Dispute: Angela Stefanski - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest] - Player: Rodrigo Lopes - Score: 31:37.0

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  1. Dispute: Angela Stefanski - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest] - Player: Rodrigo Lopes - Score: 31:37.0

    07-16-2019, 11:24 AM
    NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest]
    Score Track
    Factory Default [1 Life Only! No saves allowed!]
    Special Rules: The timer begins when you hit start on the title screen and ends when you touch Zelda. UP+A on Controller 2 IS Allowed, but you may only use the Continue option! Entering Level 1, exiting and re-entering in quick succession to get the door to automatically open is BANNED! You must complete the game or your record/attempt will be disqualified.
    Player Name
    Rodrigo Lopes
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    31:37.0 (Rank 1)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    I'm opening a dispute for this time, not because I have specific evidence that it's not valid, but because of a number of factors listed below. I believe these give sufficient reason to consider this time questionable. I understand this may technically constitute a violation of the dispute rules, but I feel this is important enough to do so regardless, no matter the outcome.

    I believe the following factors all justify a dispute on this time:

    1) The game this speedrun is on is undoubtedly one of the top-tier games, not just in the speedrunning community, but in gaming in general. This elevates any speedrun times claimed to higher importance.

    2) This time represents a significant jump in efficiency in runs for this game, and not only would it stand as the best time for a number of years, but it looks like it would still be a world record for this specific category (Glitchless with Up+A allowed), though this may be just due to this ruleset not being run anymore. But it would likely be viewed as an "extraordinary run". In fact, even with years of increased understanding of the workings of the game and better strategies, nobody was able to approach this time for quite a while.

    3) I believe these first two items result in this being potentially a historically important run in speedrunning. And this is reason to give it extra attention.

    4) This time has been disputed by the speedrun community for a long time. Most do not consider it a valid run, as can be found in discussions about it elsewhere.

    5) Unfortunately, this record dates from a time where Twin Galaxies had questionable integrity. There is a reason that modern day Twin Galaxies requires a video submission that is archived for future reference.

    6) Rodrigo has repeatedly found reasons not to share a video of the full run. This is his imperative, given that at the time of his TG submission, it was not necessary. However, claiming a large accomplishment while not showing proof does not support his claim, especially for one that would make him noteworthy in speedrun history were he to provide the evidence.

    7) Finally, this reflects on how people view the integrity of Twin Galaxies at this time. Having score that the speedrun community does not find trustworthy listed as the top run for such a noteworthy game, without any corroborating evidence available to the public, harms the reputation of this site.
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