Dispute: Angela Stefanski - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest] - Player: Rodrigo Lopes - Score: 31:37.0

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 11-11-2019, 08:24 PM
    Posting for public record transparency and evidentiary purposes. Areas redacted as needed.

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    Jace Hall
    Head Custodian
  2. 11-11-2019, 09:04 PM
    I really don't want to flat out say that someone is guilty but that letter just makes me wanna scream...

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  3. 11-11-2019, 09:04 PM
    I would just like to point out in inaccuracy in Rodrigo's letter to Jace. I have never once seen Rodrigo provide any sort of concrete evidence of any of his questionable runs throughout the years. The only evidence anyone has seen were just clips of runs on YouTube which in this case the clip he provided for this run was established by the community to be spliced or doctored. I would challenge anybody on this site or outside of this site to find any post by Rodrigo where he provided definitive proof of any of the claims made over the years. People have went through old threads on TG, SDA, and other sites and so far nothing has shown up. Again, I encourage and challenge anybody to prove me wrong.
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  4. 11-11-2019, 09:18 PM
    I assume my name is in the redacted list, since you still have me blocked yet refuse to delete my comments on your wall thereby giving me many annoying notifications i cant see. Rodrigo, i dont hate you, and i must say i thought my comment tame. Frankly my biggest issue with you is you accusing me of hating you. I have to trust people's tech analysis, i havent validated myself so i cant in good conscience call you a cheater. How your lashing out at everyone that says anything makes you look suspicious. I'm also curious what proof you ever had against your haters? seeing the proof you reference would go along way.

    let me explain my persepctive from someone not an expert in zelda. many people i trust are putting for a detailed explanation. there explanation is so detailed they'll either be proven liars or proven right eventually. because of this, i dont think they would risk their reputation that badly, but maybe i'm wrong, maybe they're bluffing and hate you and you're innocent. I see you list lots and lots of people that doubt you, that is also supsicoius, why would an innocent person have so many haters, but maybe you do. I now see your response is just to cry that everyone is mean to you yet refuse to provide any real info. This is why if i were to guess, i guess your score is not real. This is not hate, this is me looking at things logically.
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  5. 11-11-2019, 09:23 PM
    Here's Rodrigo's Speed Demos Archive posts:

    Here, for those who haven't seen, is Rodrigo saying he has a 31:36, which must have been retimed to 31:37

    Here's a thread where Rodrigo says he uploaded his final moments. On post #24, Rodrigo said he was going to upload his RPG records such as Legend of Zelda, but obviously never did.


    No more evidence of Rodrigo's speedruns than the final moments on Youtube.
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  6. 11-11-2019, 09:26 PM
    Pretty sure this sums up everyone's reactions.

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  7. 11-11-2019, 10:15 PM
    Thank you for the dedication to transparency Jace.

    I hope this matter can be cleared up soon. There is no reason that Rodrigo would have for not uploading his proof, especially after claiming so many times that it proves he is no cheater.

    I believe he is now on stage three of Grief and Loss: Bargaining

    Stage one (denial and isolation) and stage two (anger) have already passed.
    Your friend, datagod

    ~~Raspberry Pi Enthusiast~~
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  8. 11-12-2019, 01:03 AM
    If Rodrigo, have made so many runs, any computer geek, do store past runs archived on a hard drive for sure?
    Then it will be very easy for him to show what he did?
    It then is just a matter of be open minded, instead of not disclosing as in the case of previous dispute cases which disputes were successful removing scores.

    Rod just do a "Show and Tell"
    streaming mspacman normal and turbo speed at: https://www.twitch.tv/francoisadt

    Francois du Toit
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  9. 11-12-2019, 02:24 AM
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    Does anybody else agree that this is the situation this has come to?
  10. 11-12-2019, 04:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Hall View Post
    " - as you have no obligation to participate in the process - "

    Right here. This is why the current system is flawed. TG is now TGSAP and video is required, proof is required. But people have no obligation to defend themselves? You have a member who has the time to submit scores on a near daily basis and the only reason this dispute is provable is they made the mistake of posting even a small fraction of it online. If Rodrigo had just sat back and twiddled his thumbs then he'd be cleared. This policy puts ZERO responsibility on the score holder and makes disputing old score near impossible.

    Honestly the amount of work that users have put into showing that this score is false it is disheartening to hear you say "not absolutely definitive". What more can anyone provide?

    How many non-TGSAP scores does Rodrigo even have? You'll be handing out a ban for CHEATING where the cheater is going to sit at #1 on your site for probably the entire length of their ban. Is that the image TG is looking to project to the world?
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