    Unknown: Off [All]
    Special Rules: A bonus life is awarded every 75k.
    Submission Message
    Thanks for watching

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  2. 08-13-2019, 02:45 PM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check.bat on Tue 08/13/2019 at 18:40:11.26

    Zip test
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 179855 bytes (176 KiB)
    Testing archive: C:\WolfMAME\175\inp\TG\spacezap129250.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\175\inp\TG\spacezap129250.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 179855
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       182371
    Compressed: 179855
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 179855 bytes (176 KiB)
    Listing archive: C:\WolfMAME\175\inp\TG\spacezap129250.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\175\inp\TG\spacezap129250.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 179855
    Path = spacezap129250.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 182371
    Packed Size = 179721
    Modified = 2019-08-08 10:31:12
    Created = 
    Accessed = 
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = 656FD854
    Method = Deflate
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    MAME Major Version 175

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: spacezap.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Thu Aug 08 05:25:53 2019
    Recorded using 0.175W (unknown)
    Total playback frames: 19046 (05:17.14)
    Average recorded speed: 99.945545%
    Average speed: 673.77% (323 seconds)
    Source driver:
    spacezap astrocde.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: no
    0.106-0.208: spacezap - "Space Zap"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.115: 320x204 @ 60.000000Hz
    Resolution, 0.116-0.208: 352x240 @ 60.054442Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores....name=Space+Zap
    Rules, Points: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=7818
    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: spacezap and astrocde.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.24 [Mike Coates, Nicola Salmoria]
    Artwork available
    - 12th December 2012: Mr. Do - I've been wanting to add the proper color overlay to Space Zap for a long time, once a collector contacted me that there was a B&W version, but then that collector never got back to me with the artwork. Recently, joey35car pointed me in the direction of someone that had that cab. I reached out, and he obliged, so a big thanks to Keith at Keith's Arcade for scanning his overlay and sending it to me. It really does look nicer now.
    - 0.147u1: hap added Space Zap color overlay (The original game likely used a black and white monitor with an overlay).
    - 0.141u4: Made Space Zap black & white. It uses an overlay for colors, the MAME artwork team will probably take care of that part [hap]. Removed 4-way Joystick and changed buttons from 1 to 5.
    - 0.123u3: Added 2x 'Unused' dipswitches.
    - 0.115u2: Changed visible area to 352x240.
    - 0.115u1: Changed Z80 CPU and Astrocade clock speeds to 1789772 Hz, VSync to 60.054442 Hz and palettesize to 512 colors. Changed 'Unknown' dipswitches to 'Unused'.
    - 26th November 2006: Mr. Do - We have Space Zap, vectorized by Zorg. This game is seriously fun, if you've never tried it before.
    - 0.88u2: Removed 2nd Astrocade sound.
    - 0.59: Added 2nd player and 'Cabinet' dipswitch.
    - 31st October 2001: Stephane Humbert fixed cocktail mode in Space Zap.
    - 0.34b4: Emulation of the Astrocade sound chip (Extra Bases, Gorf, Robby Roto, Space Zap and Wizard of Wor) [Frank Palazzolo]. Added 2x Astrocade sound.
    - 0.28: Mike Balfour added high score saving to Space Zap.
    - 0.26: Mike Coates improved Space Zap.
    - 0.24: Added 'Space Zap' (Midway 1980). It is based mainly on WOW driver. Mike Coates provided a more stable driver too. Game is playable with maybe accurate colors and no sound. Control: Arrows = Move around, CTRL = Fire1 and ALT = Fire2 (Direction arrow must be pressed together).
    LEVELS: 1 (endless)
    Recommended Games (Defence):
    The End
    Missile Command
    Arcade Classics (Missile Command II)
    New York! New York!
    Radar Scope
    Space Zap
    Speak & Rescue
    Colony 7
    Dark Warrior
    Future Flash
    Satan's Hollow
    Satan of Saturn
    Space Tactics
    War of the Worlds
    Planet Probe
    Alligator Hunt
    Romset: 16 kb / 4 files / 11.7 zip
    0.37b1 [Nicola Salmoria, Mike Coates, Frank Palazzolo]
    0.04 [Nicola Salmoria]
    - No audio board for Demons & Dragons
    - Demons & Dragons doesn't work with RAM protection enabled
    - Professor Pac-Man fails screen RAM test
    - In seawolf2, service mode dipswitch turns on memory test. Reset with 2 pressed to get to an input check screen, reset with 1+2 pressed to get to a convergence test screen.
    - profpac, tenpindx: The 'screen ram' test in the TEST menu is BAD. MASH (ID 02195)
    - 0.185: Removed anonymous timers (video\astrocde.cpp) [Osso].
    - 0.181: Removed audio\gorf.cpp/h and audio\wow.cpp/h. Simulate Votrax SC-01 sound [O. Galibert].
    - 0.176: Initialize interrupt line register with 0xff (prevents initial bogus interrupts) and clear active interrupts when an interrupt related register is written (tests would be good to confirm how this works on real hardware). This fixed (MESS) 280Zzzap/Dodgem cartridge resets [Dirk Best].
    - 0.174: Added audio\gorf.h and audio\wow.h. Allow separate Astrocade driver building [Miodrag Milanovic].
    - 0.165: Reduced tagmap lookups in Astrocade driver [Wilbert Pol]. Converted profpac & friends to bankdev [Alex Jackson].
    - 0.152: Moved gorf and wow sound handlers into the driver state [Osso].
    - 0.147u1: Added layout\spacezap.lay.
    - 0.146: Get rid of anonymous timer (savestate problem) [hap].
    - 0.142u1: Atari Ace converted Astrocade driver to driver_device.
    - 0.139u1: Ranger_Lennier limited the number of timers potentially produced by astrocade_trigger_lightpen() (video\astrocde.c).
    - 0.137u2: Bryan Ischo fixed double-free error in render.c. This fixed the shifted gfx display in some Astrocade games.
    - 0.128u5: Aaron Giles fixed black screen in Demons & Dragons and Professor Pac-Man doesn't accept coins.
    - 0.124u1: Astrocade update [Dirk Best]: Update src\mame\includes\astrocde.h to use an XTAL value. Clear interrupts if they are no longer valid. Added the knob inputs.
    - 0.123u6: Added layout\gorf.lay. Fixed debug assertion in Astrocade driver.
    - 0.116: Aaron Giles fixed screen top/left cut off.
    - 0.115u2: Aaron Giles added border support to the Astrocade driver. Extended the starfield generation out into it. Extended the blanking region out farther to match information from the flyers and set the default scale/offset of the games to crop appropriately. Aaron Giles fixed recently introduced bug in Astrocade driver relating to collision detection.
    - 0.115u1: Removed machine\astrocde.c. Added layout\tenpindx.lay. Rewrote Astrocade driver [Aaron Giles]: Fully implemented all function generator modes. Implemented pattern board according to schematics, including timing. Fixed interrupt handling. Rewrote Astrocade sound emulation according to patent. Sound generation now uses proper LFSR for noise effects. Added partial support for Ten Pin Deluxe, including sound board emulation and internal layout.
    - 0.104u5: Adam Bousley added save state support to the Astrocade driver.
    - 0.98u2: Aaron Giles replaced direct access to Machine->scrbitmap in Astrocade driver with the use of force_partial_update().
    - 0.88u3: Nathan Woods moved some variable declarations in sound\astrocde.c to the tops of their respective groups.
    - 0.88u2: Changed sndhrdw\astrocde.c to sndhrdw\wow.c. Added includes\astrocde.h. Removed sndhrdw\astrocde.c. Improvements to Astrocade driver [Frank Palazzolo]. Fixed collision detection in all games. Added NVRAM handling to Robby Roto and Professor PacMan, still not working always but self-tests pass. Fixed bugs in Astrocade sound code (noise generator bug, out of bounds memory access bug and changed to stream system). Switched Astrocade sound to stream system. Support stereo in wow, robby, gorf and profpac (Sounds great now!!). Added LEDs and coin counters. All activecpu_get_reg() calls from Astrocde games have been replaced with proper 16-bit Z80 port support through memory system.
    - 0.70u2: Some Astrocade dipswitch / input fixes [El Condor].
    - 0.37b1: Changed wow.c to astrocde.c driver. Nicola Salmoria fixed colors and stars in the Astrocade games (Gorf, Wizard of Wor, etc).
    - 30th March 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed yet more problems with the Astrocade video hardware.
    - 29th March 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed the Astrocade hardware star and sparkle generators.
    - 28th March 2000: Nicola Salmoria added better emulation of Astrocade hardware palette registers, affecting Extra Bases, Seawolf 2 and Robby Roto.
    - 14th April 1999: Juergen Buchmueller fixed a Z80 bug which affected Astrocade emulation (on the MESS side).
    - 0.34b4: Added sndhrdw\astrocde.c/h. Frank Palazzolo support emulation of the Astrocade sound chip.
    - 0.31: Added sndhrdw\gorf.c.
    - 0.28: Added sndhrdw\wow.c and sndhrdw\votrax.c.
    - 0.27: Mike Coates tidied up the wow driver, added definable keys to most games, and joystick & 2 player support to Seawolf II.
    - 0.24: Added machine\wow.c.
    - 0.15: Thanks to the invaluable help of Steve Scavone, Nicola have been able to fix many bugs in the Wizard of Wor driver.
    - 0.12: Added vidhrdw\generic.c/h.
    - 0.07: Gorf boot but don't work. Support for Robby Roto, boot but don't work.
    - 0.06: Changed wow\driver.c and wow\vidhrdw.c to drivers\wow.c and vidhrdw\wow.c.
    - 0.04: Added wow\driver.c and wow\vidhrdw.c.
    Name:  dips.PNG
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Size:  63.0 KBName:  game over.PNG
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Size:  151.1 KB
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